Systemic US War on Humanity, the Core Issue Gone Unaddressed

Systemic US War on Humanity, the Core Issue Gone Unaddressed

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Ongoing nationwide protests will be actions of futility like always before without longstanding inequity and injustice replaced by egalitarian governance of, by, and for everyone — not just for the privileged few like now in the US and throughout the West, fantasy democracies, not the real thing.

That’s the core issue gone unaddressed, establishment media complicit by not challenging the unacceptable system for constructive change — supporting privilege over the public welfare instead.

The most humanity crushing domestic symptoms of “the American way” include police brutality against the nation’s most disadvantaged, notably Black male youths; the world’s largest gulag prison system operating globally; along with mass unemployment, systemic underemployment, and poverty as the nation’s leading growth industry — while its privileged class never had things better, billionaires most of all.

Governance at the federal, state, and local levels serve special interests exclusively by exploiting most others, the nation’s most disadvantaged harmed most.

Living from poverty-level paycheck to paycheck, millions in the US are one or a few missed paydays away from hunger, homelessness, and greater misery than already endured in the United States of Rich and Powerful Interests Alone.

Republicans and undemocratic Dems support inequity and injustice, and why not. They’re two right wings of the one-party state — no different from each others on domestic and geopolitical issues mattering most.

Elections are farcical when held, always turning out the same way, the illusion of change alone occurring, dirty business as usual always prevailing.

There’s plenty about Trump to criticize, a figure indifferent toward public health and welfare in private and public life.

The problem goes way beyond  him and his regime. It’s the unacceptable “American way” — inhumane, belligerent, repressive, autocratic, plutocratic, exploitive, and destructive of what’s most important to most people.

Especially since the neoliberal 90s, things in the US got worse instead of improving under new Dem and Republican regimes.

Since the presidencies of Richard Nixon and Jimmy Carter, new generations in the US fared worse than earlier ones, the opposite true when I was an adolescent and youth.

America was a land of opportunity for ordinary kids like myself with nothing special going for me.

What was long ago no longer exists, replaced by endless war on humanity at home and abroad, along with crushing neoliberal harshness.

It’s the notion that Americans can have whatever they want — based on the ability to pay at a time when social justice is fast eroding, on the chopping block for elimination altogether with bipartisan support.

Yielding to public rage in Minneapolis and nationwide by indicting four cops involved in African American George Floyd’s death should have happened straightaway.

The third degree murder charge against officer Derek Chauvin was elevated to 2nd degree — non-premeditated causing death.

Three other cops involved in killing Floyd were charged with aiding and abetting murder.

Minnesota attorney general Keith Ellison said prosecution of the officers could take months — convictions of cops very much uncertain, more unlikely than justice served.

On rare occasions when US cops are charged with involvement in police brutality or deaths of individuals, notably Black American victims, exoneration happens more often than convictions.

When trial proceedings are delayed or drag on for weeks or months and public anger subsides, injustice is most likely to follow.

Ellison acknowledged reality, saying getting convictions for Floyd’s killing “will not be an easy thing. Winning a conviction will be hard. (The process) is going to take months,” adding:’’

“(I)t is better to make sure we have a solid case, fully investigated, researched, before we go to trial, than to rush it. It will take a while and I can’t set a deadline on that.”

Who is Keith Ellison? Minnesota attorney general since January 2019, he formerly represented the state’s 5th district in Congress from 2007 to 2019, serving as Dem National Committee chairman from Feb. 25, 2017 to Nov. 8, 2018.

The record of the first Muslim elected to Congress was more regressive than progressive, more neocon and neoliberal than a supporter of peace, equity and justice.

He supported endless Middle East wars against majority-Muslim nations — responsible for countless millions of deaths, vast destruction, and regional human misery.

He backs unlawful US interference is the affairs of other nations, a UN Charter and other international law breach.

As a House member, he once said “I don’t think the world’s greatest superpower, the United States, can stand by and do nothing” — expressing support for smashing nations to control them, their resources and populations, ignoring the human cost and breach of international and US constitutional law.

Can this man be trusted to bring cops responsible for George Floyd’s death to justice?

Throughout his public life, he’s served privileged interests at the expense of the general welfare, the rule of law, and other democratic values.

The same thing holds for the vast majority in government posts, past and present.

It’s why things in the country degraded to the current disturbing state — a coup d’etat against world peace, stability, mutual cooperation among nations, equity, and justice for all.

Along with pleading with cops assaulting him, saying “I can’t breathe” repeatedly, Floyd also reportedly said during the incident: “I’m about to die,” according to documents charging the officers involved.

As for enough credible evidence for justice to be served, there’s damning video and numerous eye witnesses to what happened.

There’s no ambiguity about his killing, what on average occurs about three times daily in the US.

About 1,100 times annually, cops in America kill targeted victims, most often over minor offenses at most, too often people of color, Black male youths a favorite target.

Attorney for Floyd’s family Ben Crump called charges against the four officers responsible for his death “a bittersweet moment.”

Floyd’s son Quincy said his dad “shouldn’t have been killed…We want justice.”

Floyd, age-46, will be buried in Houston next week. A Thursday memorial to honor him is scheduled in Minneapolis.

Results of a privately conducted autopsy for the family differed from the Hennepin County medical examiner’s cause of death.

Homicide was from asphyxiation caused by extreme pressure on his neck and back, according to pathologist Dr. Michael Baden, adding:

There were “no underlying medical problems that caused or contributed to his death.”

The county medical examiner claimed Floyd died from “cardiopulmonary arrest,” complicated by police actions against him.

Who do you trust — a state, county and city beholden to special interests or an independent assessment conducted for grieving family members?

The answer is self-evident.

On Wednesday, family attorney Crump said Floyd “cried out for anybody who would listen.”

“It seemed like the lay people on the street were listening. The people who refused to listen were the people who were supposed to listen” — the cops involved in his death.

Justice can only be served by transformational change, by swords beaten into plowshares,  by reversing growing tyranny to government serving everyone equitably — by an America world’s apart from how it’s always been from inception.

It’ll take much more than short or longer-term street protests.

It’ll take a national convulsion for nothing short of ruling class respect for the rights and welfare of everyone everywhere — not just for the privileged few like now.

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