Trump Regime Seeks Maximum Human Suffering in Iran

Trump Regime Seeks Maximum Human Suffering in Iran

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman) 

US war on Iran by other means is all about seeking control of the country, its vast hydrocarbon resources, and population.

It’s also about eliminating Israel’s main regional rival, furthering its hegemonic aims as Washington’s junior partner in the Middle East.

US sanctions, economic and medical terrorism on Iran are crimes of war and against humanity by any standard.

For over 40 years, Washington failed to transform Iran into a US client state, despite using virtually every dirty trick imaginable trying.

The Trump regime’s war on the country by other means failed. Yet it rages endlessly, no end of it in prospect.

Instead of easing sanctions on Iran to enable imports of medicines, medical equipment and related supplies, the Trump regime piled on more last Thursday.

Twenty Iranian enterprises and their officials were targeted, including firms involved in maintaining Shia holy sites, part of Trump regime “maximum pressure” — no matter how in breach of international law.

Reports on Friday about impending release of illegally frozen Iranian funds by the US appear to have been greatly exaggerated.

Citing a senior Iranian Foreign Ministry official on Saturday, Press TV reported that the Trump regime “continues to block Iranian assets needed to purchase medicines and equipment to contain” COVID-19 outbreaks.

Iranian Foreign Minister Zarif slammed the Trump regime for “maliciously tightening US illegal sanctions with the aim of draining Iran’s resources needed in the fight against COVID-19—while our citizens are dying from it,” adding:

The world community can no longer remain silent about Trump regime economic terrorism that’s “supplemented by its medical terrorism.”

Despite operating under these conditions, Iran continues going all out to contain COVID-19 outbreaks and provide treatment for those infected.

Around two-thirds of Iranians have been screened for the virus.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Abbas Mousavi said eight nations called for immediate lifting of illegal US sanctions, including Russia, China, Iran, Syria, North Korea, Cuba, Nicaragua, and Venezuela.

Britain and Pakistan called on the Trump regime to ease them to help combat COVID-19. So did a number of congressional members.

NYT editors said the following:

“Sanctions have choked (Iran’s) economy…Does that mean the (Trump regime) should tighten (them) further in the hope that the ‘maximum pressure’ strategy will compel Tehran to toe Washington’s line?” 

“Or should it loosen sanctions to help Iranians and show them that America’s argument is not with the people? The choice seems obvious.”

Separately, the Times said “Trump’s disaster diplomacy…had few results.”

At a time when mutual cooperation is needed to contain COVID-19 outbreaks, his hot wars and by other means have been disastrous.

Washington Post editors said the following:

“At a time of an extraordinary humanitarian crisis, the Trump (regime) is stepping up ‘maximum pressure’ measures that increase hardship for a nation of 80 million.” 

“To what end? Neither the collapse nor the capitulation of (Iran’s government) seems a likely result.” 

“Instead, the United States is being blamed by ordinary Iranians as well as other nations for making it more difficult for authorities to combat the epidemic.”  

“Trump ought to be offering Iran the chance to ease tensions through mutual humanitarian actions.”

On March 20, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani addressed the American people — urging them to call on the Trump regime to end its sanctions war on the Iranian nation and people, saying the following:

“The coronavirus outbreak has endangered the health of—and even presented a considerable threat to—humanity with no distinction as to nationality, or gender or religious backgrounds.”

Humanity is “threatened in every respect, be it health, business, and even social relationships and the way of life. The level of unpredictability and uncertainty is simply unprecedented.”

“In this common fight, we all belong to one front. We all seek to prevail over our common enemy: a deadly virus.”

“Today, the Iranian people are harmed by both the deadly coronavirus and the callous US government policy of economic terrorism inflicted on them.”

“Throughout millennia, Iranians prevailed against warmongers, from Genghis to Saddam, and withstood natural disasters, from pestilence to cholera, resiliently safeguarding their culture and civilization.” 

“This time, too, they will repel this virus as well as the sanctions born of the callous policy of maximum pressure, and will endure once again with resilience and pride.”

“The time has come for the American people to speak loudly and hold their government accountable, thus halting this dark chapter in American history.”

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