Supporting Trump Regime Hostility Toward China

Supporting Trump Regime Hostility Toward China

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Instead of responsibly blasting Trump’s unacceptable policies toward China — and all other nations the US doesn’t control — establishment media express support.

Resident NYT warmonger, hatemonger, neocon extremist Bret Stephens reinvented China’s new national security law.

Calling it Beijing’s “Rhineland moment” turned reality on its head, a Chinaphobic Big Lie its editors support by publishing it.

Most, maybe all, nations have national security laws. China should have enacted one long ago.

Stephens equated it to “aggression…a tipping point…(a) moment when the irreconcilability of differences becomes obvious to nearly everyone (sic).”

Reality is polar opposite his Chinaphobic rubbish about a country at peace with the world community of nations, threatening none — in contrast to US war on humanity the Times and Stephens support.

According to Stephens, citing a new White House document, China is an “aggress(or), a domestic tyrant, international bully and economic bandit that systematically robs companies of their intellectual property, countries of their sovereign authorities, and its own people of their natural rights (sic).”

The above accusations aptly describe how the US operates worldwide, including domestically — not China.

Stephens’ anti-China rage barely stopped short of urging US war on the country — maybe in a follow-up commentary.

Right-wing Wall Street Journal editors called for “(p)unishing  China by offering (Hong Kong residents) a home in the UK and US,” adding:

Trump’s Chinaphobic Friday remarks were “welcome.”

Citing no evidence because none exists, Journal editors falsely claimed China’s national security law aims “to stifle speech and punish dissenters” — what’s increasingly the new normal in the US, efforts to suppress content conflicting with the official narrative, the hallmark of growing totalitarian rule in America.

If offered residency in the US or UK, most Hong Kongers accepting it would likely be US-enlisted hooligans involved in street violence and vandalism last year.

Beijing and Hong Kong authorities would welcome their departure, eliminating or at least reducing a 5th column threat to the city and nation.

Note: A Hong Kong signature campaign began on May 24 by the United Front Supporting National Security Legislation.

It got support from over 2.1 million city residents online and at booths on city streets through 6:00PM Friday.

If continued long enough, a significant majority of Hong Kongers may sign it.

Based on what’s known so far, the new national security law includes no changes to normal life in the city — just provisions to protect it and the nation from acts of treason, sedition, secession, subversion, and similar actions no nations tolerate.

Claims otherwise by Trump, Pompeo, other regime hardliners, and Chinaphobic media aren’t backed by evidence supporting them.

The problem with China for the US isn’t its new national security law.

Rage against the country by Republicans, Dems, and establishment media are all about its growing development and prominence on the world stage — effectively challenging US hegemonic aims.

The 20th century was America’s. The current one belongs to China — what drives US ruling class and supportive media rage against the country.

Hegemons can’t tolerate the notion of being supplanted by a greater power.

That’s the likely reality ahead. China is rising, the US declining.

Its imperial power is waning because of self-defeating policies.

Like all previous empires in world history, it’s heading eventually for the dustbin of history where it belongs.

The risk for humanity is that its rage to remain dominant may destroy planet earth and all its life forms with the power of its super-weapons.

Evolutionary biologist Ernst Mayr (1904- 2005) once noted that human intelligence doesn’t assure survival.

He warned of possible self-destruction by nuclear war or environmental disaster.

Noting that species on average survive about 100,000 years, he said humanity has been around about that long.

Given its current disturbing path, humans may the first species ever to self-destruct — and take all others with it at the same time.

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