Media Pushing the Trump Impeachment Scam

Media Pushing the Trump Impeachment Scam

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

There’s overwhelming just cause to hold Trump accountable for “high crimes and misdemeanors.”

The same goes for most of his predecessors and vast majority of current and former congressional members and bureaucrats.

That’s why Dems aren’t going anywhere near real prosecutorial crimes, instead going after Trump for phony reasons — supported by most establishment media instead of exposing and denouncing the scam.

They never forgave DJT for defeating media darling Hillary, wanting revenge, pushing wrong reasons, avoiding legitimate ones.

The NYT is especially unforgiving. It’s silent about having abandoning any pretext of journalistic integrity by virtually operating as her press agent throughout the 2016 campaign, while vilifying Trump in its daily editions, ignoring issues most important to criticize.

At the same time, the self-styled newspaper of record keeps pushing the long ago Big Lie about Russian US election meddling not a shred of evidence proves because none exists — not earlier, not now.

The Times: “Somewhere, President Vladimir Putin of Russia must be smiling (sic)…since (focusing the impeachment inquiry on Trump’s dealings with Ukrainian President Zelensky) helps Moscow deflect blame for its assault on American democracy (sic).”

Fact: No “American democracy” exists, just a fantasy version, masquerading as the real thing.

Fact: Nonexistent Russian US election meddling remains the Big Lie that won’t die. Imagine the Russophobic uproar if Trump defeats an undemocratic Dem aspirant in November.

Separately, the Times hailed the House Intelligence Committee impeachment report, falsely calling the scam “a watershed moment” — despite no credible evidence in it backing its phony accusations.

The unredacted transcript of Trump’s conversation with Ukrainian President Zelensky revealed no blackmail threat, no quid pro quo, no conspiracy. 

House Intelligence Committee Adam Schiff operates as a modern-day Joe McCarthy. His false accusations reinvented reality, an exposed liar never to be believed or trusted.

On Monday, Zelensky said “I never talked to (Trump) from the position of a quid pro quo. That’s not my thing. I don’t want us to look like beggars.”

He denied that he and Trump ever discussed withholding US aid to Ukraine for political favors.

Last month, former National Security Council senior director for Europe and Russia Tim Morrison said the following:

“I…reviewed the memorandum of conversation of the July 25 (Trump/Zelensky) phone call that was released by the White House ,” adding:

“I want to be clear: I was not concerned that anything illegal was discussed.”

The Times turned truth on its head, claiming Trump “us(ed) the power of his office for personal gain (by) exert(ing) pressure on Mr. Zelensky to do (his) bidding.”

The neocon/CIA house organ Washington Post urged Dems “not (to) give up the fight to hear more from witnesses,” adding:

Further testimonies “might well provide a fuller and, to many Americans, more persuasive picture of (Trump’s) guilt (sic) — and American democracy (sic) cannot afford for Congress to fail to establish its right to obtain them.”

The Wall Street Journal went the other way, saying Schiff’s “overstatements reveal the weakness of the (Dems’) case,” adding:

His “real impeachment motivation (is that) Trump never would have won in 2016 without Vladimir Putin’s help (sic), but Robert Mueller failed to prove that. So (Dems) are settling for the lesser melodrama of Ukraine…(I)t’s all (they) have.”

Trump’s dealings with foreign counterparts are different from how his predecessors operated only in style.

“(E)very president seeks some political advantage in pursuing foreign policy,” the Journal stressed. It goes with the territory.

Hillary and the DNC funded Christopher Steele’s 2016 dodgy dossier to smear Trump with disinformation, accountability never forthcoming, establishment media pretending its fake news was legitimate.

The Trump impeachment inquiry scam is going nowhere, yet continues in the Dem-controlled Judiciary Committee Wednesday in the run-up to Christmas.

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My newest book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: How the US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.”

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