Russian Foreign Minstry on Dismal US Relations, Phony EU Support for Democratic Rule, and Ukraine

Russian Foreign Ministry on Dismal US Relations, Phony EU Support for Democratic Rule, and Ukraine

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Last week, Russian and US officials met in Vienna to discuss strategic issues.

What long ago occasionally produced positive results between both sides is off-the-table now for bipartisan US hardliners in dealings with Russia and virtually all other nations Washington doesn’t control.

It’s why diplomatic outreach to the US is a waste of time today — a nation wanting everything its own way in return for empty promises.

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova (MZ below) explained that Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov met with militantly hostile to Moscow/geopolitical know-nothing Trump regime arms control envoy Marshall Bellinigslea.

His incompetence and arrogance showed. Talks achieved nothing, MZ saying the US side he led continued to be hostile toward renewing New START that expires in February.

“(T)he US delegation told us nothing new on this matter,” she explained, adding:

The US continues to deploy “systems that were previously banned under the INF Treaty in different regions of the world.” 

“We once again warned (the) US that this policy was destabilizing and fraught with an additional escalation of tensions and high arms race risks.”

The same goes for hostile US-led NATO military exercises near Russia’s borders.

Instead of steps to resolve bilateral differences and deescalate tensions, the US consistently makes an uneasy relationship worse.

In response to Russia’s call for “withdrawing US nuclear weapons from the territory of European countries to its national territory, and eliminating the infrastructure for their deployment in Europe,” the Trump regime rejected the notion of stepping back from the brink.

Russia is open to bilateral or multilateral talks on all issues of geopolitical importance, MZ explaining:

They “should be based on consensus and take into account the legitimate interests and approaches of all countries” — not just what the US demands.

Russia is open to further discussions with the US on major issues — even knowing time and again they prove fruitless because Washington wants things its way and most often says one thing, then goes another way.

MZ acknowledged that talks with the US are never easy. Views of both countries on major issues “diverge widely.”

Russia intends to continue dialogue with the US “on the basis of strict parity with reliance on the principle of mutual regard for each other’s interests and concerns.”

It won’t work because the US pursues its own interest at the expense of other nations it seeks to control.

Separately, MZ slammed a hostile to Russia State Department document on bilateral arms control treaties and agreements since 1984.

MZ: “Washington has made yet another attempt to act as a ‘mentor” (that) thinks that (it) has the right to judge the ‘academic record’ of other states in various areas,” adding:

“(O)ne can hardly call it a serious analytical document reflecting the real situation in the field of arms control.”

The US “cite(s) no evidence and confine(s) (itself) to groundless accusations with regard to Russia and the Soviet Union.” 

“This is (unacceptable) business as usual, and this has become their good tradition and their…biased and tendentious…visiting card.”

“Their goal is obvious. They want to forge a negative image of Russia as a country that flagrantly violates international arms control obligations and, maybe, to divert the attention of the international community and the global public at large from real US efforts to dismantle the system of arms control treaties and agreements that has evolved over the decades.”

US relations with allies and adversaries alike follow a disturbing pattern. Bend to its will or face its wrath.

The US, not Russia, destroyed or greatly weakened the ABM Treaty, the INF Treaty, the JCPOA, the Open Skies Treaty, conventions against developing, producing and stockpiling chemical and biological weapons, the Nuclear Test Ban Treaty, and many more positive steps taken to make the world safer at peace.

MZ: The US “has no legal, political or moral right to assess compliance with arms control agreements by other states.”

It needs to clean up its own house and stop manufacturing phony reasons to point fingers at others without justification.

Urging the US to pursue positive policies in lieu of its usual way of operating is an exercise in futility, failing every time tried — especially since the Soviet Union dissolved almost 30 years ago.

MZ coined an on-the-mark phrase, calling unjustified US accusations against Russia and other nations “information aggression.”

Discussing the latest EU report on democracy and human rights worldwide, MZ accused Brussels of politicizing the issue, especially the chapter on Russia filled with “arbitrary…far-fetched insinuations,” adding:

“At the same time, the (EU) pose(s) as the main defender of democratic values around the world” along with the US — what they consistently breach and tolerate nowhere, especially not in their own countries. 

The US dominated West “show(s)  (virtually no) respect for the rights of national and linguistic minorities, and increasingly impose censorship under the pretext of fighting disinformation” while proliferating it on their own.

MZ slammed new deliveries of US arms, munitions, and military equipment to Ukraine, saying:

Pouring them into the country is all about maintaining a permanent state of war on Donbass, along with “fuel(ing) the revanchist ambitions of Kiev’s ‘war party.’ ”

Joint US/Ukraine military exercises and the presence of around 1,500 Pentagon personnel in the country involved in training and developing its war machine is “a grave” Minsk agreement breach.

“Clause 10 (mandates) withdraw(al) of all foreign troops, military equipment, and contractors from the territory of Ukraine,” MZ explained, adding:

Kiev never “tire(s) of inventing new theories and multiplying statements generated by its distorted perception of reality.”

Last week, its Foreign Ministry unjustifiably protested against “the parade in Crimea (sovereign Russian territory), marking the 75th anniversary of Victory over Nazism” on the grounds that it wasn’t “agreed upon” with Kiev.

Its ruling regime also protested against similar commemorations in Donetsk and Lugansk, MZ calling the action unjustified.

They’re independent from Kiev, free to operate as they wish as long as in accordance with international law.

As for officially delivering a protest to Moscow for its Victory in Europe commemoration, MZ said:

“(I)t will be returned to Ukraine immediately upon receipt. I would like to suggest once again that Kiev save paper.”

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