Russian Foreign Ministry on US Hostility Toward Moscow, America in Decline, US Nuclear Tests, and Nord Stream 2

Russian Foreign Ministry on US Hostility Toward Moscow, America in Decline, US Nuclear Tests, Iran, and Nord Stream 2

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova (MZ below) explained that the Trump regime’s Pompeo-led State Department offered “$250,000 for the best report exposing Russian and Soviet health disinformation campaigns,” adding:

“I have the impression that the report has already been written. The materials have been paginated, and it only remains to find someone to throw it into the public space for a handsome sum.”

The scheme is part of US war on Russia by other means, part of its greater imperial project against all nations on its target list for regime change — how its diabolical bipartisan ruling class operates.

MZ: The US-led West aims “to discredit the governments of a number of states, and accuse them of disinformation on coronavirus issues.” 

“Those involved in this campaign are also engaged in double talk…publish(ing) inauthentic information about (Russia in the Western media” — its members operating as US press agents, serving its imperial interests by featuring state-approved propaganda.

Instead of pursuing world peace, stability, and cooperative relations with other countries, the US seeks to dominate them by brute for and other hostile tactics — what just societies abhor.  

Given his ties to the US-dominated West, MZ noted EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell’s remarkable statement, saying:

COVID-19 turned out to be “a great accelerator of history.” 

“Analysts have long talked about the end of the American-led system and the arrival of the Asian century.” 

“This is now happening in front of our eyes.” 

MZ quoted Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, making similar comments earlier, as follows:

January 15, 2015: “While the United States and the rest of the so-called historical West are losing the dominant positions they have held for at least five centuries…new centers of economic growth, financial power, and political influence are emerging in the course of objective historical development.”

“The United States has resorted, regrettably, to illegitimate methods in an attempt to stop the curtailment of its relative role in global politics.”

March 29, 2017: “(I)t would certainly be necessary to recognize that the world is different, compared to past centuries when the West was leading.”  

“It’s (now) a polycentric world. Call it multipolar, call it polycentric, call it more democratic—but it is happening.”   

August 24, 2015: “We see the end to a long period of historical, economic, financial and political domination by the West.” 

“It lasted hundreds of years. This period involves an intrinsic contradiction, considering the evolution of new centers of power, including in the Asia Pacific.”

“It is probably not easy to admit that one’s domination, which lasted many centuries and was nearly absolute, is coming to an end.”  

October 20, 2014: “We are dealing not just with the beginning of another historical phase, but, it would seem, with a change of eras.” 

“That’s a totally new picture of the world that does not fit into the centuries-old notion of Western dominance in the global economy, finance and politics.”

The demise of US-led Western dominance can’t come a moment too soon. It may be humanity’s only chance to survive.

MZ noted that the Trump regime “seems (hellbent on further) attacking and undermining international security” by resuming US nuclear tests at a time when their possible use by its criminal class is ominously real.

“(W)e are witnessing (an accelerated) US campaign against international law,” she stressed — instead of focusing like a laser on eliminating COVID-19 outbreaks, treating infected individuals, helping the unemployed by federal jobs creation programs, and restoring economic health.

The Trump regime’s reckless scheme to resume nuclear testing is based on its usual Big Lies.

They include “fictitious accusations against others that pave the way for very obvious steps by the US” criminal class, said MZ.

She believes resumption of nuclear testing by the Trump regime is prelude to its “withdraw(ing) from the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty (CTBT) – one of the most important nuclear nonproliferation  documents.”

Adopted by the General Assembly in September 1996, the US never ratified it. Nor did Israel.

The landmark treaty bans nuclear  detonations for any purposes.

MZ: The Trump regime “is set on destroying everything achieved in nonproliferation and arms control over the past half century.”

Its “actions are clearly disruptive” and hostile to peace.

The US “is targeting the entire international legal foundation on which international stability and security have been built.” 

“Washington’s actions are becoming increasingly dangerous and unpredictable.”

Russia and most other nations abide by their obligations under treaties, conventions, and deals agreed to.

The US is a serial violator, doing whatever it pleases extrajudicially.

Commenting on the Trump regime’s decision to end certain waivers from illegally imposed sanctions on Iran, MZ called its unacceptable action “another demonstration of the US policy of flagrantly violating” the Security Council adopted JCPOA,” adding:

“Russia condemns this move.” The Trump regime’s “maximum pressure (on) Iran shows that (it’s) incapable of finding any sustainable solutions to complex issues and the inefficiency of the means the US establishment has at its disposal.” 

‘By acting this way, the US is giving up on all of its claims to leadership and puts it into questions even within the Western community of like-minded countries.”

Under Republicans and Dems alike, the US is a rogue state exceeding the worst of others in world history because its high crimes of war and against humanity have been ongoing for centuries without letup.

When completed by yearend or early 2021, Russia’s Nord Stream 2 pipeline will deliver about 55 billion cubic meters of natural gas from beneath the Baltic Sea to Germany and other European countries.

The White House and Congress want the project undermined to favor much more expensive US LNG to the continent.

Trump regime threatened sanctions on companies involved in its construction slowed its completion.

Reportedly it threatened more sanctions on EU nations supporting the project.

How long will the world community put up with its lawlessness?

The US is an unprecedented enemy of humanity, its recklessness risking possible global war.

Russia is a champion of world peace and stability, automatically making it an enemy of imperial USA.

The same goes for other nations pursing peace, deploring wars, that include China, Iran, Venezuela, North Korea, Cuba, Nicaragua, Syria and others remaining free from Washington’s repressive boot.

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