The Myth of a COVID-19 Vaccine to the Rescue

The Myth of a COVID-19 Vaccine to the Rescue

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Aided by establishment media fear-mongering, the public mind is being manipulated to support COVID-19 mass vaxxing as a way to protect against coronavirus infections.

Unmentioned is that all vaccines are toxic and hazardous to human health.

Taking them risks contracting the disease they’re supposed to protect against, along with developing other serious diseases later in life.

In other words, the promoted cure can be worse than the disease.

Rushing development of COVID-19 vaccines for mass vaxxing amounts to playing Russian roulette with human health.

Instead of warning the public of the dangers, establishment media are complicit in ignoring them.

On Tuesday, the NYT touted limited phase one tests of biotech company Moderna’s experimental COVID-19 vaccine, claiming results showed it was “safe and provoked a strong immune response.” 

Eight test subjects were vaxxed, given two low doses in a test for “safety.”

Ignored by the Times and other media reports were potential longer-term adverse reactions and known hazards of all vaccines. Little is learned about experimental ones based on short-term results with a handful of subjects.

News about Moderna’s drug sent its stock price soaring about 25% on Monday. 

After the market closed, the company announced a $1.25 billion public offering of its common shares. Their valuation slumped in after-hours trading.

Reportedly its CEO Stephane Bancel has been dumping large numbers of shares.

Moderna’s largest shareholder Flagship Pioneer has been doing the same thing — cashing in while the stock is hot, notably before it may cool down or crash if later experimental vaccine tests show negative results.

The Times also promoted the false promise of a “return to normal” ahead, claiming Monday’s strong market rally reflected the “prospect,” adding:

“Vaccines are now seen as the best and perhaps only hope of stopping or even slowing” COVID-19 outbreaks and deaths.

Monday’s rally was more about market manipulation than the prospect of restoration of economic health.

On the same day, Tass reported over “93,000 confirmed” COVID-19 cases worldwide in the last 24 hours, around 4,500 more deaths — showing no letup in the global public health problem.

Are vaccines to the rescue the solution? Despite years of research, no successful coronavirus vaccines were ever developed.

Is it likely that a never before achieved breakthrough will change things by yearend?

Is a miracle vaccine coming in the months ahead?

Weeks earlier, Nature magazine and other scientific journals explained warnings by researchers that rushing COVID-19 vaccine development for widespread use in the coming months could increase the risk of infection rather than protect against it.

Earlier research on coronavirus vaccines showed they risk vaccine enhancement, worsening infection if gotten, not protecting vaxxed individuals.

How this happens is yet to be understood. It’s a major stumbling block to developing coronavirus vaccines — what may never be achieved, notably because the virus mutates into many new forms, each different from others in characteristics.

On Tuesday, Thailand Medical News (TMN) reported that University of Hong Kong researchers found the following:

“(A)lthough individuals infected with either severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus (SARS-CoV) or SARS-CoV-2 (that causes COVID-19) produce antibodies that bind to the other coronavirus, the cross-reactive antibodies are not cross protective, at least in cell-culture experiments.”

It suggests that developing coronavirus vaccines may not be possible — at least not unless or until there are research breakthroughs never achieved before.

According to Hong Kong University researcher Dr. Chris Mok:

“Since coronavirus outbreaks are likely to continue to pose global health risks in the future, the possibility of developing a cross-protective vaccine against multiple coronaviruses has been considered.” 

“Our findings, albeit limited at present, would suggest that broadly cross-neutralizing antibodies to coronaviruses might not be commonly produced by the human immune repertoire.” 

“Moving forward, monoclonal antibody discovery and characterization will be crucial to the development of a SARS-CoV-2 vaccine in the short-term, as well as a cross-protective coronavirus vaccine in the long term.”


No breakthroughs exist toward achieving these objectives — nor in developing a miracle COVID-19 cure.

The virus is likely to be around for a long time, maybe forever like season flu that results in millions of infections, hundreds of thousands of hospitalizations, and tens of thousands of deaths in the US annually.

It’s a forever epidemic and pandemic — unaccompanied by establishment media fear-mongering headlines, despite the global harm to countless millions annually like clockwork.

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