Iranian Nuclear Threat Big Lie That Won’t Die

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July 7, 2020
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Iranian Nuclear Threat Big Lie That Won’t Die

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.orgHome – Stephen Lendman

Few countries anywhere can match Iran’s commitment to world peace, the rule of law, and cooperative relations with other nations.

The notion of an Iranian nuclear threat flies in the face of indisputable facts proving otherwise.

The Islamic Republic’s legitimate nuclear program has no military component, affirmed time and again by IAEA monitors and annual US intelligence community assessments of potential global threats.

Iran abhors these weapons of mass destruction, wanting them eliminated in the Middle East and everywhere else.

Its nuclear facilities are more heavily monitored than those of all other nations with similar ones combined worldwide.

Its ruling authorities are notably patient and cooperative in dealings with other nations, yet are unjustifiably vilified by notorious rule of law abuser nations.

In contrast to Iran’s dedication to peace and stability, nuclear outlaws USA and Israel pose an unparalleled regional and global threat.

They permit no one near their bomb-development and production facilities — while waging regional and global wars by hot and other means.

Following its 1979 revolution, ending a generation of CIA-installed fascist tyranny, some of the most oppressive anywhere, the US under both right wings of its war party unleashed state terror on Iran to transform the nation back to vassal state status.

Notably, the US wants control over its vast hydrocarbon resources and Israel’s main regional rival neutralized.

The US and Netanyahu regime Big Lie that won’t die falsely claims a covert Iranian plan to develop nukes.

Not a shred of evidence suggests it. Polar opposite is true, but that doesn’t deter proliferation of fake news claims that persists with no end of them in prospects — Big Lies that refuse to die.

Days earlier on Israeli television, Trump regime envoy for regime change in Iran Brian Hook, a right wing extremist hostile to peace, threatened Tehran, saying:

“The military option (against the Islamic Republic) is always on the table,” adding:

“We’ve made very clear, the president has, that Iran will never acquire a nuclear weapon” — what the whole world knows it doesn’t seek and wants eliminated everywhere, especially in the hands of rogue states USA and Israel, waging endless wars on invented enemies.

Nuclear armed and dangerous, they threaten everyone everywhere.

Iran threatens no one, not now, not earlier, promoting peace over endless preemptive wars of aggression — a US, NATO, Israeli specialty.

For years, Netanyahu repeated the same anti-Iran Big Lie in new forms, most recently roaring:

“In response to repeated Iranian provocations and violations (sic), it is time to implement snapback sanctions” that have no validity under SC Res. 2231, affirming the JCPOA — nor under any other international law. 

“I don’t think we can afford to wait. We should not wait for Iran to start its breakout to a nuclear weapon because when that happens it will be too late for sanctions (sic),” Netanyahu added, knowing full well no Iranian bomb development or other threat exists.

“Iranian aggression” claimed by Netanyahu, Trump, Pompeo, Hook, and other US hardliners doesn’t exist — a US, NATO, Israeli specialty, not how Tehran operates.

Trump and hardliners surrounding him threatened war and other hostile actions on Iran numerous times before.

This year alone DJT threatened to strike dozens of Iranian sites if it justifiably retaliated against Soleimani’s US state-sponsored murder.

It was bluster. In response to justifiable Iranian retaliation, he did nothing.

In April, he again threatened war on Iran, tweeting:

“Upon information and belief, Iran or its proxies are planning a sneak attack on US troops and/or assets in Iraq. If this happens, Iran will pay a very heavy price, indeed!”

I’ve explained before that Trump is a geopolitical know-nothing, aware only of rubbish fed him by hardline handlers and fake news he gets from Fox News, his favorite TV channel.

War on Iran would be madness, a nation able to hit back hard against US regional positions and Israel if attacked.

Preemptively striking the Islamic Republic would risk more greatly inflaming the Middle East than already.

The US hasn’t won a war since WW II ended. 

Attacking Iran would assure more failure, along with likely countless thousands of lost lives and vast destruction.

If continued endlessly like other US preemptive wars, hundreds of thousands could die, mostly civilians — along with large numbers of US and Israeli military personnel.

Throughout its history, one US war after another was based on Big Lies and deception.

Truth-telling about them would destroy invented pretexts for waging them.

US aggression on a nation able to respond with considerable force would give its war machine a long overdue comeuppance. 

Nations living by the sword sow their own demise.

When the US eventually goes the way of all earlier empires, the sound of world community relief will resonate everywhere.

Ordinary people at home and abroad will be able to exhale at long last.

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Stephen Lendman
Stephen Lendman
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