Trump Overture to Venezuela’s Maduro?

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June 22, 2020
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June 23, 2020

Trump Overture to Venezuela’s Maduro?

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.orgHome – Stephen Lendman)

There’s been no ambiguity about US geopolitical policy at least since James Monroe warned European nations to stay out of the Americas in 1823.

Years later called the Monroe Doctrine, it’s all about not wanting foreign powers treading on territory the US wants exclusive rights over to colonize and exploit.

Most always throughout US history with rare exceptions proving the longstanding rule, negotiating with its officials proved a waste of time.

For hundreds of years from colonial America to the present, the nation’s history reflects broken promises, broken laws, broken treaties, and broken hope for its native people.

Denigrating their culture, their legacy reflects mass slaughter, dispossession, and denial of their fundamental rights and dignity.

Native Americans continue to be repressed, impoverished, mocked and demonized in films and society as drunks, beasts, primitives, savages, and people to be Americanized or warehoused on reservations and forgotten.

Every treaty agreed to by US authorities was systematically breached, no exceptions.

Statements like “(t)he  government of the United States desires peace, and its honor is hereby pledged to keep” its treaty obligations proved hollow every time.

So was and remains the Constitution’s Article VI that states:

“This Constitution, and the Laws of the United States which shall be made in Pursuance thereof; and all Treaties made, or which shall be made, under the Authority of the United States, shall be the supreme Law of the Land.”

Good faith negotiations by Native Americans with US authorities proved futile and disastrous.

An endless state of war annihilated an estimated 100 million of their numbers, a genocide greater than any other in human history.

The deplorable state of the nation today operates by the same lawless standard, backed by the power of super-weapons and the threat to use them.

Last week, Trump reportedly said he’s had second thoughts about sticking with designated US puppet/usurper-in-waiting Guaido as his regime’s choice as Venezuela’s leader, adding:

He’s open to meeting with democratically elected and reelected President Nicolas Maduro, saying:

“I would maybe think about that (if) Maduro would like to meet…I’m never opposed to meetings.”

“I always say, you lose very little with meetings. But at this moment, I’ve turned them down.”

Earlier it was hinted that he lost faith in Guaido for failing to serve US interests in the country.

Does it make sense for Maduro to follow up on Trump’s tepid overture by indicating a willingness to meet?

Washington’s disturbing history of its dealings with sovereign nations and leaders it doesn’t control offers no encouragement.

Since its 1917 revolution, the US has been hostile toward Russia, except for an uneasy alliance to defeat Nazi Germany and during the 1990s when puppet president Boris Yeltsin abandoned his people in deference to Western and his own interests.

The US has been hostile toward sovereign independent Cuba for over 60 years, the Islamic Republic of Iran for over 40 years, and Bolivarian Venezuela since Hugo Chavez’s December 1998 election — transforming the nation from a virtual fascist dictatorship to a model social democracy.

Since at least the mid-19th century theft of half of Mexico and throughout the post-WW II period, the US tolerated no nations unwilling to sacrifice their sovereign rights to its interests.

Trump was the first US sitting president to meet with North Korea’s leader.

Two summits ended as expected with betrayal, achieving nothing because Trump’s team made unacceptable demands in return for empty promises.

Instead of upholding landmark international agreements, he abandoned them.

If Trump extends an overture to meet with Maduro, chances for anything positive are virtually nil.

US hostility toward Venezuela’s model democracy is unbending.

The Trump regime put a $15 million bounty on the capture and extradition of Maduro to the US for the high crime of serving all Venezuelans equitably, not just the privileged few like the US is run, as well as his unwillingness to sacrifice Bolivarian rights to Washington’s interests.

Maduro’s only sensible option to a US invitation to meet, if offered, would be to tell Trump or his messenger to go to hell — in diplomatic language, of course.

A Final Comment

Unsurprisingly, presumptive Dem nominee Joe Biden slammed the notion of engaging with Maduro.

“As president,” he’ll continue waging war on Bolivarian Venezuela by other means — pretending it’s in pursuit of “democracy.”

Both right wings of the US one-party state deplore the notion, tolerating it nowhere, especially not at home.

On Monday, the White House said US policy on Venezuela remains unchanged.

Press secretary Kayleigh McEnany stopped short of explaining that longstanding US policy calls for replacing sovereign independent governments not bending to its interests with subservient ones — what the scourge of imperialism is all about.

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Stephen Lendman
Stephen Lendman
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