Russian Foreign Ministry on Syria, US Hostility Libya, Venezuela, the CTBT, and Nationwide Protests in the US

Russian Foreign Ministry on Syria, US Hostility, Libya, Venezuela, the CTBT, and Nationwide Protests in the US

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

US aggression in Syria continues in its 9th year with no prospect for resolution because Republicans and Dems are committed to forever wars on humanity at home and abroad — what the scourge of imperialism and predatory capitalism are all about.

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Maria Zakharova’s (MZ below) claim about relative calm in the country failed to stress that endless war continues, including by the Netanyahu regime.

On Saturday, Southfront reported that Israeli warplanes terror-bombed “sensitive” sites in the country from Lebanese airspace — striking “a Syrian military facility near Masyaf.”

US-supported ISIS, al-Nusra, and other jihadists continue attacks on government forces and civilians, deaths and injuries happening daily.

AMN News reported that the Trump regime is preventing Lebanon from acquiring effective air defense capabilities to down hostile Israeli aircraft in its airspace?

Why hasn’t Russia supplied it anyway? Why aren’t Syrian forces using Russian S-300s as their main defensive weapons to down Israeli warplanes in the country’s airspace and cross-border in Lebanon’s?

MZ did acknowledge that terrorist attacks in Syria continue unabated, noting these elements still control most of Idlib province.

US supported jihadists under their respective names, at times changed to conceal their true identity, are cutthroat killer terrorists.

Trained by the Pentagon and CIA on illegal US bases in Syria and Iraq, they’re proxy forces used to to pursue Washington’s imperial project, humanity’s greatest threat.

MZ: (US supported ISIS) “intensified attacks on Kurdish units.”

“The situation is exacerbated by the deteriorating humanitarian situation in the (US controlled) camps for internally displaced persons (IDPs) in the absence of sustained access to them.”

EU vassal states “followed the US by “extend(ing) (illegal) sanctions on Syria,” aiming to continue force-fed misery on its long-suffering people.

EU nations partner witdh the US imperial project to their disgrace, supporting aggression instead of denouncing it.

MZ noted that Trump regime deputy secretary of state for European affairs Matthew Palmer slandered Russia by making unacceptable hostile remarks.

He lied, falsely claiming Moscow breached its commitments on international agreements— a consistent US speciality, not how Russia operates.

He recited a litany of bald-faced Big Lies about how the Kremlin operates, while ignoring endless US high crimes of war and against humanity worldwide.

MZ debunked fake news claims about Russia’s involvement in Libya, a nation ravaged by endless war and human misery because of Obama regime aggression and its aftermath.

MZ: US media falsely accused Russia of “print(ing) counterfeit Libyan currency.”

US supported ISIS and al-Nusra operate in the country, endless conflict continuing, Moscow trying to end it diplomatically.

Claims of Russian mercenaries and warplanes involved in fighting are US-led Western propaganda to divert attention from what’s going on.

On Venezuela, MZ expressed concern about US military forces in Colombia near the border between both countries on the phony pretext of combatting illicit drugs trafficking — what the CIA backs in the country and elsewhere worldwide.

Is their deployment near Venezuela’s border prelude to another US orchestrated hostile incursion into its territory?

MZ called what’s going “a concealed threat and provocation” against Venezuela’s sovereignty.

US war on the Bolivarian Republic by other means continues endlessly.

It’s just a matter of time before another coup attempt occurs.

The Trump regime also threatened secondary sanctions on nations, enterprises and individuals involved in legitimate trade with Venezuela, notably related to supplying gasoline to the country.

Iran defied the US and succeeded. Normalized relations between both countries won’t cease because of lawless US threats and actions.

If the world community followed their lead, refusing to observe US war by other means on all targeted countries, Washington would become a paper tiger — defanged by worldwide opposition to its unacceptable imperial project.

MZ noted opposition to possible resumption of nuclear tests by the Trump regime, saying:

“On May 29, the Group of Eminent Persons (GEM) to advance the CTBT’s ratification issued a statement (in support of the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty) in reaction to media reports that senior (Trump regime) officials…discussed the possibility of conducting a demonstration nuclear test explosion,” saying:

“(I)f carried out, (it would) break the global moratorium on nuclear weapon test explosions and severely undermine the” CTBT.

The best way to counter US dark forces is by “bring(ing) the treaty into force (as) states (would) have the option to demand intrusive, short-notice on-site inspections to investigate suspicious activities.”

Ratification by eight more nations are needed, including the US, the Trump regime going along highly unlikely, opposed to everything interfering with its rage to dominate other nations by brute force.

Dems are no better, operating the same way. Biden and Trump are replicas of each other.

On major domestic and geopolitical issues, they differ only in style and by party label, their hostile to humanity agenda the same.

Commenting on nationwide protests in the US, MZ noted policy brutality, what affected Americans have long known and endured when taking to the streets for redress of longstanding grievances.

“Russian journalists, were injured while covering rallies and protests,” along with peaceful protesters, MZ explained.

US officials “should abandon” demands on other nations and focus on cleaning up the dismal state of the nation they and their predecessors created.

Instead of “speaking to other countries, (they should) walk up to a mirror and then describe everything they see there in statements like those that they addressed to many countries.”

The US is a do what it demands, not what it does nation. The same goes for its NATO partners in high crimes and apartheid Israel — an unholy alliance of rogue states at war on humanity.

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