Trump Regime Commission for Unalienable Rights?

Trump Regime Commission for Unalienable Rights?

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

In early July, notoriously hostile to fundamental human rights Pompeo announced the formation of what he called a Trump regime “Commission on Unalienable Rights.”

Claiming he wants it modeled after the “nation’s founding principles (sic) and Universal Declaration of Human Rights” was subterfuge and sinister at the same time.

On the one hand, he aims to deflect attention from US high crimes of war, against humanity, and grievous abuses against ordinary Americans — exploiting them to serve privileged ones exclusively at their expense.

Trump, Pompeo, and other regime officials are unindicted war criminals.

Their agenda is all about waging war by hot and other means against nations the US doesn’t control.

It’s treading dangerously toward possible military confrontation with China, Iran, Venezuela, even Russia, North Korea, and Cuba.

No nation in world history caused more grievous harm to more people from inception than the US — its war on humanity responsible for countless tens of millions of deaths, vast destruction, and human misery worldwide.

The US is to unalienable rights as a crime boss is to changing his ways by going straight.

According to Center for American Progress officials Elisa Massimino and Alexandra Schmitt, the group linked to undemocratic Dems, the Trump regime’s concern for human rights is that “too many people (at home and abroad are) claiming too many rights.”

Massimino and Schmitt failed to explain that Dems are as hostile to fundamental human rights and the rule of law as are Republicans, including Trump regime hardliners.

Whenever activism over denied rights surfaces in the US, its ruling class goes all out to quash it.

In a weeks earlier WSJ op-ed, Pompeo pretended otherwise, saying the US stands for “moral” foreign and domestic policies, adding:

“Loose talk of ‘rights’ unmoors us from the principles of liberal democracy” — clearly absent in the US and West, he left unexplained.

The commission he’s forming is advisory, unrelated to policymaking or a concern for responsible change both wings of the US one-party state oppose.

An initial draft of where the commission is heading ignores international humanitarian law.

Duke Law School International Human Rights Clinic director Jayne Huckerby said the draft “elevates religious freedom as an unalienable right, while dismissing abortion and same-sex marriages as not rights but instead ‘divisive social and political controversies,’ ” adding:

It calls for “US foreign policy to de-emphasize economic and social rights compared with civil and political ones.”

Religious freedom it calls for supports evangelical Christian fascism that claims imperial wars are liberating ones.

Sara Diamond wrote extensively on right-wing extremist groups in America, including the anti-communist movement, hard-right segregationists, bipartisan neocons in Washington, and evangelical Christian fascists, Pompeo, Bolton, and Pence card-carrying members.

Their ideological extremism features support for militarism, warmaking, predatory capitalism, apartheid Israel, racial hatred, male gender dominance, and white Christian supremacy.

They oppose social justice, free and independent expression, non-heterosexuals, world peace and stability.

The power of their message manipulates gullible, narrow-minded adherents to submissiveness.

Pompeo’s notion of unalienable rights is to afford them only to the nation’s privileged few at the expense of most others he and other Trump regime hardliners are dismissive toward.

He and likeminded US extremists him from both right wings of the one-party state fool many people some of the time, some people all of the time, lots of people never.

They pose the greatest danger to world peace and rights of ordinary people everywhere.

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