New COVID-19 Outbreaks in China

New COVID-19 Outbreaks in China

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Experts warned that containing COVID-19 outbreaks is no assurance of them not reemerging.

In spring 2018, the initial outbreak of Spanish Flu was mild, followed by large numbers in the fall, and a third wave in winter.

Current COVID-19 outbreaks when contained could be followed by one or new waves.

According to infectious diseases epidemiologist David Heymann, of concern is “what will happen after” current restrictive measures end.

Biosecurity expert Raina MacIntyre warned that with about 1% of people in a nation like China infected with COVID-19, most others in the country remain “susceptible” to infection, the same true elsewhere.

According to infectious diseases research and policy expert Michael Osterholm, COVID-19 is “going to keep burning” in China and other countries.

“The virus is still out there. We expect it to leak back (into) the rest of the world” from nations with outbreaks.

It’s also unknown how long recovered COVID-19 patients will be immune from infection later on.

A Study by Harvard’s School of Public Health projected that recurrent outbreaks will likely be in winter that exists at all times in different parts of the world.

According to the South China Morning Post (SCMP) on Wednesday, there were COVID-19 outbreaks in the country’s Jia county in Henan province.

It’s on “total lockdown” to contain them. About 600,000 were told to stay home, special permission required to be outside.

Individuals going out must have their temperatures taken and wear a face mask.

It protects others, not individuals wearing them unless they’re using N95 respiratory masks that provide about 95% protection. They’re in short supply so hard to get.

A Chinese official said no one can enter or leave the county. Draconian measures instituted by Beijing worked in Wuhan.

The epicenter of earlier outbreaks in a city of 11 million people is slowly returning to normal.

China won the battle against COVID-19 in the city and Hubei province, but the war against the virus continues.

It’s ongoing in most of the world, for how long unknown.

When the struggle to contain and eliminate outbreaks is achieved, another wave may erupt in one or more countries — that can spread the virus to others.

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