US v. China: A Clash of Civilizations Escalates

US v. China: A Clash of Civilizations Escalates

by Stephen Lendman 

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Made-in-the USA irreconcilable differences define bilateral relations, things worsening, not improving.

Bipartisan US hardliners are waging war on China by other means — a futile attempt to undermine its growing prominence on the world stage that could escalate to direct conflict if things are pushed too far.

What’s going on is the stuff that wars are made of. US hegemonic aims are all about seeking unchallenged dominance over other nations by whatever it takes to achieve its aims.

Wars by hot and/or other means that include color revolutions, coups, assassinations, blockades, and other hostile actions are its favored strategies against nations it doesn’t control — when pressure, bullying and bribes don’t work.

International, constitutional, and US statute laws never stand in the way of how it choose to advance its imperium.

The Trump regime reportedly may revoke visas for all Chinese Communist Party members and their families — the action if taken to affect over 90 million individuals.

Trump and China’s Xi Jinping haven’t communicated directly in months.

China’s Foreign Ministry slammed the US threat to ban millions of CCP members, equating it to targeting “the entire population of” the country if imposed — what Pompeo neither confirmed or denied when asked about it.

US-based China expert Scott Kennedy called the possibility “self-defeating” and “blindly dumb.”

An attempt to separate CCP members from the general population will likely bring them closer together.

US wars by hot and other means that attempt to turn populations against governments Washington wants replaced by puppet regimes it control most often are counterproductive.

During Obama regime-led aggression to topple Libya’s Muammar Gaddafi in 2011, I recall citing poll numbers showing his overwhelming popularity.

When the security of people are threatened by war and/or other external hostile actions, ordinary people most often turn to their only source of help, their own governments.

According to Australian political analyst Richard McGregory, banning CCP members if ordered by the US would “end” bilateral relations, adding:

“There would be no Chinese visiting the US for any kind of substantial talks, say for trade negotiations or financial consultations, because any official of any seniority is by definition a member of the party.”

“It is a blunderbuss which would not serve US interests, let alone get Washington anywhere it wants to go in the China relationship.”

London-based Professor of Chinese Studies Kerry Brown believes numbers affected by such a ban if implemented could be “three or four times” higher than 90 million.

The total could be “a quarter of the Chinese population,” he said.

Banning CCP members from entering US territory and expelling members already here would amount to designating the party “a terrorist organization” — pushing the envelope closer to direct confrontation.

The South China Sea already is the world’s most dangerous hot spot, along with the Middle East.

US rage for controlling other nations could push things over the edge to unthinkable confrontation between two thermonuclear powers.

In testimony to Congress in the early 1980s, father of the Pentagon’s nuclear navy Admiral Hyman Rickover warned that when nations go to war, they’ll use whatever weapons in their arsenals believed necessary to win.

It’s a frightening possibility given what’s going on and steadily escalating between the US and China.

Separately, the State Department released an internal 2018 cable.

It alleges that the SARS-Cov-2 virus that causes COVID-19 disease escaped or was deliberately released from a Wuhan virology lab.

No evidence was cited because none exists.

The dubious claim is raised time and again by Trump, Pompeo, other regime officials, and Chinaphobic establishment media — part of made in the USA war on China by other means.

China’s White Paper on COVID-19 released weeks earlier refuted US Big Lies about the virus.

Beijing leads the world in containing its spread in contrast to Trump regime indifference toward public health and welfare in the US.

Given Washington’s longstanding history of biowarfare, it’s highly likely that COVID-19 came from a US biolab, spread worldwide from there, including to China.

In all its preemptive wars on nations threatening no one, the US uses chemical, biological, radiological, and other banned weapons.

In 1975, the Senate Church Committee confirmed from a CIA memorandum that US bioweapons were stockpiled at Fort Detrick, MD – including anthrax, encephalitis, tuberculosis, shellfish toxin, and food poisons.

International law bans use of biological, chemical, and radioactive weapons.

The rule of law never interferes with the US pursuit of its imperial aims.

Evidence suggests that the misnamed “Wuhan virus” was made in the USA.

Spreading it nationwide and worldwide was and remains all about engineering the largest ever wealth transfer from ordinary people to privileged ones.

It’s also about letting US corporate favorites consolidate to greater size and gain greater market share by eliminating tens of thousands of small, medium-sized and some larger firms.

What’s been going on throughout most of 2020 is a likely diabolical made in the USA mother of all false flags — surpassing 9/11 by causing unprecedented harm to countless numbers people, entities, and economies of nations worldwide.

The fallout of what’s going on is likely to continue its global ravaging longterm.

What was unleashed caused US economic collapse.

It risks the mother of all Great Depressions that may haunt ordinary Americans for years to come with no New Deal policies to the rescue in prospect to mitigate things. 

It’s the wrong time to be young in pursuit of career development and advancement in America.

Abounding opportunities I had as a long ago freshly minted MBA graduate only exist today for the privileged few.

Since the neoliberal 90s, notably since the engineered 2008-09 financial crisis, especially since made in the USA economic collapse, the vast majority of Americans entering the work force likely face harder than ever hard times longterm.

The nation’s ruling class thirdworldized the country, a diabolical plot to transform America into a ruler-serf society — militarized to maintain control.

The nation I grew up in no longer exists, replaced by a society unsafe and unfit to live in, along with endless war on humanity at home and abroad that threatens everyone everywhere.

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