Russian Foreign Ministry on Russian Students in the US, Syria and Venezuela

Russian Foreign Ministry on Russian Students in the US, Syria and Venezuela

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova (MZ below) explained all-out efforts by Moscow to help Russian nationals return home at a time of spreading COVID-19 infections.

Since mid-March, it brought home 236,000 nationals from all parts of the world, a major logistical undertaking by its Transportation Ministry and civil society at home.

MZ expressed concern about stranded Russian students in the US, saying:

“This is a hot topic…We are constantly working to bring Russian school age children home who are in the United States under general education programs.”

They’re “in a difficult situation in view of the spread of the coronavirus.” 

“The difficulty lies in the fact that (the Trump regime that) took on the responsibility for these children, has rejected their responsibility on many occasions and only advised the Russian side when they decided to give up this responsibility.”

“US authorities failed to give our representatives the appropriate assistance in this situation.” 

“And this despite our formal requests to give us exhaustive information on the number of Russian students, their location and the host organizations.”

Calling “the overall situation in Syria as stable” failed to stress forever US war in the country, along with illegal occupation of its territory — these actions preventing restoration of peace and stability.

On Saturday, Southfront reported that Syrian forces discovered large numbers of heavy and other weapons in the Daraa countryside — supplied by the US and its imperial partners in high crimes of war and against humanity.

US supported ISIS cells remain active in Syria, carrying out regular terrorist attacks.

AMN News reported that the Pentagon is building a new illegal base in Raqqa “to strengthen (its) presence in” northern Syria with no intention of leaving.

MZ admitted that jihadists in Syria remain an unresolved issue, their presence a threat to Syrian forces, civilians, and Russian military personnel, adding:

“The situation in areas outside government control in the northeast of Syria is deteriorating.” 

“ISIS fighters have decided to take advantage of the coronavirus epidemic and have increased their attacks.” 

“From May 10 to 15 alone, the terrorists launched over 20 attacks against Kurdish units in the provinces of Deir Ezzor, Raqqa and Al-Hasakah where at least 20 people were killed and about 40 wounded.”

“This is further evidence that the US and its allies who occupy the territories on the west bank of the Euphrates do not care about the civilians and maintaining security.”

Along with Damascus, Russia alone is regularly delivering humanitarian aid to liberated Syrians — aid from the West and UN going only to US and jihadist controlled areas.

Syrian refugees in the country’s north and south endure horrific conditions, virtual concentration camps controlled by the US.

Dozens who escaped from the Rukban camp explained what they and others still there go through, MZ saying:

“It is outrageous. They have neither food nor water nor electricity there, and there are problems with medical aid.” 

“Rukban residents have to pay the militants who control the camp for essentials and even for nonpotable water.”

The US is complicit in what’s going on that amounts to mass slow-motion torture by forced-fed deprivation.

Humanitarian aid sent to the camp is taken by jihadists for their own use.

Commenting on Venezuela, MZ explained that despite the Trump regime’s illegal economic blockade of the country, its government continues making significant “efforts to contain the spread of COVID-19.”

Its efforts are “against the back(drop) of” large-scale outbreaks in Latin American countries, notably Brazil because of the Bolsonaro regime’s indifference toward public health and welfare — similar to how Trump and Congress operate.

At a time of spreading COVID-19 outbreaks, his regime toughened illegal sanctions on Venezuela and Iran, MZ calling the actions “appalling.”

They include a “ban…on oil exports and oil product imports, which can provoke a paralysis of agriculture, industry, trade, transportation, and basic life-supporting infrastructure.”

Illegal US sanctions resulted in depriving Venezuela of “over $116 billion” of its assets that were unlawfully frozen by the Trump regime.

MZ: “(T)he country is being deprived of resources and a capability to purchase badly needed diagnostic equipment and medicines, personal protective gear, and medical equipment and consumables.”

“Let me make it clear. (Illegal US) economic sanctions against Venezuela are producing the same effect as the coronavirus on the human body. In both cases, the oxygen supply system is affected.”

Humanitarian organizations are present throughout the country, helping millions of people, along with “supplying medicines and equipment to 341 medical centers” nationwide.

The Pentagon militarized Caribbean Sea waters, a “force projection…in the region” that’s unrelated to security concerns.

Military drills conducted by US warships and personnel are all about preparing for possible interdiction of Iranian and Venezuelan vessels in these waters if ordered to engage in high seas piracy.

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