Anti-Netanyahu Rage in Israel

Anti-Netanyahu Rage in Israel

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Netanyahu is a right-wing extremist, an apartheid enforcer, an unindicted war criminal multiple times over, and an anti-Palestinian hate-monger.

Charged with none of the above high crimes, he’s going through slow-motion trial for fraud, bribery, and breach of trust.

Proceedings are likely to drag on well into next year, his effort to run out the clock and stay out of prison by succeeding president Rivlin when he steps down and his own term as PM ends.

He should have been prosecuted, convicted, sentenced and imprisoned longterm years ago, the same for his partner-in-crime wife, convicted last year of misusing (embezzling) state funds, receiving slap-on-the-wrist punishment alone, a gross perversion of justice.

Israeli-style justice is like America’s and elsewhere in the West. 

Privileged interests at most face minor punishments, if any, for major offenses sans imprisonment, never for crimes of war, against humanity, torture, and other international and constitutional law breaches.

Ordinary people in both countries, notably people of color in the US, as well as Israeli Arab citizens and Occupied Palestinians, most often are declared guilty by accusation, innocence not considered a legitimate defense.

For weeks, thousands of Israelis have staged nightly anti-Netanyahu protests in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and elsewhere in the country.

Calling for his resignation, they’re furious over his bungled COVID-19 response, causing dire economic conditions for millions, as well as failure so far to be held accountable for major offenses he’s charged with.

Like cops in US towns and cities, Israeli police use excessive force against anti-government protests.

When involving Palestinians, it’s often lethal force, a shoot first/ask no questions policy, especially against besieged Gazans.

Scores of Israeli protesters have been assaulted, tear-gassed, arrested and otherwise abused — for exercising their legitimate free expression/public assembly rights.

Many in the streets are young, unemployed Israelis, victims of Netanyahu’s mismanagement and indifference toward ordinary people.

Overnight Saturday, thousands filled Jerusalem and Tel Aviv streets, as well as elsewhere in the country — again demanding Netanyahu step down.

In Jerusalem, they massed outside one of his luxury homes, signs and chants expressing outrage over his criminality and harm inflicted on most Israelis — with no relief in prospect.

Hundreds have been arrested since protests began, charged with public disorder and other invented offenses.

The Times of Israel (TOI) reported that turnout on Saturday night “appeared to be the largest yet demonstration of a growing protest movement seeking Netanyahu’s ouster and redress of a laundry list of other ills wracking the country,” adding:

Police attacked largely nonviolent demonstrators with water cannons, tear gas, and pepper spray, a statement saying 12 arrests were made for “offenses included disturbing public order or attacking other protesters (sic).”

The TOI said police have been criticized for “heavy-handed tactics.”

Protesters outside Netanyahu’s Jerusalem area residence chanted: “They stole from the poor to give to the rich, what a corrupt government!” 

One activist told TOI: “The people at the top are dealing with crazy things instead of the economy and with people’s health, like tax breaks for Netanyahu. It’s time for him to resign.”

Another said: “We have a prime minister who’s interested in advancing his personal affairs and can’t lead the country” — demanding he resign.

Many Israelis call Netanyahu “crime minister.”

Israel’s Channel 12 reported that many Israelis injured by abusive use of force by police intend filing civil suits for damages.

In typical Netanyahu fashion, he demonized protesters as “anarchists,” vowing to remain in office like many times before.

He slammed Channel 12 for airing protests and legitimate grievances of individuals involved, calling its reports “Bolshevik propaganda.”

Netanyahu abuses of power exceed the worst high crimes of his predecessors. 

As long as he remains in office in any capacity instead of behind bars where he belongs, they’ll be no justice for countless thousands of aggrieved Israeli Jews and millions of Palestinians — victims of his viciousness.

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