Russian Foreign Ministry on Russian Political Prisoners, White Helmets, Alleged Russian Hacking, and US Anti-Sino/Russian Relations

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July 25, 2020
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July 26, 2020

Russian Foreign Ministry on Russian Political Prisoners, White Helmets, Alleged Russian Hacking, and US Anti-Sino/Russia Policies

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.orgHome – Stephen Lendman)

 Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova (MZ below) commented on harshly treated Russian political prisoners in US gulag confinement.

She slammed Washington for breaching its obligations under the 1964 Bilateral Consular Convention “to notify (Moscow) of an arrest or detention of” one of its citizens.

When Russia requests an updated list of names of its nationals under investigation or imprisoned in the US, most often no reply is forthcoming.

MZ stressed Moscow’s concern about US failure to fulfill “its obligations regarding the notification timeframes (one to three days) and the timeframe within which a consul is allowed to visit a detainee (two to four days after the detention or arrest depending on the location),” as well as mistreatment of Russian nationals imprisoned for political reasons.

She commented on Western-supported White Helmets in Syria.

They have nothing to do with civil defense, a ruse providing cover for their alliance with ISIS, al-Nusra, and other US-supported jihadists.

The group is involved in “looting, racketeering, robbery, deliberate misinformation, staged chemical attacks, air and artillery strikes and downright complicity in terrorism,” MZ stressed.

What Western countries and their press agent media conceal, Russia forthrightly explained years ago about this diabolical organization that all along has been and continues to be involved in high crimes of war, against humanity, and other wrongdoing.

Its founder James Le Mesurier was exposed as a fraudster, MZ citing an article about him by Dutch broadsheet De Volkskant.

Before his November 2019 death, he “lived in grand style with a monthly salary of 24,000 euros, an apartment and a luxury villa in Istanbul, as well as a luxury apartment in Amsterdam worth more than 1.5 million euros,” MZ explained.

In 2018, he was “caught trying to steal 50,000 euros during the White Helmets’ evacuation to Jordan.”

Earlier, Dutch regulators had a long list of questions about (his) activities (with regard to his) unjustifiably high” income, benefits and lavish lifestyle, his lack of transparency and tax evasion.

MZ: He and others in the group ripped off donor nations in furthering “their own criminal interests.”

They never gave a damn about helping civilians, only themselves.

Their elements continue working closely with US-supported terrorists, aiding and abetting their high crimes and atrocities — committed against civilians and government forces, including use of chemical and other banned weapons.

MZ debunked US, UK and Canadian fake news accusations of Russian hacking to obtain Western COVID-19 vaccine data — one of many Big Lies about Moscow.

MZ: “We have repeatedly noted that Russian state agencies have never had anything to do with these accusations,” adding:

“We have been successfully cooperating on this topical global problem with many countries, including Western ones.”

Phony Russophobic accusations are “fake” news, not a shred of credible evidence supporting Big Lies that won’t die.

Britain’s National Cyber Security Center promoted the fake news it falsely claimed accurate with “95% certainty,” replacing earlier “almost likely” when promoting Big Lies about Russia.

MZ: “Please come again when you score 100 percent” and have irrefutable evidence backing claims made.

MZ addressed the issue of Mike Pompeo’s most recent anti-China tirade, part of his war of words on the country, fake news accusations with no substance backing them.

His anti-China tone was “defiant…predictably (featuring) crude references (about) China, its social and political system and its leaders. Unfortunately, these things are common in US foreign policy diplomacy these days,” said MZ, adding:

The Trump regime’s crude attempt to “drive a wedge into the friendly ties between Russia and China” enhances the bond between both countries.

“We intend to further strengthen our cooperation with China because we regard this cooperation as the most important factor in stabilizing the situation around the world,” MZ stressed.

Russia and China support world peace, stability, and cooperative relations among nations in contrast to US rage for global dominance by brute forces when other tactics fail to advance it imperium.

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