Russian Support for Venezuelan Sovereignty

Russian Support for Venezuelan Sovereignty

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Russia respects the sovereign rights and independence of all nations — polar opposite how the US operates.

Both right wings of its war party seek dominance over other nations worldwide, demanding their subservience to US interests even at the expense of their own.

On June 24, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov met with his Venezuelan counterpart Jorge Arreaza in Moscow.

Tass quoted Lavrov saying the following:

“Venezuela is a friend we can count on in Latin America and on the international stage.” 

“We value our strategic partnership developed based on the agreements between Russian and Venezuelan Presidents Vladimir Putin and Nicolas Maduro.” 

“Our bilateral relations are progressing in such spheres as energy, industry, agriculture, high technology, pharmaceutics and military-technical cooperation.”

“We support the position of President Maduro and his government aimed to develop national dialogue with the opposition.” 

“We welcome the agreements signed recently with members of the opposition on combating the coronavirus infection, agreements that were reached in cooperation with the Pan American Health Organization.”

The Bolivarian Republic is a “mainstay for countering the attempts to draw the region back into the 19th century and to impose the Monroe Doctrine.”

“We strongly support your commitment to combating foreign diktats and any attempts at blatant interference in the domestic affairs of a sovereign state, opposing any attempts at a forced regime change.”

Arreaza thanked Lavrov for Russia’s solidarity and support, including its efforts “to overcome (US) sanctions (and) when US ships…enter our territory” illegally.

Arreaza was a honored guest by Moscow for its delayed 75th anniversary commemoration of Nazi Germany’s defeat. 

Soviet Russia by far played the leading role in smashing its Wehrmacht — the US and Britain operating as junior partners in Europe.

Venezuela is North and South America’s leading democracy, why the US wants its government eliminated, tolerating the notion nowhere, especially not at home.

Its world’s largest oil reserves is another key reason why the US seeks control over the country, wanting them exploited by Big Oil, along with Washington deciding to what countries they’ll be sold.

US warships menacingly patrol Caribbean waters despite no threats in the region, or anywhere else, to its interests.

On Tuesday, the US navy Arleigh Burke-class USS Nitze guided-missile destroyer provocatively entered Venezuelan waters, falsely calling the intrusion a “freedom of navigation” operation against what the Trump regime considers “an excessive maritime claim” by Caracas over its own territory.

A hostile news release turned truth on its head, saying the Nitze “lawfully navigated an area the (the Boliviarian Republic) falsely claims to have control over, a claim that is inconsistent with international law (sic).”

Venezuela consistently respects international law and the sovereign rights of all nations — polar opposite how the US operates.

An unparalleled menace on the world stage, its ruling regimes are hostile to all nations they don’t control, wanting vassalage to US interests replacing their sovereign independence.

Nations not going along with the unacceptable arrangement are targeted for regime change by smashing or other means.

According to notoriously militant SOUTHCOM commander Admiral Craig Faller, the US “will continue to fly, sail, and” do whatever it pleases no matter how abusive to other nations or in breach of international law.

US naval operations in Caribbean waters have nothing to do with countering illicit drugs trafficking as the Pentagon falsely claims.

Longstanding US policy supports the illicit drugs trade, the CIA and major Wall Street banks profiting hugely from it.

US regional military operations have everything to do with menacing the sovereign rights of Venezuela, Cuba and Nicaragua, nations the US doesn’t control.

Separately, Pompeo announced illegal Trump regime sanctions on captains of “five Iranian ship captains, who delivered approximately 1.5 million barrels of Iranian gasoline and related components to Venezuela…”

He ignored the legal right of both countries to engage in international trade, what the US illegally wants to prevent.

On Thursday, Iran’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Abbas Mousavi responded to the hostile Trump regime action, tweeting:

“US desperate moves against Iranian individuals – like the one announced by @SecPompeo, aka the #SecretaryofHate – just signal the miserable failure of the so-called ‘max pressure.’ 

“Despite US pressure, #Iran & #Venezuela remain steadfast in countering unlawful American sanctions.”

Venezuelan Foreign Minister Arreaza called the new sanctions “an outburst of arrogance, more evidence of the Trump hawks’ hatred of all Venezuelans” — and everyone else wanting to live free from Washington’s hostile boot.

Ignoring Trump regime threats, Iranian President Rouhani intends regular sales of Iranian gasoline to Venezuela.

Bloomberg News reported that the Trump regime will wage escalated sanctions war on Iran — rather than confront its vessels militarily.

The Islamic Republic has withstood illegal US sanctions and other hostile actions for over 40 years, Bolivarian Venezuela for over 20 years.

The longer the US wages wars on sovereign states threatening no one by hot or other means, the further it hastens its own decline.

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