US Killer Cops Claim Another Victim

US Killer Cops Claim Another Victim

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Around three times daily on average, over a 1,000 times annually, US police kill with impunity.

Nonthreatening Black male youths are their favorite target — most often over nothing. Claims otherwise like threatening an officer or resisting arrest are Big Lies.

What time and again state and local police call “justifiable homicides” is cold-blooded/state-permitted murder, nearly always committed with impunity.

The rarest of rare exceptions prove the rule. By any standard, the US is a police state at the federal, state, and local levels. 

The rule of law and rights under it don’t exist for ordinary Americans, especially not for people of color, while privileged ones get away with murder, grand theft, and much more.

African-American George Floyd is the latest publicized police murder victim, choked to death by Minneapolis killer cops.

In response to a dubious claim that Floyd tried using a forged ten dollar bill, city police forcibly pulled him his car, thrust him to the ground violently, and applied what became a lethal chokehold.

The incident captured on videotape belied the police claim that he resisted arrest — the usual Big Lie by cops and their superiors.

Floyd’s last words, saying “I can’t breathe” were ignored.

The incident bears striking similarity to the 2014 murder of Eric Garner by Statin Island, New York cops.

They placed him in what became a lethal chokehold, slamming his head to the ground during an arrest attempt for allegedly selling illegal cigarettes, a false charge.

Despite multiple times saying “I can’t breathe,” he was suffocated to death, an act of cold-blooded murder.

An autopsy blamed his death on a compression of the neck chokehold, and compression of the chest, both by excessive police force that included unacceptable violence.

No indictments followed. Months later, an out-of-court city of New York settlement paid Garner’s family $5.9 million.

No amount of money can return a murdered loved one to family members, nor undo injustice.

Five years after Garner’s death, officer Daniel Pantaleo, one of several cops involved in his murder, was fired, no indictment or prosecution for the crime committed.

A videotape of the killing, clear evidence of cold-blooded murder, wasn’t good enough.

His father at the time asked: “Who can control the police department? We had a damn videotape.” It was ignored.

Police brutality and endemic racism are commonplace in the US nationwide, a violent culture from inception at home and abroad — a fantasy democracy, never the real thing.

Cops involved in Floyd’s murder were suspended by police authorities, then fired by Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey — a failed attempt to quell mass public outrage in the streets.

In response, police in riot gear attacked protesters with tear gas and rubber-coated steel bullets able to cause serious injury if strike the head or other vital body parts.

Trump and hardliners surrounding him were too preoccupied to notice or comment on what happened. 

They’re focused on waging wars by hot and other means against targeted countries, along with war on public health and welfare against ordinary Americans — notably at a time of dire public need because of COVID-19 outbreaks and economic collapse.

With support from federal, state, and local authorities, killer cops nationwide are responsible for a reign of terror against America’s most vulnerable, Black male youths getting the worst of it.

In America’s inner city minority communities, what goes on is much like how apartheid Israel grievously abuses defenseless Palestinians — operating with impunity.

No matter how often US cops kill defenseless victims, nearly always they remain free to kill again, accountability rarely ever forthcoming, the rule of law unenforced.

Despite Floyd’s family calling for justice, wanting cops responsible for his murder arrested and prosecuted, the killing is likely to be whitewashed if an investigation is conducted.

That’s how these type incidents turn out time and again, justice denied routinely, countless more killings happening with disturbing regularity that don’t make headlines like the fate of Garner and Floyd.

Constitutional Law Professor/UC Berkeley Law School dean Erwin Chemerinsky, earlier slammed the Supreme Court for protecting bad cops, saying:

Failing to hold them accountable for civil rights violations “undermines the ability to deter illegal police behavior and leaves victims without compensation,” adding:

“When the police kill or injure innocent people, the victims rarely have recourse.”

“The (Supreme Court) also weakened accountability by ruling that a local government can be held liable only if it is proved that the city’s or county’s own policy violated the Constitution.” 

“In almost every other area of law, an employer can be held liable if its employees, in the scope of their duties, injure others…negligently” or otherwise. 

“This encourages employers to control the conduct of their employees and ensures that those injured will be compensated.”

Courts protecting killer cops deny justice. “How many more deaths and how many more riots will it take before the Supreme Court changes course,” Chemerisky asked?

It won’t happen as long as the High Court is stacked with hard right justices, supporting powerful interests over equity and justice for all.

A Final Comment

Three days of protests in Minneapolis turned violent, especially overnight Thursday at the city’s 3rd police precinct — set ablaze because of Flood’s murder.

Violence begets more of the same — notably shown by US forever wars and militarized police at home killing with impunity.

Cops are supposed to serve and protect the public. Instead they serve privileged interests at the public’s expense.

While I deplore violence in all forms, at times the only way to get the attention of ruling authorities is by organizing, taking to the streets, and forcefully contesting injustice for as long as it takes to achieve justice.

Will anything positive follow days of protests in Minneapolis, at times violent, or will empty promises be made like countless times before, public anger subside, and dirty business as usual continue like always before?

If past is prologue, the latter seems virtually certain — even if Minneapolis cops responsible for Floyd’s murder are held accountable for their crime.

It shouldn’t be this way and wouldn’t if people power on the streets persisted until real positive change comes and sticks. 

I’ve said countless times that the only solution is popular revolution, its energy sustained. 

It’s the only chance for a society safe and fit to live in for everyone — not just for the privileged few like now in the US and West.

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