Russia’s Nuclear Containment Policy

Russia’s Nuclear Containment Policy

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Since established almost 30 years ago, the Russian Federation never attacked or threatened another nation.

Over the same period, the US waged preemptive wars of aggression against Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Yemen, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, and beleaguered Palestinians by aiding the Israeli war machine.

It also staged or aided successful and unsuccessful coups against Ecuador, Venezuela, Haiti, Honduras, Bolivia, Paraguay, Brazil, and Ukraine, along with countless other hostile actions against nations it doesn’t control, notably Iran and North Korea, two nations waging peace, not war, threatening no one — except in self-defense if attacked, their UN Charter affirmed right.

US new millennium national security policy asserts the right to launch first-strike nuclear attacks on other nations, whether nuclear armed or not — whether they threaten the US or not left unstated.

Its endless war on humanity at home and abroad is the clearest example of what rogue state rule is all about, risking the destruction of planet earth to own it.

Russia operates by a higher standard. On Tuesday, Vladimir Putin approved the country’s updated nuclear containment policy — replacing an earlier version that expired in 2020.

The updated one states that nuclear weapons will only be used defensively in response to hostile attacks by a foreign power on strategically important sites in the country, the policy explaining:

“The Russian Federation views nuclear weapons solely as a means of deterrence whose employment is a last resort and forced measure, and (after) taking all necessary efforts for reducing the nuclear threat and preventing the escalation of inter-state relations that can provoke military, including nuclear, conflicts.”

Russia’s only threat is from US-dominated NATO, with emphasis on dark forces in charge of policymaking in Washington.

Moscow’s nuclear deterrence policy sends them a message. Harsh retaliation will follow on US territory if it dares attack Russia militarily.

Of great concern to its authorities is US “deployment of missile shield systems and capabilities, intermediate-and shorter-range cruise and ballistic missiles, precision non-nuclear and hypersonic weapons (when developed), strike drones and directed-energy weapons” that could be used to attack Russian territory preemptively. 

According to retired General Viktor Yesin, Russia’s former Strategic Missile Forces chief of staff, the updated nuclear containment policy supplements Moscow’s military doctrine.

Arsenal of the Fatherland journal editor-in-chief Viktor Murakhovsky explained that the updated nuclear weapons policy “describes in detail the conditions of using nuclear weapons,” adding:

“This is the example of transparency and a signal that if New START is not extended (a virtual certainty if Trump is reelected), we are going to pursue our own policy based on this document.”

Putin spokesman Dmitry Peskov stressed that deterrence is what Russia’s nuclear policy is all about, adding:

“(T)he entire document has been published, which stipulates (precisely under what circumstances) Russia (might) use nuclear weapons.” 

“At the same time, it stresses that Russia can never and will never initiate use of nuclear weapons” preemptively against any nations.

They’ll protect the nation from possible aggression by hostile nations like the US, the only real threat Moscow faces.

China expressed support for Russia’s policy, Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian, saying:

“We noted” the document’s signing. “China respects and supports efforts that Russia is making to ensure security.”

He added that Beijing will continue working cooperatively with Moscow to ensure global security — notably because of the ominous threat posed by the US to their sovereignty and territorial integrity.

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