Russian Foreign Ministry on Britain, Russian Political Prisoners, and Convicted US Spy Paul Whelan

Media Ruckus Over Trump’s Commutation of Roger Stone’s Sentence
July 12, 2020
Trump Commutes Roger Stone’s Prison Sentence
July 12, 2020

Russian Foreign Ministry on Britain, Russian Political Prisoners, and Convicted US Spy Paul Whelan

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.orgHome – Stephen Lendman)

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova (MZ below) commented on unlawful unilateral sanctions imposed on Russian officials by Britain’s Boris Johnson regime.

Foreign Secretary Dominic Rabb announced them, citing Russophobic US Magnitsky legislation as unjustifiable justification.

He was a Russian attorney who died of medical neglect in police custody. No evidence connected the Kremlin to what happened over a decade ago.

MZ denounced new hostile UK sanctions with no legitimacy, stressing:

Moscow “provided exhaustive comments and clarifications on all issues related to the death of Sergey Magnitsky on many occasions, but London obviously prefers to ignore them,” adding: 

“It is unclear on what grounds they ‘appoint’ the guilty and mete out (an extrajudicial) punishment.” 

“This is why we cannot qualify Britain’s actions as other than an attempt to interfere in the internal affairs of another state and to put pressure to bear on the Russian judicial system” — without just cause, an unacceptable hostile act by a rogue regime in cahoots with US dark forces.

MZ explained what geopolitical observers understand well.

Britain’s dark history over past centuries to the present day exposed its record as a gross human rights abuser at home and abroad.

In more diplomatic language, MZ said “Britain’s reputation in human rights is far from impeccable for such an arrogant and preachy” anti-Russia action, adding:

Despite indisputable evidence of crimes of war and against humanity by UK forces in cahoots with US aggression in Iraq since the 1990s, charges against its military were “dropped in keeping with the best colonial practices.”

A laundry list of UK international high crimes in modern times alone would require volumes to explain in detail.

Its Russophobic collusion with US dark forces ruptured relations with Moscow, making them beyond repair as long as Westminster is controlled by war right-wing extremist criminals.

Commenting on Russian political prisoner Konstantin Yaroshenko, MZ explained that he was illegally abducted “by US secret agents in Liberia in May 2010 and transported to the US, where he was sentenced to 20 years in prison” — based on fabricated charges.  

Thousands of political prisoners languish in America’s global gulag prison system, including Russian nationals – subjected to abusive and humiliating treatment.

Commercial pilot/legitimate businessman Yaroshenko continues to endure harsh mistreatment in US custody that amounts to torture and other forms of brutality.

Russian national Viktor Bout was victimized the same way — arrested and imprisoned on false charges.

Unjustly called a “merchant of death,” he ran a legitimate air cargo business. Grossly mistreated in prison, he was denied proper medical care.

Most recently, Russian national in the US on a student visa for graduate studies Maria Butina was imprisoned and mistreated for months based on phony charges — until freed last October and allowed to go home.

Russia’s envoy to the US Anatoly Antonov earlier accused Washington of “unjustly hunting for Russian citizens not only in the US but in other countries too.”

Police state America operates like similar extremist regimes worldwide — extrajudicially against targeted individuals, subjecting them to show trials or none at all, declared guilty by accusation, followed by gulag mistreatment.

Butina was guilty only of being a Russian national in the US at the wrong time.

There’s never a right time for nationals of countries  threatening no one on the US target list for regime change to be within its borders or reach.

MZ explained that Moscow maintains contact with its imprisoned nationals in the US, representing their fundamental rights, though unable to halt unacceptably harsh mistreatment they endure.

MZ: “Washington has failed to respond to our repeated requests to free and bring back to Russia on humanitarian grounds both Konstantin Yaroshenko and all other Russians, who” are unjustly held as political prisoners in the US gulag system.

In June, a Moscow court sentenced US spy Paul Whelan to 16 years imprisonment.

Charged with espionage, he was caught red-handed in December 2018 and arrested after accepting a flash drive with sensitive information from an undercover Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) official.

Spying charges against him were and remain indisputable, a dubious figure with citizenship in four countries — the US, UK, Ireland and Canada.

MZ noted media reports “alleging that Russia is holding talks with US representatives so as to exchange Paul Whelan” for unjustly imprisoned Russian nationals in the US.

On countless issues, especially geopolitical ones, establishment media propaganda is “totally at odds with reality,” MZ stressed, adding:

At this time, “rumors about alleged discussion with the US side on possible options for ‘exchanging’ (Whelan) for Russian citizens (in the US) have” no basis in fact.

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