Kremlin COVID-19 Disinformation Campaign?

Kremlin COVID-19 Disinformation Campaign?

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

An internal EU propaganda report leaked to Reuters reportedly said “(a) significant disinformation campaign by Russian state media and pro-Kremlin outlets regarding COVID-19 is ongoing.”

Dated March 16, it was produced by the European External Action Service (EEAS) — likely in cahoots with the US intelligence community, notably the CIA.

With no supportive evidence backing its allegations because none exists, the document falsely claims that “(t)he overarching aim of Kremlin disinformation (sic) is to aggravate the public health crisis in Western countries…in line with the Kremlin’s broader strategy of attempting to subvert European societies (sic).”

In response to Italy’s request for help in dealing with large-scale COVID-19 outbreaks, Russia sent and continues sending cargo planes with tons of medicines, medical equipment and supplies, hazmat protective gear, and mobile sanitizing devices to eliminate the virus from public transport and areas where people congregate in normal times.

Moscow also sent scores of infectious disease specialists with expertise in dealing with outbreaks of pathogens.

Italy turned to Russia because the EU and West failed to provide more than scant help in the country’s time of need.

Last Thursday, Reuters reported that “Russia’s military planeloads of aid to Italy to combat the spread of coronavirus have exposed the European Union’s failure to provide swift help to a member in crisis and handed President Vladimir Putin a publicity coup at home and abroad.”

“Italy has been thankful for the Russian decontamination units and army medical staff sent over the past four days, contrasting it with a piecemeal response by EU states.”

In response to genuine Russian help, similar to how it’s helping other countries, the EU falsely accused the Kremlin of a geopolitical move to extend its influence, adding:

“The overarching aim of Kremlin disinformation is to aggravate the public health crisis in Western countries…in line with the Kremlin’s broader strategy of attempting to subvert European societies (sic).”

An EU spokesman falsely  accused Moscow of “playing with people’s lives (sic),” urging EU citizens to follow news sources they trust — specifically Western propaganda lacking credibility.

An unnamed NATO official falsely claimed “the Italians have fallen into a (Russian) trap (sic).”

Italy’s Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio debunked the Big Lie, saying “(t)here are no (Russian) geopolitical scenarios to trace…”

China and Cuba are actively involved in helping other nations deal with growing COVID-19 infections.

The Trump regime offered free testing for Americans — only for individuals with unspecified symptoms, no medical treatment offered, Americans on their own, including at a time like now.

Russia denied EU fake accusations, Putin spokesman Dmitry Peskov saying:

EU claims are “groundless…(T)his Russophobic obsession could be expected to fade under the current situation, but it doesn’t seem to be fading.”

So-called US Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty propaganda, eschewing real news and information, falsely accused Sergey Lavrov and other Russian officials of “see(ing) Russiophobia everywhere.”

In its latest edition, the neocon/CIA-connected Washington Post jumped on the issue, falsely accusing Moscow of using COVID-19 as an “opportunity to spread…disinformation” — citing the fake news EU document.

WaPo also slammed China for denying that the virus originated in Wuhan.

Last month, the South China Morning Post reported that an analysis of “genomic data from 93 (COVID-19) samples” indicated that the virus did not originate in Wuhan as Western propaganda reports and Trump falsely claim.

Nature Magazine reported five American scientists saying it originated elsewhere.

At a time when solidarity among the world community of nations is needed to deal with a health issue that respects no borders, Western officials and media falsely bash Russia and China for fake reasons.

Ignored is that their ruling authorities are actively engaged in helping other nations contain COVID-19 outbreaks.

What warrants high praise is denounced.

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