US Media in an Uproar Over China’s National Security Law

US Media in an Uproar Over China’s National Security Law

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

The US and establishment media are waging undeclared war on China by other means in cahoots with US dark forces.

US hostility toward China combines unacceptable Trump regime and congressional actions with media proliferated propaganda — manipulating the public mind against Beijing.

According to April Pew Research survey results, two-thirds of respondents view China unfavorably, only 26% favorably.

Gallup survey results were similar, showing the power of propaganda works.

Most everything pounded into the public mind repeatedly by establishment media gets most people to believe what’s even implausible— the triumph of mind manipulation over reason and reality.

Americans overwhelmingly view China negatively, a nation pursuing cooperative relations with other countries, at war with none, threatening none — in contrast to US war on humanity at home and abroad.

All nations are obligated to protect their territory, sovereign rights, and populations from hostile and intrusive actions by foreign powers.

For China, it includes having Hong Kong and Macau governed in conformity with national laws that grant both cities a degree of local autonomy, similar to how US states operate. 

China’s national security law, a work in progress, is being prepared to counter hostile US interference in its internal affairs, notably by disruptive made-in-the-USA Kong Kong protests that feature violence and vandalism.

US major media are hostile to all things China. NYT propaganda rages against the country with a regular onslaught of managed news misinformation and disinformation.

The Times: “Beijing…is weaponizing…the principle (of) one country, two systems…to crush the city’s freedoms.”

Fact: Reality is worlds apart from the above Big Lie.

The Times: China’s national security law, its details yet to be known, will be “the death knell for Hong Kong.”

It “will likely curtail…civil liberties (and) take aim at the mass protest movement  that showed the world last year the extent to which people were willing to go to protect their hybrid home.”

Fact: What’s most important to explain, the Times suppresses. Months of protests that featured violence and vandalism were orchestrated by US dark forces — aiming to weaken China by attacking its soft Hong Kong underbelly.

Like other nations, China is obligated to protect the rights and security of all its people.

Most Hong Kongers were and continue to be harmed by US orchestrated protests, including the city’s commercial and financial interests.

Like others earlier, protests last yea were launched as part of Washington’s war on China by other means, what its authorities are obligated to counter.

The Times: China’s national security law “scotched any expectations that the coronavirus pandemic might have left (President Xi Jinping) humbled, cautious or ready for compromise.” 

“On the contrary, he has chosen to press an offensive over Hong Kong, riling Western powers…”

Fact: Hong Kong is Chinese, not US, territory. The US bears full responsibility for disruptive actions in the city, part of its war on China by other means.

Xi should have acted much sooner to counter hostile US actions by the Trump regime and Congress — better late than never.

Slapping the US down by bold or modest steps is long overdue.

The neocon/CIA house organ Washington Post is waging its own editorial war on China, its recent editions featuring the following headlines:

“As China moves to impose new control over Hong Kong, international reaction remains muted” — a good thing if true.

“China to impose sweeping security law in Hong Kong, heralding end of city’s autonomy” — not so.

“Hong Kong opposition slams China national security law move”

Its leadership and maybe rank and file was bribed to go along with the US anti-China policy,a longtime imperial tactic.

“China’s full-scale assault on democracy in Hong Kong demands a US response”

Core international law forbids nations from interfering in the internal affairs of other states — what the US does repeatedly worldwide, pressuring, bullying, bribing, and bludgeoning other countries to bend to its will.

Like other US major media, Wall Street Journal propaganda claims China’s national security law “seeks to stamp out widespread pro-democracy protests (sic)” — ignoring what really lies behind them.

WSJ: “China’s Move to Dismantle Hong Kong’s Autonomy Poses Dilemma for US Policy”

WSJ: “Senators to Propose Bill Sanctioning Chinese Officials Over Hong Kong Security Law”

Some other anti-China propaganda headlines:

AP News: “Hong Kong opposition slams China national security law move”

Reuters: “Hong Kongers fret over Beijing’s planned new security laws”

Fox News: (Loose cannon) “Pompeo condemns China’s law as ‘death knell’ for Hong Kong, warns of economic hardship”

CNN: “China’s proposed national security law could end Hong Kong as we know it”

National Pentagon Radio (NPR): “China Plans To Criminalize Activities Advocating For Hong Kong’s Independence”

Time magazine: “Democracy Activists (sic) (in Hong Kong) Call (China’s national security law) ‘the Saddest Day’ in City History”

Here’s how Xinhua explained the work in progress new law:

“It is ‘highly necessary’ for China to introduce this bill.”

“Safeguarding national security serves the fundamental interests of all Chinese including Hong Kong compatriots.”

“The HKSAR is an inseparable part of the People’s Republic of China, and the NPC is the highest organ of state power.”

“China’s national legislators will deliberate a bill on establishing and improving the legal system and enforcement mechanisms for the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region to safeguard national security, according to the latest agenda of the third session of the 13th National People’s Congress (NPC).

The new measure, likely to be officially unveiled in June when details are finalized, aims to protect China’s sovereign territory and rights from hostile US actions that aim to weaken the country and undermine its development.

Under international law, China may act to defend, protect, and preserve the nation’s sovereign territory from hostile actions by foreign powers like the US.

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