Media Big Lies Over SC Debate on Aid to Syrians

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July 13, 2020
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Media Big Lies Over SC Debate on Aid to Syrians

by Stephen Lendman 

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Since Obama regime preemptive war on Syria began in March 2011, a nonbelligerent state threatening no one, establishment media reporting on endless war has been some of the most abysmal in modern memory.

The US-led fourth estate consistently and repeatedly blames Bashar al-Assad’s government for high crimes of war and against humanity committed against Syria and its long-suffering people by Washington, NATO, Israel, and their imperial partners.

For days, Security Council members debated the issue of supplying humanitarian aid to Syrian civilians — focusing on Idlib province and surrounding areas in the country’s northwest bordering Turkey.

It’s the last remaining US-supported terrorist stronghold.

The Trump regime, Britain, France, and their imperial partners in high crimes want maximum aid flowing regularly to these fighters — none for long-suffering Syrians held by these elements as human shields.

That’s what days of Security Council debate was over. 

Russia and China vetoed two anti-Syria resolutions that only pretended to support aid for Syrian civilians in the country’s occupied northwest.

The US, Britain, France, and their imperial partners blocked a Russian resolution that was all about supplying beleaguered civilians with life-sustaining aid.

On Saturday, a SC resolution on this issue was adopted, Russia and China holding their noses and abstaining.

The resolution, like earlier ones in place since 2014, contravene international humanitarian law.

For the next 12 months, aid will come cross-border through one Turkish/Syrian checkpoint into jihadist-controlled northwestern Syria.

Russia and China know that what’s meant for Syrian civilians in need will be stolen by US-supported ISIS, al-Nusra, and like-minded jihadists as long as the current arrangement holds.

It’s an untenable situation that demands turning around so Syrians in need get life-sustaining aid they need.

Along with Damascus and whatever help Iran can provide, Russia is bearing their main brunt of providing what’s essential — what it’s been doing for years, heroic efforts in spite of major US-imposed obstacles.

The pro-war, anti-peace, anti-Syrian sovereignty throughout a near-decade of US aggression NYT published two Reuters reports on the Security Council aid to Syria debate.

On Friday, the wire service blamed Russia and China for twice vetoing pro-Western aid resolutions that had nothing to do with supplying it to beleaguered Syrian civilians in the country’s northwest — failing to explain they’re held hostage by US-supported jihadists.

A follow-up report covered the adoption of a SC resolution to provide aid through one Turkish/Syrian border-crossing area, saying the following:

“The United Nations describes the aid delivered from Turkey as a ‘lifeline’ for Syrians in the country’s northwest (sic).”

Fact: UN Secretary General Guterres and key officials surrounding him are on the wrong side of all US, NATO, Israeli wars of aggression — providing lip service support alone to their victims.

Humanitarian aid to Syrian civilians in need SHOULD be a “lifeline” — not when what’s meant for them is stolen by US-supported jihadists for their own use.

As long as aid entering Syria passes through territory they control, they’ll use it for themselves, denying it to Syrian civilians in need.

German UN envoy Christoph Heusgen shamefully criticized actions by Russia and China — disingenuously accusing them of wanting aid “cut off (for) 500,000 (Syrian) children” — a bald-faced Big Lie.

Heusgen willfully got things backwards. Russia and China want vital aid supplied to all Syrian civilians in need.

The US, NATO, and Israel want it cut off entirely, wanting them starved and otherwise brutalized into submission.

Reuters, the NYT, and other establishment media pretend US-led aggression is “civil war” — knowing there’s nothing remotely civil about it, nor about all other US preemptive wars.

They also pretend that cutthroat killer terrorists are anti-government “rebels,” that their cause is just, blaming their crimes of war, against humanity, and atrocities on Syrian forces, including use of chemical and other banned weapons.

The CIA-connected Washington Post reported that following the adoption of a SC resolution on Saturday, “limited humanitarian aid will continue flowing to northwest Syria” — ignoring that one border crossing is enough and that aid meant for Syrian civilians will be stolen by US-supported jihadists for their own use.

Like virtually all establishment media, the US, NATO, and UN pretend that aid through one border crossing checkpoint alone “will deprive 1.5 million” Syrian civilians of aid in the country’s northwest.

What’s most important to explain, establishment media suppress, reporting state-approved propaganda alone on geopolitical issues, especially about nations the US preemptively attacked without just cause.

Russia’s deputy UN envoy Dmitry Polyanskiy slammed days of SC resolution debate on Syria, accusing the Trump regime and its imperial partners of “hypocrisy and double standards,” taking them to “unprecedented heights” over the past week.

They want ordinary Syrians in need harmed, not aided, while criticizing genuine Russian and Chinese support for supplying Syrians in need with vital food, medicines, and treatment for their health issues.

Al-Jazeera reports on years of US-led aggression against Syria and its people are as abysmal as Western propaganda.

On Sunday, the Qatar-based operation ignored the Trump regime’s aim to starve Syrians into submission, ignored efforts by Russia and China to provide vital humanitarian aid. 

Falsely blaming Russia especially for agreeing to it flowing through one cross-border checkpoint alone, it repeated the Big Lie claim about blocking it coming to over a million Syrians in the country’s northwest.

Moscow and Beijing are in the forefront of wanting unobstructed aid flowing freely to Syrians in need, strongly opposing the politicization of aid — a US/NATO specialty.

Pro-Western media, UN officials, and so-called aid agencies falsely blame Syria and its allies for years of high crimes committed by the US and its imperial partners.

Like its Western media counterparts, Al-Jazeera consistently features misinformation, disinformation, and fake news on Syria and other US war theaters — truth-telling banned in its reports.

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Stephen Lendman
Stephen Lendman
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