Loose Cannon Pompeo’s War of Words

Loose Cannon Pompeo’s War of Words

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.org – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Pompeo is militantly hostile to world peace, equity, justice, the rule of law, and sovereign nations free from US control.

Along with Iran, China tops his list of countries to denigrate — misinformation, disinformation, fake news, and Big Lies his standard tactics.

Ignoring US war on humanity at home and abroad, its serial law-breaking in pursuing hostile to peace hegemonic aims, its responsibility for coronavirus bioware and much more, he bashed sovereign independent nations on Wednesday like many times before — China his main target.

He falsely accused its ruling authorities of “efforts to coerce and control its citizens” belligerently (sic).

He lied about events in Hong Kong, calling US recruited hooligans who were involved in months of violence, vandalism and chaos “pro-democracy activists (sic).”

He “urge(d) US citizens” against traveling to China.

He turned truth on its head about Xinjiang Muslims, repeating the Big Lie about mass-persecution — a US specialty at home and abroad.

He called for so-called “freedom-loving nations…to confront” Beijing.

Bipartisan US policy toward China is all about wanting its growing development and prominence on the world stage undermined.

US hostility toward nations it doesn’t control is self-defeating longterm.

Decades of trying to transform China, Russia, Iran, North Korea, Cuba, and other independent nations into subservient US client state failed.

The harder it pushes, the more it’s despised and weakened.

On Wednesday, China’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi said his nation has no intention of waging diplomatic war with the US, adding:

Beijing will defend its interests as necessary. US diplomatic war shows weakness, not strength, “expos(ing) (greater world community) lack of confidence” in the country.

China and Russia are coordinating efforts to combat US-led Western fake news on issues affecting their countries.

Pompeo said he, war secretary Esper, and acting DHS secretary Wolf “urge(d) the FCC to revoke and terminate the authorizations of China Telecom and three other (Chinese) companies providing services to and from the United States.”

The US is at war with all Chinese tech companies able to compete effectively against American firms.

“The State Department will work closely with Commerce and other agencies to limit the ability of Chinese cloud service providers to collect, to store, and to process vast amounts of data and sensitive information here in the United States,” Pompeo roared.

He included Russia in his hostile remarks, falsely accusing the Kremlin of “disinformation and propaganda (sic),” calling the country a “malign actor (sic).”

Throughout US history, especially post-WW II, not a shred of credible evidence ever suggested foreign interference in US elections.

If undertaken, it would have no influence over policymaking by one-party rule with two right wings.

Yet Pompeo brazenly and deceptively said the State Department “is offering a reward of up to $10 million for information leading to the identification or location of any person who, acting at the direction or under the control of a foreign government, interferes with US elections by engaging in certain criminal cyber activities (sic).”

In sharp contrast to no foreign meddling in dubious US “elections,” the CIA, NSA, and US intelligence community overall repeatedly interferes in foreign elections worldwide — in favor of subservient tinpot despots over independent democrats.

Pompeo included Iran in his hostile remarks, stressing that the Trump regime will “put forward” a Security Council resolution on extending the expiring conventional arms embargo on Iran next week — certain to be vetoed by Russia and China.

He repeated the long ago debunked Big Lie, falsely calling Iran “the number one sponsor of terrorism (sic).”

The dubious distinction indisputably applies to the US, secondarily to junior partners Britain, Israel, and other nations involved with its high crimes of war and against humanity.

Given no chance of extending the expiring arms embargo on Iran by the SC, Pompeo warned that “one way or another” the Trump regime will enforce its will — extrajudicially like always against nations on its target list for regime change.

The Trump regime’s diabolical anti-Iran agenda includes wanting pre-JCPOA Security Council sanctions reinstituted on the country to impose maximum pain and suffering on its people.

Pompeo wants the JCPOA’s so-called snapback provision used to reimpose pre-JCPOA sanctions on Tehran by the Security Council.

An earlier article explained the following:

Under the JCPOA’s dispute resolution mechanism, sanctions removed under the deal can be reimposed if one of the agreement’s signatories claims Iran failed to fulfill its obligations.

The so-called Working Group on the Implementation of Sanctions Lifting, coordinated by the EU’s high representative, has 30 days to resolve a complaint against Iran if raised.

If impasse follows, a Joint Commission comprised of eight representatives from P5+1 countries, the EU, and Iran is convened to try resolving what’s disputed. 

If agreement can’t be reached, its members could refer the matter to a three-member Advisory Board with one non-JCPOA signatory member.

The issue returns to the Joint Commission if impasse persists.

If resolution remains unattainable, the Security Council would have 30 days to try resolving it.

If no agreement is reached after all the above steps, previously removed Security Council sanctions would automatically be reimposed on Iran — nations with veto power not permitted to use it for this issue.

The Trump regime unlawfully pulled out of the JCPOA in May 2018, a binding international agreement on all nations.

The US has no say on the deal any longer, no legal right to force its will on other nations regarding the JCPOA.

The rule of law never deters its ruling class from doing what it pleases.

On October 18, the arms embargo on Iran expires.

Clearly, the Trump regime will go all-out to maintain it as part of its “maximum pressure” war on the nation and its 84 million people.

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