Russia’s Foreign Ministry on WW II History, Syria and Cuba

Russia’s Foreign Ministry on WW II History, Syria, and Cuba

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman) 

According to US war department propaganda, Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia began WW II, blaming ruling authorities of both countries, reinventing historical facts.

Omitted from US historical revisionism is how Red Army valor broke the back of the vaunted German Wehrmacht, crushing most of its divisions, taking most of Nazism’s hardened fighters out of the war, along with tying up most others on the eastern front before routing them.

Russian Foreign Ministry’s spokeswoman Maria Zakharova (MZ below) explained that a so-called second front began with the Normandy, France landing of US forces “when the Americans realized that the Third Reich was losing the war, and they hastened to land in order to prevent the USSR from spreading its influence throughout Europe after the war was won.”

MZ quoted what German Foreign Minister Heiko Mass wrote for  Der Spiegal about the war, saying:

“Only (Nazi) Germany (was) responsible for World War II and the Holocaust.” 

“Those who sow doubts about this and foist the role of criminal on other nations commit an injustice towards the victims of this war.”

Hitler’s Germany and Italy’s Mussolini in a junior partner role, were responsible for “the scourge of war (in Europe and North Africa that) brought (vast destruction, mass slaughter, and) sorrow to” countless millions of victims.

US revisionism wants Soviet Russia sharing blame with Nazi Germany, a gross perversion of reality.

Heroic Red Army forces liberated most of occupied Europe. The US and Britain were junior partners in a war they most likely would have lost without Soviet Russia’s contributions and sacrifices no words can pay tribute to adequately.

MZ slammed the Trump regime’s war department, damning it for “distort(ing) history…in pursuit of (US) political aims” by spreading disinformation about Soviet Russia that’s “monstrous in (its) falsehood and hypocrisy.”

Commenting on Syria, MZ downplayed endless war in its 9th year with no prospect for resolution any time soon.

AMN News reported that Syrian forces intend launching a new offensive in southern Idlib province against US supported jihadists in “the Jabal Al-Zawiya region,” adding:

“This move by the Syrian Arab Army comes as a response to the jihadist ambush that killed dozens of soldiers inside the town of Al-Tanjara, which is located in the northern part of the Al-Ghaab Plain region.”

Southfront reported that May 10 and 11 clashes between Syrian and jihadist forces resulted in dozens killed on both sides, adding:

“(N)o Syria(n) or Russia(n) warplanes…pound(e) the (jihadists) attacking Tanjarah.” 

“This means that they are still committed to the March 5 ceasefire agreement (between Putin and Erdogan) despite this blatant violation by Idlib militants” and other breaches on the ground for over two months.

As long as Syrian territory remains illegally occupied by US forces that continue supplying jihadists with heavy weapons and other material support, war in parts of the country will rage endlessly.

The only solution is eliminating hostile jihadists militarily. Throughout the war, diplomatic efforts by Russia achieved little, nothing with the Obama and Trump regimes.

MZ divides US supported terrorists into hard core fighters and the misnamed “moderate opposition” that doesn’t exist on the battlefield.

All armed jihadists involved in combatting Syrian forces and civilians are cutthroat killer terrorists, the US using them as imperial proxies.

On May 8, Russia commemorated the 60th anniversary of diplomatic relations with the Republic of Cuba as a strategic partner, MZ saying the following:

“Russia and Cuba are linked by historical ties of friendship, mutual sympathy, respect, solidarity and support, as well as productive cooperation. We have come a long way together,” adding:

“Today, Russia and Cuba are proactively expanding their strategic partnership.” 

“Our countries maintain an intensive and meaningful political dialogue, undertake major joint projects in trade and the economy, science and technology, as well as cultural and humanitarian spheres.”

Moscow strongly opposes decades of US war on Cuba by other means, intensified by Trump regime hardliners, including escalated illegal sanctions and an attempted economic blockade.

For over 60 years, Cuba has withstood everything thrown at it by the US in defending its sovereign independence from reimposition of Washington’s imperial control and exploitation.

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