Trump Regime Frantic Over Growing Sino/Iranian Ties

Trump Regime Frantic Over Growing Sino/Iranian Ties

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

China is politically, economically, militarily, and savvy enough to hold its own against whatever hostile acts are taken against its sovereignty by either wing of the US war party.

For over 40 years, Iran withstood endless US war on the country by other means, remaining resolute and strong, overcoming everything Washington tried to transform the Islamic Republic into a vassal state that’s all about aiming to steal its hydrocarbon resources and eliminate Israel’s main regional rival.

A previous article discussed Sino/Iranian plans for a 25-year strategic partnership to greatly expand bilateral relations economically.

What they reportedly call the Sino-Iranian Comprehensive Strategic Partnership is expected to involve around $400 billion of Chinese investments in Iranian oil, gas, petrochemicals, and other joint projects as part of its One Belt, One Road initiative.

China will benefit by having access to Iranian hydrocarbon resources at below market prices longterm.

Last week, Iranian Foreign Minister Zarif said Tehran and Moscow agreed on establishing a longterm strategic partnership after meeting with his counterpart Sergey Lavrov in Moscow and discussing the initiative with Vladimir Putin.

A long-ago bilateral 10-year agreement was extended twice for five years.

Ahead of its early 2021 expiration, both countries aim to finalize what Zarif called an updated “longterm comprehensive strategic treaty” to be voted on by Iranian parliamentarians.

Hostile US imperial strategy aims to create divisions within and between other nations — part of its war on humanity.

Its strategy failed dismally against China, Russia, Iran, and other nations. 

The harder the US pushes extrajudicially, notably by waging wars by hot and/or other means, the further it hastens its own decline, what’s been going on for decades.

If its unacceptable demands on key allies lose one or more like Germany, Japan, Turkey, or other NATO countries, its imperial grip on much of the world will be greatly weakened.

Things appear headed in this direction. What can’t go on forever won’t, notably an unacceptable agenda that pressures, bullies, bribes, and/or bludgeons other nations to bend to its will.

Brian Hook is Trump’s envoy for regime change in Iran. Keith Krach is a State Department undersecretary.

Both hardliners are militantly hostile toward China, Iran, and people everywhere wanting to live free from Washington’s repressive boot.

Last week in a WSJ op-ed, they expressed frustration over the large-scale, longterm Sino/Iranian strategic partnership that when finalized will be another nail in the coffin of US imperial failure.

Both countries foster world peace and stability. They seek mutually beneficial cooperative relations with other countries.

Their agenda is world’s apart from US war on humanity, seeking dominance over other nations — peace, stability, and cooperative relations considered abhorrent.

China and Iran are reliable political and economic partners with other nations. 

The US can never be trusted. Its hostile imperial record is self-explanatory.

Its false accusations against countries targeted for regime change conceal its own high crimes.

Hook, Krach, and other US hardliners are flustered about a major Sino/Iranian partnership that will counter US war on both countries by other means.

They falsely claimed Iranians oppose their strategic partnership, no evidence cited because none exist.

Calling what the leadership of both countries are working on finalizing a “predatory, neo-imperial (Chinese) deal” conceals Trump regime angst over increasing Sino/Iranian ties that make it all the harder for the US to advance its hostile agenda against them.

Claiming the partnership is unlikely to be formed because of threatened US sanctions on Beijing if it “enter(s) the Iranian market” is belied by current bilateral political, economic and trade relations.

The longterm strategic partnership in the making aims to advance it to a much higher level so both nations can more greatly help each other.

A further litany of Hook/Krach bald faced Big Lies followed, saying:

“(T)he deal is overblown (sic).”

“(T)his partnership is born of desperation (sic).”

China is “a predatory power (sic)” — clearly how Washington operates worldwide, not Beijing.

Iran is “romanc(ing) (China) while it imprisons Uyghur Muslims (sic).”

The Islamic Republic is “the world’s leading state sponsor of terrorism (sic)” — a description of longstanding US war on humanity at home and abroad, polar opposite how Iran operates.

Tehran is “anti-Semitic (sic).” Its ruling authorities oppose apartheid Israeli high crimes against Palestinians and cross-border aggression against neighboring countries.

Iran’s minority Jewish population faces no persecution, this segment of its society treated as fairly as majority Iranian Muslims — polar opposite how apartheid Israel operates against non-Jews.

“Beijing is an irresponsible actor (sic)” — a designation applying to the US, waging endless war on humanity, including state terror at home and abroad.

China and Iran are “known for lawless behavior, duplicity, bullying, domestic oppression and thought control, coercive economic practices and grave human-rights abuses (sic).”

Once again, Hook and Krach explained how hegemon USA operates worldwide, including against its own people — exploited, not served.

The US poses an unparalleled threat to the world community of nations and people everywhere — a fascist police state waging forever war on humanity by hot and other means.

That what the scourge of its imperial predation is all about — a monster causing more harm to more people than any other rogue state in world history.

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