Trump’s Sinking Approval

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June 9, 2020
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June 9, 2020

Trump’s Sinking Approval

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.orgHome – Stephen Lendman)

It’s a political lifetime from now to November 3 presidential, congressional, and local elections.

Things can swing back and forth numerous times between now and then.

Most often, Americans vote with their pocketbook. 

If unprecedented main street Depression and unemployment continue into November, chances are great that Trump will be a one-term president, along with Dems able to keep House control and perhaps gain it from Republicans in the Senate.

According to an average of early June polls, Trump’s disapproval is 54.4% v. 41.2% approving of his job performance.

A new Morning Consult poll shows a negative 59 – 36% divergence against him.

A CNN/SSRS polls 38% approval v. 57% disapproving.

An Ipsos poll shows a negative 39 – 56% divergence against him.

An Optimus poll showed the largest negative divergence of 37 – 63%.

It gets worse. An ABC/Ipsos poll shows only 32% of respondents approving of how he’s handled days of nationwide protests following the killing of African American George Floyd by 4 Minneapolis cops.

Nearly three-fourths of respondents agree that his death is a “sign of broader problems in the treatment of African Americans by police.”

A new CBS poll found that 57% of respondents say police are more likely to use force against Black Americans than others.

Numerous polls conducted in recent days found that most Americans believe that ongoing nationwide protests are based on legitimate grievances.

Trump’s call for “toughness” and threat to deploy combat troops to US streets was a strategic error, what most Americans oppose.

So do many governors, mayors, and other local officials.

Polls published in the last five days show Biden defeating Trump in November by a margin of from 7 to 14 points.

On June 8, published results of two polls showing Biden a heavy favorite to defeat Trump in November by margins of 10 – 14 points.

According to Real Clear Politics, Biden is favored over Trump in key battleground state Florida by an average of 3.4 points, in Ohio by one point, in Pennsylvania by 3.3 points, in Michigan by 7.3 points, in Wisconsin by 3.3 points, in New York by 24 points, and in California by 27 points.

Translating sentiment into turnout is key. Candidates work hard to energize their base to vote on election day.

Based on current polls, Biden has a significant edge over Trump.

If the economy stays weak into the fall, the human misery level in the country staying high, a new White House incumbent in January is likely.

Does it matter in the greater scheme of things? 

Presidents and congressional leaders front for wealth and power interests at the expense of public health and welfare they’re indifferent toward.

They’re also liars. Nothing they say can be believed. Trump’s inaugural sounded like a political sermon on the mount.

He followed through by escalating inherited wars by hot and other means.

His regime indicted Julian Assange for the “crime” of truth-telling journalism.

He considers vital information for everyone to know a threat to national security.

He’s at war with immigrants of the wrong color, faith, and countries.

He’s no friend of the earth. His ecocide agenda supports corporate polluters over ecosanity, public health and the general welfare.

Throughout his tenure, he oversaw the greatest ever wealth transfer heist from ordinary Americans to privileged ones and corporate America. 

He wants healthcare, a fundamental human right, based on the ability to pay.

He supports mass-vaxxing everyone with hazard to human health/rushed developed and tested COVID-19 vaccines by yearend or early 2021.

His inaugural address promise about “transferring power from Washington, DC and giving it back to you, the American people” was and remains a bald-faced Big Lie.

So was saying policies favoring privileged interests over the public wealth “changes starting right here and right now.”

The vast majority of ordinary Americans are still waiting for fulfillment of his pledge not forthcoming so far nor is it likely ahead.

He proved time and again by his pro-war, pro-corporate welfare, anti-populist agenda.

Is change for the better likely under Biden if elected president in November?

His near-half century record as US senator and vice president shows one-sided support for the nation’s privileged class.

He’s a Trump clone with a style and party label difference, a neoliberal/war on humanity Obama clone with a racial difference, a Hillary clone with a gender difference.

Republicans and Dems are two sides of the same coin, not a dime’s worth of difference between them on issues mattering most.

Whenever US elections are held, names and faces alone change. Dirty business as usual remains the same.

Unless or until independent challengers to unacceptable continuity compete for president, congressional positions, along with key state and local ones, democracy in America will remain pure illusion like it’s always been from inception.

America the beautiful will be no more than unfulfilled 19th lyrics by Katherine Lee Bates and music by Samuel Ward.

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Stephen Lendman
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