America: A Nation Over-Obsessed with COVID-19 Infection

America: A Nation Over-Obsessed by the Threat of COVID-19 Infection

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Never before in US history were social distancing, sheltering in place, and lockdowns advised or imposed by states and cities because of a contagious diseases outbreak.

COVID-19 is unique because its outbreak resulted in all of the above in place in most of the US and other countries.

Why this disease and not other contagious ones? 

True enough it’s highly contagious so precautions are clearly warranted, especially for the elderly, anyone with a weakened immune system, and others in poor health from other issues.

According to biomedical data scientist Dr. John Ioannidas, “reliable evidence on how many people have been infected with SARS-CoV-2 or who continue to become infected” is lacking including from the WHO and CDC in the US, adding:

Death rates are “buried within the noise of the estimate of deaths from influenza-like illness.”

At least eight coronavirus strains exist. Infection rates worldwide differ markedly, some countries more successful in containing outbreaks than others — the US notably unsuccessful, China very successful with four times the population.

Is its healthcare system more advanced than America’s or other Western countries?

Is it because of increasing US indifference toward public health, its infrastructure unprepared to deal with a widespread outbreak of any infectious disease — including healthcare professionals lacking personal protective equipment (PPE) when most needed?

US public health officials haven’t provided a demographic breakdown on COVID-19 infected individuals and deaths from the disease.

What was the actual breakdown according to age and pre-existing health issues of individuals affected?

What were the personal health habits of infected individuals, including smoking, alcohol consumption, unhealthy diets, lack of exercise, use of illicit drugs, overuse of legal ones, STDs, and hypertension, etc.?

In 2017, data showed that health issues related to smoking alone cost an estimated 168 billion dollars in the US — compared to only 11 billion for illicit drug use. 

Overuse of prescription drugs causes far more harm. All pharmaceuticals have potentially harmful side effects — why using no more than necessary as prescribed is vital.

Around one-third of the US population is obese, largely because of unhealthy diets and lack of regular exercise.

US children, youths and adults are poorly educated on good health practices.

US television ads notably promote all sorts of unhealthy junk foods health conscious individuals avoid.

Hazardous to health GMO foods and ingredients infest US supermarket shelves, comprising most foods Americans eat daily.

One Green Planet’s Erin Trauth explained why many US doctors “can’t help you with (proper) nutrition.”

Most US medical schools provide too little nutrition education nor on the dangers of over-medication.

She explained that “the US is one of the most overly medicated countries in the world, yet we can’t seem to get a handle on heart disease, obesity, and allergies.”

Big Pharma provides considerable funding to US medical schools, indoctrinating future doctors to prescribe drugs as the first line of defense in treating illnesses.

An earlier joint American Medical Student Association (AMSA)/Pew Charitable Trusts study found how extensively drug companies influence US medical schools and healthcare in the country overall.

Med school students are taught about what drugs to prescribe for what health conditions. Professors promote their use, some on Big Pharma’s payroll.

Drugs clearly play a roll in treating diseases. Overuse or improper combinations of medications can be harmful to human health.

A sound rule of thumb is getting  reliable medical advice, using drugs in proper amounts, never more than needed.

China’s Zhejiang University School of Medicine’s “Handbook of CoVid-19 Prevention and Treatment” provides reliable information on prevention and containment of COVID-19 — what’s not emphasized in the US.

It stresses the importance of proper nutrition, use of probiotics an herbal formulas, along with traditional Chinese good health practices other than prescription drugs that most Americans rely on predominantly for health issues — instead of sound preventive practices to avoid them.

Scientifically proven good health practices provide the most effective defense against disease and premature aging.

Clearly laid off Americans and others elsewhere want to go back to work.

Doing it prematurely may increase outbreaks instead of continuing all-out efforts to contain them.

China’s draconian two-month lockdown worked. Though data is highly imperfect, they show the current rate of outbreaks in the US is around sixfold what China experienced. 

Short-term pain for longterm gain makes sense. Back to work in the US can wait until COVID-19 outbreaks are at least substantially contained.

Reopening the economy too soon could increase their numbers considerably.

The economy can’t function with sick workers. Wellness depends on widespread COVID-19 testing, PPE for medical staff, and treatment for the sick.

A national initiative is needed. States with large and growing numbers of outbreaks can’t do it on their own.

Trump and Joe Biden want worker safety and welfare sacrificed for corporate profit-making at all times under all conditions.

Now is time when universal healthcare is most needed. 

Without it in the US makes containing and treating outbreaks of diseases much harder because of affordability.

It’s compounded by US public health getting short shrift — warmaking, corporate handouts, and profit-making prioritized over human health.

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