NYT Anti-Trump Rage for the Wrong Reasons Won’t Quit

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December 20, 2019
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December 21, 2019

NYT Anti-Trump Rage for the Wrong Reasons Won’t Quit

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.orgHome – Stephen Lendman)

The Times long ago abandoned journalism the way it’s supposed to be for state-approved/pro-war, corporate friendly propaganda and advocacy for its own hostile to peace, equity and justice agenda.

Its war on Trump for the wrong reasons never quits, ignoring the right ones, raging in its daily editions — reflecting its fury for triumphing in November 2016, going all-out to try undermining his reelection prospects next year.

In its latest edition alone, the Times featured the following anti-Trump hate pieces.

Its editors slammed Republicans for supporting him, headlining: “Trump Has Been Impeached. Republicans Are Following Him Down.”  

They falsely accusing them of “ignoring facts (sic)…trashing the impeachment process (sic), (and failing) to protect democracy (sic)” — a governing system abhorred by the US ruling class, the Times and other establishment media.

The Times: “(T)he Senate will almost surely acquit (Trump). It isn’t supposed to be this way (sic).”

Enforcing the rule of law is the way it’s supposed to be, Trump’s impeachment by undemocratic Dems a politicized action unrelated to due process and judicial fairness — a legislative lynching instead, ignoring legitimate Trump wrongdoing because they share guilt.

Law Professor Jonathan Turley slammed House Dems and key GOP senators for “ma(king) up their minds on the verdict (against Trump) before an actual trial has even begun.”

He criticized establishment media for ignoring Dems’ abuse of power.

He also disagrees with the view that Trump hasn’t been officially impeached until articles of impeachment are sent to the Senate.

The Constitution’s Article I, Section 2 empowers the House to impeach. “It says nothing about a requirement of referral to complete that act. Impeachment occurs when a majority of the House approves an article of impeachment,” said Turley. 

The Times falsely accused Republicans of “trashing of constitutional safeguards, scorn(ing) facts…embrac(ing) corruption, (showing) indifference to historical precedent and to foreign interference in (US) politics…cowardice and opportunism” — for failing to support the anti-Trump scam pursued by Dems.

No one should support the politicized hoax, modern-day McCarthyism, wanting Trump removed from office for the wrong reasons, his real wrongdoing ignored.

In the same issue, the Times headlined:

“Mitch McConnell, Master of the Blockade, Plots Impeachment Strategy” to absolve Trump.

“Evangelical Leaders Close Ranks With Trump After” Christianity Today’s editorial called for his removal.

“How to Track President Trump” by mobile technology

“Why Is Trump Finding More Protection Than Nixon Did? Unlike RMN, DJT has Republicans solidly behind him.

“The Tyranny of 63 Million” — referring to Trump’s 2016 electorate support.

“Trump Isn’t the Only One With Conspiracy Theories” — falsely accusing him of conspiring with Ukrainian President Zelensky to smear Joe Biden.

“Impeachment Hurts and Trump Knows It” — arguing against the notion that action against him by House Dems helps his reelection prospects, a view I support, the electorate to have final say next November.

Trump “Threatened Veto Over Ukraine Aid in Spending Package.” The measure passed to avoid a government shutdown. 

Unasked is why any aid is given Ukraine, a Nazi-infested police state, US funds going for aggression against Donbass freedom fighters and enforcing repression nationwide.

The Dem “debate…took place against the backdrop of” the House impeachment vote.

All of the above was in the Times’ latest issue, similar rubbish published daily, an endless anti-Trump tirade, supporting the undemocratic Dem opposition.

More of the same is likely to continue daily throughout 2020 in the run-up to November elections.

The self-styled newspaper of record supports irreparably tainted Joe Biden. His near half-century political record bears testimony to the worst of dirty business as usual in Washington.

In today’s issue, the Times turned truth on its head, saying he “radiates decency (sic).” 

He’s a notorious scoundrel like the rest of the nation’s ruling class — an unindicted war criminal, Wall Street/military, industrial, security complex shill, racist, prison industrial complex supporter, hostile to people of color, Muslims, and a woman’s sovereignty over her own body.

The Times considers him “safe,” a figure assuring continuity. Compared to Trump, “Biden glows…almost look(ing) shiny,” the broadsheet roared.

He’s the worst of Dem presidential aspirants, a pox on them all except for anti-war/progressive Tulsi Gabbard — demeaned by the Times and other establishment media for being on the right side of key issues.

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My newest book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: How the US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.”


Stephen Lendman
Stephen Lendman
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