Reinventing Hong Kong Protests

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Reinventing Hong Kong Protests

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.orgHome – Stephen Lendman)

Reinventing history is a longstanding NYT specialty — notably about nations the US targets for regime change, wanting them transformed into vassal states. More below on Times reinvented history.

US dirty hands are all over months of violent protests in Hong Kong, attacking China’s soft underbelly, part of an imperial campaign to weaken the country.

There’s nothing spontaneous about what’s gone on since last spring, planned and orchestrated by the CIA, other anti-democratic US agencies likely involved as well, including by financing and directing street thugs.

Opposition elements met with House Speaker Pelosi and Pompeo in Washington, as well as US lawmakers in Montana and with a US consulate official in Hong Kong.

On Sunday, the South China Morning Post said “riot police (challenged violent) protesters in (the) Sha Tin shopping center.” Others tried to “vandalize train station turnstiles.”

On Saturday, China’s official People’s Daily broadsheet warned civil servants that they’ll “burn with the rioters” if involved in what’s going on, adding:

“There is no middle ground on the issue of fighting against riots and unrest in Hong Kong…No matter whether they have given silent approval out of sympathy or connived to give support, there will be only one end to those civil servants who join the ‘black terror.’ They will lose their careers and future.”

“At the critical juncture of curbing violence and stopping the chaos, we see some public officials have tried to obstruct the effort, some spreading pro-violence messages on social media and some even joining the rioters. Some are even serving in high positions of the SAR government’s sensitive departments and disciplined services.”

“How can they continue with this misconduct while” working for the government?

On Saturday, the state-run Xinhua News Agency was fire-bombed by street thugs. An official statement condemned “the barbaric acts of the mob.”

The People’s Daily called the incident a “serious provocation against the bottom line of civilized society, and a challenge to public order,” adding:

“Such violent crimes shall not be tolerated by any country in the world. It is not only a willful violation of Hong Kong’s laws guaranteeing freedom of the press, but also a malicious attack on the patriotic sentiments of Hong Kong compatriots. It must be severely punished by the law.”

In its latest edition, the NYT reinvented what’s going on in Hong Kong, saying:

On Saturday, “(t)housands gathered in the afternoon for an election rally, part of the movement’s call for greater democracy (sic).”

Fact: Months of violent protests were made in the USA — on the phony pretext of supporting democratic values not tolerated in the US or elsewhere in the West. 

The Times: “(L)arge peaceful marches (sic) have been replaced by scattershot confrontations.”

Fact: Since June, Hong Kong has been wracked by thugs engaged in street violence and vandalism — actions not tolerated anywhere.

The Times: “More than 2,800 people have been arrested…(P)olice subdued a few dozen protesters with batons and pepper spray.”

Fact: Many arrested protesters were released. Its leaders and co-conspirators should have long ago been held fully accountable for crimes against the state and majority city residents opposed to what’s gone on.

The Times: “Tear gas is the main way the police try to contain unrest…(They’ve) been accused of excessive force. They fired canisters into a shopping district on Saturday.”

Fact: If what’s gone on for months in Hong Kong happened in a US city, the National Guard and/or marines, along with militarized police, would have confronted protesters violently, those involved in vandalism and chaos arrested, prosecuted and imprisoned.

The Times report ignored destruction and chaos by violent protesters, devastating Hong Hong’s economy, perhaps wrecking its status as a regional financial hub, along with harming the vast majority of city residents.

Given the intensity and duration of US-orchestrated anti-government violence and chaos since June, Hong Kong security forces have been far more restrained than how US authorities would likely act against something similar domestically.

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Stephen Lendman
Stephen Lendman
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