Acccusations of Russian US 2020 Election Meddling Repeat Debunked Big Lies

Accusations of Russian US 2020 Election Meddling Repeat Debunked Big Lies

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Accusers know neither Russia or any other nations try interfering in the US political process, but make phony claims anyway.

The self-styled newspaper of record NYT is one of the leading generators of fake news on numerous domestic and geopolitical issues.

It’s why all the news it claims fit to print on major issues was long ago debunked as Big Lies.

In US judicial proceedings, beyond a reasonable doubt is the highest standard of proof required.

In civil cases, it’s either proof by a preponderance of evidence or by what’s clear and convincing – establishing a high probability of truth.

The highest standard applies, or should apply, when one nation or its media accuse another of serious wrongdoing.

Since the US intelligence community, Dems, and their go-along media first accused Russia of US election meddling, not a shred of evidence supporting the claim was ever presented.

Why? Because there is none. If any existed, it would have been presented and widely published worldwide.

When accusations of Russian US election meddling surface, never explained is why its ruling authorities or their foreign counterparts would ever wish to interfere in a one-party state’s political process with two right wings.

Whenever US elections are held, they always turn out the same way. Dirty business as usual always wins.

Trump will likely face Biden in November. Both figures are largely two sides of the same disturbing coin.

On major domestic and geopolitical issues, they differ only by party label and style.

Their agendas are pro-endless preemptive wars on nonthreatening nations, pro-corporate empowerment, pro-serving privileged interests exclusively, pro-police state harshness, and anti-government of, by, and for everyone equitably according to the rule of law.

There’s not a dime’s worth of difference between Trump and Biden on issues mattering most.

So why would Russia or any other nation support either side of  the same coin over the other?

The US is a totalitarian police state, masquerading as democratic, a notion Republicans and Dems abhor, tolerating nowhere.

The nations borders on full-blown tyranny, one more major state-sponsored false flag away from crossing the line.

Or perhaps it’s already crossed without public awareness because of ongoing US biowarfare and engineered economic collapse.

Never before in the nation’s history have things been this dire for the majority of its people with little being done by its ruling authorities to turn things around — just the opposite.

Privately to corporate interests and major donors, GOP and Dem aspirants for president and key congressional posts assure them of favorable to their interests continuity if they’re elected.

The US is the only nation whose elections are bought and controlled by Big Money.

In their run-up, secrecy and backroom deals substitute for a free, fair and open process. Candidates are pre-selected. Big money owns them.

Rare exceptions prove the rule.

Duopoly power excludes independents. 

Key outcomes are predetermined. Horse race journalism substitutes for discussing issues mattering most.

Voter disenfranchisement is rife. Millions of Americans are denied the right to vote because of past criminal records, including innocent people wrongfully imprisoned, others for political reasons or offenses too minor to matter.

Half of eligible voters opt out because their interests aren’t served.

Corporate controlled voting machines produce desired outcomes with electronic ease.

The same goes for the US postal service with regard to mail-in ballots.

Run by Trump appointed corporatist Louis DeJoy, a major DJT donor, he ousted key agency officials, shifted many others to new positions, centralizing power in his hands.

Were his dubious moves with maybe more of the same to come all about using the postal service to aid Trump’s reelection?

According to some sources, Joseph Stalin once said “(i)t is  enough that the people know there was an election.” 

“The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.”

Whether or not he said it matters little. What matters is how US money controlled elections work, assuring one-party rule with two right wings runs things whenever so-called elections are held.

From inception, democracy in America has always been pure fantasy, we the people applying solely to the nation’s privileged class, the rights and welfare of ordinary people marginalized.

Adam Smith called Western governance “the defense of the rich against the poor,” the latter exploited to serve the interests of the former.

It’s always been the American way, a nation run of, by and for its rich, well-born and able, as John Adams explained.

The American revolution left dirty business as usual unchanged under new management.

The notion of Russia or any other foreign nations interfering in its money controlled political process that’s too hugely debauched to fix is laughable.

Yet US establishment media repeat the Big Lie with disturbing regularity.

Last February, the NYT claimed a “classified briefing to House members…warned that Russia is meddling to reelect Trump” in November.

The Times featured the Big Lie despite knowing it was and remains fake news.

Over the weekend, another major Times propaganda piece repeated the Big Lie that won’t die.

It falsely claimed a so-called “investigation” uncovered a plot by Russia to aid Trump’s reelection.

Like always before with no exceptions, no evidence was presented because none exists.

No Russian US election meddling occurred in 2016, none earlier, none planned in 2020 — no cold hard facts proving otherwise.

The rambling Times piece proved nothing because there’s nothing to prove — just lots of empty accusations without corroboration.

If the case made by the US intelligence community, congressional Dems, the Times and other supportive media was presented in a legitimate tribunal, it would be dismissed straightaway — perhaps with a warning never to pull a similar stunt like it again.

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