Russian Foreign Ministry on Syria, Afghanistan, Venezuela, and Doctored OPCW Report

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November 30, 2019
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Russian Foreign Ministry on Syria, Afghanistan, Venezuela, and Doctored OPCW Report

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.orgHome – Stephen Lendman)

According to Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova (MZ below), “tensions persist in (Syrian) territories that are not controlled by Damascus,” adding:

“In Idlib (province, US-supported al-Nusra) terrorists…shell…Syrian government troops and…residential areas more than 20 times daily” — using heavy and other weapons supplied by the US, other Western countries and Israel.

US-supported “ISIS sleeping cells” operate east of the Euphrates River and elsewhere in Syria — deployed by the Pentagon and CIA where they want them used as proxy imperial troops, the same true about all jihadist groups in the country and elsewhere.

MZ: “The actions of the United States, which decided to remain at the oil fields and rob Syria of its national wealth” represent a major obstacle to conflict resolution — a notion both right wings of its war part reject.

MZ: “We regularly comment on this reckless disregard for international law by (jihadists) that (are) supported, among others, by the US armed forces.”

MZ explained evidence of war crimes committed by “British (troops) in Iraq and Afghanistan” — in cahoots with US dark forces.

Time and again throughout 18 years of US-led aggression in Afghanistan, Pentagon terror-bombing massacred defenseless civilians, sometimes killing entire families.

MZ noted “evidence of 52 cases of the murder of local residents by the British military in Afghanistan before 2017, although investigations into those cases were closed without charges,” adding:

“(A)n execution of four Afghan children by a British commando (occurred). The children were definitely not engaged in any terrorist or dangerous activities, and were not involved in any extremist attacks.” 

“They were having lunch at home. A spokesman for the UK Ministry of Defense” called cold-blooded murder “unsubstantiated allegations.”

Evidence from “a major investigation” determined that “British intelligence agencies forged documents to shift the responsibility for the killing of unarmed persons to the Afghan army.”

Videos proved otherwise. Dismissiveness toward the lives and welfare of ordinary people in the country “created a favorable environment for” war crimes without punishment — the same true in all US war theaters.

Ongoing dialogue between Venezuela’s legitimate government and US-supported opposition elements continues.

MZ was overly optimistic citing progress. Nothing tangible has been accomplished because Trump regime hardliners want pro-Western puppet rule replacing Bolivarian social democracy, MZ admitting:

“(R)adical opposition” rallies continue. Small scale and ineffective, “(t)hey testify to the disappointment of the anti-government groups of citizens in the policy of confrontation pursued by (US-designated puppet/usurper in waiting) Guaido, who has failed to achieve any results during nearly a year of” service to his imperial master in Washington.

“The foundation of the anti-Venezuelan policy of Nicolas Maduro’s opponents can only be defined as fake.” 

“The entire policy, ideas and ideology as regards overthrowing the (legitimate government), change of power, and shift in policy are based on misrepresentations, fake reports and misinformation.”

MZ discussed evidence revealed by WikiLeaks, proving the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) doctored a report on an alleged April 7, 2018 CW incident in Douma, Syria — that didn’t occur.

Information revealed by an OPCW whistleblower debunked its findings as falsified — in service to its imperial master in Washington.

MZ: “Russia and a number of other countries have repeatedly questioned the validity of conclusions presented by the (OPCW’s so-called) Fact-Finding Mission (FFM) following this investigation,” adding: 

“We have said many times that the chemical and toxicological analysis carried out by the mission, as well as the ballistic calculations and interviews with witnesses were not convincing from the point of view of a professional approach, and at the same time had every indication that they had been politically predetermined.”

“WikiLeaks (revelations are clear) proof of the (FFM’s falsified) report, to put it mildly.”

“(A)ll insistent and compelling requests for direct contact, so that experts could pose all their questions to the (FFM’s) representatives, have been rejected so far.”

The OPCW operates as an imperial tool, serving US/NATO interests, its legitimacy long ago lost.

It should be disbanded and replaced by legitimate independent chemical watchdog groups — beholden strictly to truth and full disclosure in all their reports and other work.

The so-called Douma incident was fake, a US/NATO false flag. No one in Douma died, was hospitalized, or became ill from exposure to chemical or other toxins.

The OPCW report was falsified. Throughout years of US aggression in Syria, no credible evidence ever suggested use of CWs or other toxins by Syrian forces against anyone.

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Stephen Lendman
Stephen Lendman
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