Was the Latest Coup Plot Against Democratic Venezuela Made in the USA?

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May 9, 2020
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May 9, 2020

Was the Latest Coup Plot Against Democratic Venezuela Made in the USA?

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.orgHome – Stephen Lendman)

UN Charter Article 2(4) states the following: 

“All members shall refrain in their international relations from the threat or use of force against the territorial integrity or political independence of any state, or in any other manner inconsistent with the purposes of the United Nations.”

Since US grand theft of half of Mexican territory in the mid 19th century, long before the UN Charter’s existence, the US time and again waged wars by hot and other means against nations threatening no one, including countless coups — seeking to control them and their resources.

Since establishment of Bolivarian Venezuela’s model social democracy in 1999 under Hugo Chavez, US regimes from the Clintons to Trump unsuccessfully tried to return the country to client state status — notably to eliminate its democratic governance and gain control over its vast oil resources, the world’s largest.

Was the Trump regime behind the latest in a long line of failed diabolical US anti-Venezuela plots?

Pompeo claimed that Washington was not “directly involved (sic)” — admitting his knowledge of who bankrolled the failed coup plot, saying he’ll reveal more about it “at an appropriate time.”

Knowledge without involvement? Hardly likely.

On Friday, Pompeo claimed last weekend’s plot “was not an American effort…Maduro’s trying to spin it that way (sic),” adding:

“It won’t surprise me (to) learn that (he) knew about this for a significant amount of time and has used this opportunity to create disinformation and an opportunity (sic).”

Along with permanent preemptive wars against invented enemies, state terrorism, and other hostile actions, Coups “R” Us describes Washington’s geopolitical agenda worldwide.

Author, historian, US policy critic William Blum documented Washington’s imperial agenda since WW II.

He explained how the US toppled dozens of sovereign governments, assassinated legitimate leaders, removed others by coup d’etats, and reigned terror on every continent.

Its agenda today is more ruthless than ever, including virtually every conceivable form of lawlessness and abuse of power.

In response to last weekend’s keystone cops-like botched mini-Bay of Pigs Venezuela invasion attempt by a few dozen militants, 23 captured, eight others killed, President Nicolas Maduro said following: 

The Trump regime was “fully and completely involved in this defeated raid.” It was a “covert operation ordered by Donald Trump,” supported by Colombia’s fascist leader Ivan Duque.

It was financed by US puppet Guaido, using stolen Venezuelan revenues given him by the Trump regime for coup-plotting activities.

The mission was outsourced to US-based security firm Silvercorp USA, established by former green beret Jordan Goundreau.

Last October, he was paid millions of dollars by Guaido to train and direct about 300 Venezuelan army deserters in Colombia — their mission to, abduct or otherwise remove Maduro from power.

The notion of no US involvement in the plot is pure fantasy. Trump regime hardliners have been actively plotting regime change in Venezuela since early 2017. 

Convicted felon Elliott Abrams was named point man for anti-Venezuela operations — violence, chaos, and other horrific human rights abuses his specialties.

Two Americans were among captured mercenaries, Luke Denman and Airan Berry, both former green berets connected to Silvercorp.

Pompeo threatened Venezuela, saying the Trump regime will “use every tool” at its disposal to return Denman and Berry to the US.

According to the CIA-connected Washington Post, Guaido advisor JJ Rendon said he signed a Silvercorp services contract in October 2019 for $213 million — its mission to abduct and remove Maduro from power.

Interrogation of Denman and Berry revealed that the foiled plot aimed to take control of Caracas’ Miraflores Palace, Venezuelan intelligence headquarters, an airbase near the capital, and another airport.

The latest US coup plot was foiled like numerous earlier ones.

They included an aborted two-day April 2002 attempt to oust Hugo Chavez. Failure to get high-level Venezuelan military support and popular resistance foiled it.

The 2002 – 03 general strike and oil management lockout that caused severe economic disruption didn’t work.

Nor did an August 2004 national recall referendum, Chavez winning overwhelmingly with a 59% majority.

Years of US sanctions wars, asset freezes, and other financial terrorism by Bush/Cheney, Obama and Trump for regime change failed.

So did falsely accusing Venezuelan officials of drugs trafficking and offering a $15 million bounty for information leading to Maduro’s arrest by the US or its proxies.

Obama didn’t kill Osama but his regime managed to kill Chavez by poisoning or infecting him with deadly cancer-causing substances — a coup by other means that left Chavismo resilient.

Obama’s 2015 executive order that falsely declared Venezuela an “unusual and extraordinary threat to the national security and foreign policy of the United States” failed to achieve its objective.

Nor did intermittent street violence that was orchestrated and financed by US dark forces.

An August 2017 CIA-orchestrated terrorist attack on Fort Paramacay in Carabobo state was another foiled coup attempt.

So was the August 2018 attack on Maduro by drones armed with C-4 explosives, attempting to kill him.

In early 2019, large numbers of assault weapons flown into Venezuela were discovered and seized.

In February last year, a Trump regime false flag along the Venezuelan/Colombian border was foiled.

Guaido’s failed April 30, 2019 coup plot, orchestrated by his Trump regime handlers, was Washington’s last unsuccessful attempt to replace Bolivarian social democracy with US controlled fascist tyranny — until last weekend’s failed coup attempt.

Virtually everything US regimes threw at Venezuela to eliminate its model social democracy failed.

It surely won’t deter further attempts. The US is hellbent to transform all sovereign independent nations into client states.

It’s just a matter of time before the next US anti-Bolivarian regime change attempt occurs.

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