European Nations Threaten Sanctions on Iran, a JCPOA Deal-Breaker if Imposed

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December 21, 2019
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European Nations Threaten Sanctions on Iran, a JCPOA Deal-Breaker if Imposed

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.orgHome – Stephen Lendman)

Britain, France and Germany (the E-3) threatened sanctions on Iran over its legal JCPOA right to cease fulfilling voluntary commitments under the deal when other signatories breach their mandated ones — what its Articles 26 and 36 permit.

EU subservience to the US is killing the deal. The E-3 and Brussels flagrantly breached their JCPOA obligations.

In cahoots with the Trump regime, their policy is do is we say, not what we do.

They demand Iran stick to what it agreed to even though the nuclear deal lets Tehran pull back under the current circumstances, its legitimate right. 

If Europe continues noncompliance with its mandatory obligations, the JCPOA is dead.

Since the Trump regime illegally pulled out of the deal in May 2018, benefits promised Iran were gone because Europe abandoned normal trade relations with country, breaching the JCPOA — in deference to a higher power in Washington.

Last month, the E-3 threatened to activate the agreement’s Dispute Resolution Mechanism (DRM) by imposing sanctions on Iran over its legitimate step back from voluntary commitments.

Fulfilling them depends on other signatories doing the same thing. The US is a lost cause. Europe’s actions will make or break the deal, so far killing it slowly by noncompliance, showing no signs of changing its hostile policy.

Weeks earlier, Iranian Foreign Minister Zarif slammed EU JCPOA signatories, saying:

“(W)e have not witnessed an efficient measure” by EU countries. “Europe proved it is not capable of implementing its commitments.”

They exhausted Iran’s “strategic patience…If balance is not restored to the implementation of commitments by the parties (to the deal), other necessary measures will be taken (by Tehran) towards reducing (its voluntary) commitments” — its legal right.

Separately, Zarif told the E-3: “Just show one (commitment) you’ve upheld in the last 18 months” — clearly none.

On Friday, China’s UN envoy Zhang Jun called on all JCPOA signatories to fulfill their obligations, the “only correct and effective way” to resolve the current deadlock, he said.

Separately, China’s Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying slammed the Trump regime’s “maximum pressure” on Iran.

An unnamed European diplomat warned against EU or Security Council sanctions on Iran, saying “it would mean that we have decided to put the final nail in the (JCPOA’s) coffin.”

Moscow and Beijing reject DRM implementation. Indeed if Europe imposes sanctions on its own, they’ll kill the JCPOA.

Days earlier, Iran’s Deputy Foreign Minister for Political Affairs Seyyed Abbas Araqchi  slammed EU signatories for breaching their mandated obligations — while blaming Iran for their own wrongdoing, Araqchi saying:

“We aim to preserve the JCPOA not…abolish that (it). We could have walked out of the deal after the US (pulled out), and no one could ever admonish us for doing so.” 

“But we opted for giving a second chance to diplomacy (to try) keeping…the landmark accord.”

“No deal can ever last as long as a balanced give-and-take fails to come to pass. We currently have no such thing as an equilibrium in the JCPOA with other signatories.” 

“Iran has thoroughly fulfilled its obligations under the deal but has not been reciprocated.”

If EU countries impose sanctions on Iran, war by other means, Tehran “will act accordingly,” a statement from President Rouhani’s government said.              

Saving the deal requires Britain, France, Germany and Brussels to fulfill its obligations.

Failure and/or imposing sanctions on Iran kills it.

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Stephen Lendman
Stephen Lendman
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