Transatlantic China Bashing

Transatlantic China Bashing

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Once when asked what he thought of Western civilization, Gandhi said “I think it would be a good idea.”

Gandhi died over 72 years ago. What he called a “good idea” didn’t exist as he envisioned a just society and clearly doesn’t now in the US or elsewhere in the West.

Its current state reflects master control over subservient colonies.

The US calls the shots. Other Western states and many others salute and obey them — even when harming their own interests, including the rights of their people.

China grows increasingly prominent politically, economically, industrially, technologically and, militarily on the world stage.

Unlike endless US preemptive wars on invented enemies threatening no one, China seeks cooperative relations with other nations, dominance over none.

It fosters world peace and stability, deploring imperial wars, a nation others should ally with for their own political and economic self-interest.

Longstanding US rage for dominance over other countries reflects what its hostile to peace imperial agenda is all about.

Nations that work together cooperatively prosper from multi-lateral relations.

Ones subordinating their sovereign rights to a higher power lose more than they gain longterm, notably their sovereign independence.

Trump regime hardliners transformed cooperative relations with China into an adversarial relationship.

Establishment media march in lockstep, proliferating managed news misinformation and disinformation at the expense of what journalism is supposed to be.

Relying on unnamed sources of dubious or no credibility in lieu of named reliable ones is one of many propaganda tricks, notably when bashing enemies and adversaries.

It’s a longstanding NYT specialty, including in one of its latest China bashing articles, saying the following:

Unnamed “(r)ights activists say the coronavirus has given the Chinese authorities a new pretext for detaining dissidents…to silence” them (sic).

The so-called sources are most likely CIA operatives or assets enlisted to serve US interests.

Ignored by the Times and other establishment media are US wars by hot and other means, along with imprisoning thousands for political reasons in its global gulag, the world’s largest by far, Guantanamo the tip of the iceberg.

Separately, the Times accused China of cracking down on the so-called “pro-democracy opposition” in Hong Kong.

Once again, the self-styled newspaper of record failed to explain months of made-in-the-USA violence, vandalism and chaos in the city last year and at times this year.

As observed by Paul Billings via email, “(p)art of what the NYT & other MSM outlets are doing is to divert public attention from the immense economic and social problems confronting the (US), which are largely self-imposed.”

A made-in-the-USA Greater Depression is unfolding in plain sight.

When large-scale federal aid is needed to help the unemployed and otherwise needy, along with jobs creation programs similar to New Deal ones in the 1930s, none of the above are forthcoming beyond inadequate crumbs of the former.

Yet establishment media have done little or nothing to urge establishment of vitally needed modern-day New Deal programs to create jobs, put money in ordinary people’s pockets, and go all out to revive economic growth.

Last week, Wall Street Journal editors accused China of “g(etting) away with too much for too long (sic),” of being “belligerent (sic),” of “threat(ening) (the) world order (sic).” 

The Journal and other establishment media support US war on China (and other nations it doesn’t control) by other means that could turn hot if pushed too far — along with ongoing wars of choice in multiple theaters.

The CIA-connected Washington Post published an anti-China hit piece by former Trump regime DNI Dan Coats.

Falsely accusing Beijing of “pos(ing) the greatest challenges to (US) national interests (sic),” he called for “respond(ing) to (its) increasingly aggressive behavior (sic)” — a US, NATO, Israeli specialty, not how China operates.

Colonized UK media mimic the shame of their US counterparts.

Below are some of the latest Chinaphobic headlines from the UK owned and operated BBC:

“Hong Kong bars 12 opposition candidates from election.”

Elements operating as US agents against their own nation are traitors and hostile to what democracy is all about.

BBC: “Why people are scared of Hong Kong’s new (national security) law.”

No law-abiding city residents are “scared of” Beijing’s policies. Many nations have national security laws. 

Bush/Cheney, Obama/Biden, and Trump/Pence national security strategies are calls to arms against alleged threats that don’t exist — including first-strike use of nuclear weapons at the discretion of Washington’s ruling class.

China’s national security law aims to counter US orchestrated turmoil in Hong Kong and on the mainland if erupts — led by CIA enlisted 5th column elements.

BBC: “Hong Kong residents ready to leave for the UK” — encouraged by the BoJo regime, a hostile anti-China policy, the BBC refused to condemn.

BBC: “Minutes after new law, pro-democracy voices (sic) quit.”

“First non-protest arrests under new Hong Kong law.”

Hong Kong is Chinese territory.  It’s no longer an exploited British colony or a political football to be kicked around by the US at its discretion — what establishment media reports on the city ignore.

The BBC like other Western media go all-out to bash nations on the US target list for regime change — ignoring or giving short shrift to high crimes committed by their own governments, especially complicit with Washington’s imperial agenda.

In an earlier article, James Petras explained that the long ago “relatively objective purveyor of world (financial and political) news (Financial Times transformed itself) into a propagator of wars and failed economic policies.”

The broadsheet is part of the China-bashing crowd, remarks like the following showing where it stands:

“The Chinese regime (sic) has grand ambitions. It wants to push the US out of the western Pacific and establish its own hegemony in east Asia (sic),” adding:

Its “longterm goal is to replace the US as the world’s most powerful nation (sic).”

Ignored by the FT is US-led war on humanity, Britain allying with its hostile agenda, in contrast to China’s support for world peace, stability, and mutual cooperation among nations — belligerence toward none.

The FT repeated other debunked Western media fake news about China, serving as imperial press agents at the expense of truth-telling and full disclosure.

London’s Guardian likewise serves powerful US-led Western interests at the expense of societies safe and fit to live in.

It falsely accused Beijing of “play(ing) other nations off against each other (sic),” operating “ruthless(ly) in exploiting weakness and isolation (sic)”— polar opposite how its ruling authorities govern.

The above examples, and countless others like them, show the way to be misinformed and disinformed is by following establishment media propaganda.

On major world and national issues, they serve as press agents for wealth and power interests — polar opposite what journalism the way it should be is all about.

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