Hong Kong’s Carrie Lam v. Chinaphobic NYT Editors

Hong Kong’s Carrie Lam v. Chinaphobic NYT Editors

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.org – Home – Stephen Lendman)

NYT editors, correspondents, and columnists never met a country on the US target list for regime change it didn’t wage wars of words against.

The Times and other establishment media partner with Washington’s imperial agenda by supporting its war on humanity at home and abroad.

It rages without letup for greater control over planet earth, its resources and populations — wars of aggression, state terrorism, and other hostile actions its favored strategies.

Times editors asked if Trump will “stand with Hong Kong” — ignoring that the city is sovereign Chinese territory.

Meddling in its internal affairs or the mainland’s is flagrant abuse of the UN Charter and other international law.

The same goes for its bullying and belligerence against numerous other countries, operating by its own rules exclusively, the rule of law long ago abandoned.

What the Times called “the free world,” meaning the West and Israel, is made up of US imperial partners, waging war on humanity at home and abroad — what it never explains.

Instead, state-approved propaganda is featured.

The Times: China’s President Xi Jinping “has long made clear that he regards (Hong Kong’s) freedoms as a Western thorn in his side” — a bald-faced Big Lie, typical Times disinformation.

The Times: China’s new “national security law “could allow (its) authorities to crack down on civil liberties in Hong Kong (sic).”

It’s all about securing the nation, including Hong Kong, from acts of treason, secession, sedition, or subversion.

Most, maybe all, nations have national security laws, the sovereign right of all countries.

US national security policy under Bush/Cheney, Obama/Biden, and Trump/Pence calls for first-strike use of nuclear weapons against targeted nations, nuclear-powered or not — what naked aggression is all about.

It risks armageddon if nukes are unleashed in enough numbers.

What the Times and other establishment suppress is what’s most important to report — including the above information.

What they feature is state-approved rubbish on major domestic and geopolitical issues.

The Times: Trump has “no option but to (order) decertification that opens the way to ending all or some of the territory’s special trade and economic privileges (sic).”

He has two fundamental choices — to maintain good relations with China, a key trading partner, according to the rule of law, or he can flout it, risking a rupture in bilateral relations with negative consequences for both countries.

Ignoring US wars by hot and other means, the Times falsely accused China of “harass(ing) foreign ships and installations (sic).”

It referred to months of violence and vandalism in Hong Kong streets by US-enlisted hooligans as “courageous resistance.”

It ignored UK colonial rule from 1841 – 1997 (apart from the 1941 – 45 Japanese occupation) that exploited the city and its people to serve its own interests.

On May 29, Hong Kong’s chief executive Carrie Lam published an open letter.

She highlighted months of violence and vandalism last year by (US supported) hooligans — harming the city and vast majority of its residents.

Because of what went on and is again rearing its ugly head, China’s “national security, and our city’s prosperity and stability are at risk,” she explained.

Without security and stability in the city, its ruling authorities can’t govern. Nor can the rights and welfare of its residents be upheld.

Nothing in the new national security law undermines China’s “one country, two systems” principle, said Lam.

Its purpose “to prevent, curb and sanction secession, the subversion of state power, the organization and carrying out of terrorist activities that seriously endanger national security, and interference by foreign and external forces in the affairs of the” city.

“It will only target an extremely small minority of illegal and criminal acts and activities, while the life and property, basic rights and freedoms of the overwhelming majority of citizens will be protected.”

Residents will continue to “enjoy the freedom of speech, of the press, of assembly, of demonstration, of procession, and to enter or leave Hong Kong in accordance with the law.”

Lam urged public support for the law that was adopted by Beijing’s parliament — its details still a work in progress, to be made public in the coming weeks.

Will its implementation be as Lam explained, solely securing the city and its residents from hostile internal and/or foreign actions?

The most significant change will likely be China’s unwillingness to tolerate foreign interference in its internal affairs in the city and on the mainland, acting against it when occurs — the nation’s fundamental right under international law.

The fullness of time will tell if this assessment is right.

Until then, Chinese and Hong Kong authorities deserve the benefit of the doubt.

Unlike US interference in the internal affairs of other nations in violation of international law, China pursues cooperative relations with other countries worldwide.

At war with none, threatening none, its foreign policy is polar opposite how the US and its imperial allies operate — at war on humanity at home and abroad in pursuit of unchallenged global dominance.

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