Russia on Venezuela, Israel and Syria

Russia on Venezuela, Israel and Syria

by Stephen Lendman( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Russia’s geopolitical agenda is polar opposite how the US operates — seeking peace over endless wars and mutual cooperation with other nations over efforts to dominate them by brute force.

This week, Russia’s Foreign Ministry called for a ceasefire pause in conflict theaters to allow for humanitarian efforts in dealing with COVID-19 outbreaks, adding:

These steps are essential to avoid “a global humanitarian disaster, given that most people  in the current hot spots lack access to medicines and skilled medical assistance.”

The Trump regime blocked Security Council efforts to implement what Russia and most world community member states support.

Commenting on the situation in Venezuela, Russia’s First Deputy UN envoy Dmitry Polyanakiy said the following:

“(T)he situation we are facing today is unfolding around Venezuela, not inside the country, the recent incidents of breach of Venezuela’s sovereignty by (US) foreign agents pose a direct threat to the country’s peace, as well as to regional security and stability.” 

“And this situation is a clear violation of the UN Charter.”

Polyanakiy backed his claim with facts, including a foiled mini-Bay of Pigs armed invasion, aggression orchestrated and funded by the Trump regime, and a plot to take control of a Venezuelan airport to transport President Maduro, if abducted, to the US.

And the above amounts to only the latest in a long line of coup plots by the Bush/Cheney, Obama, and Trump regimes to crush social democracy in the country throughout most of Bolivarian history.

Hard evidence exposed numerous US coup plots. Is terror-bombing Venezuela in support of a marine amphibious landing coming next?

Decades of US anti-Bolivarian rage has nothing to do with a national security threat, nothing to do with a threat by Venezuela to its Latin American neighbors, everything to do with US intolerance of democratic rule wherever it exists.

Remarks by Polyanakiy were a hard-hitting, fact-telling indictment of the scourge of US imperialism that poses an unparalleled threat to humanity.

Separately, Russia’s UN envoy Vassily Nebenzya addressed the question of the Netanyahu regime’s unlawful plan to annex around 30% of the West Bank.

If implemented, it’ll be a third war on the Palestinian people, following Israeli aggression in 1947-48 and 1967.

Nebenzya: “We reiterate our call to avoid any unilateral steps that might undermine the prospects for the solution…of two states…living peacefully side by side by side.”

Most often, Nebenzya is on the right side of major issues. He’s dead wrong on this one.

A long ago possible two-state solution no longer is a viable option with Israeli control of the Occupied Territories in their entirety and refusal to consider the option other than to have defenseless Palestinians living in isolated bantustans on worthless scrubland.

The only solution is one state for all its people enforced by the world community, tough sanctions with teeth on Israel if refuses.

Nebenzya is right if a Palestinian state includes all territory within pre-June 1967 borders with East Jerusalem its exclusive capital — what neither Israel, the US, or Europe would accept.

Russia opposes Netanyahu’s annexation scheme, but not strongly enough to take punitive actions against the Jewish state if it goes this far, nor will Europe, or any other countries that matter.

As for the peace process, Nebenzya called for salvaging, it never existed except in name only. 

Clearly it’s nonexistent now — a colossal hoax everyone knows but won’t publicly acknowledge.

Nebenzya also commented on the situation in Syria. Endless war in its 9th year continues because Republicans and undemocratic Dems reject resolution.

So does Israel, clear from its repeated cross-border terror-bombing attacks on Syrian targets.

In response, the world community yawns and does nothing, ignoring its blatant aggression against a UN member state.

Russia is focused on defeating the scourge of US supported terrorists in Syria, largely in Idlib province, scattered elements elsewhere in the country — jihadists armed and trained by Pentagon and CIA operatives at illegally established US bases in northern and southern parts of Syria.

Nebenzya also expressed concern about anti-Syrian efforts to obstruct deliveries of humanitarian aid to its people.

On Wednesday, Global published a report explaining that Pentagon forces fire-bombed Syrian wheat fields to incinerate crops south of Hasaka and in the Tal Tamer countryside — a high crime of war and against humanity.

The action was all about wanting countless numbers of Syrians starved to death.

Most Syrians are food insecure, greatly aided by Russian humanitarian aid, terrorized by the US, Israel, their imperial partners, and jihadists they support.

Nebenzya’s remarks preceded the latest US high crime against Syria and its long-suffering people.

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