Anti-Russia Propaganda Roaring on Belarus

Anti-Russia Propaganda Roaring on Belarus

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

In the run-up to and following Belarus’ August 9 presidential election, US dark forces have been trying to replace President Alexander Lukashenko with pro-Western puppet rule.

The plot is all about wanting another nation bordering Russia used as a dagger targeting its heartland.

So far, things haven’t gone as planned. Belarus isn’t Ukraine.

While US orchestrated street protests continue, replicating something similar to Euromaidan violence in Kiev years earlier hasn’t materialized in Minsk.

Putin pledged support to protect Belarusian security.

Belarus and Russia are Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) member states.

They pledge military support in case a CSTO nation is threatened or invaded by foreign forces.

At Lukashenko’s request, Putin agreed to help Belarus, saying the following:

“Mr Lukashenko has asked me to form a backup law enforcement unit, and I have done so.” 

“However, we also agreed that it won’t be used unless the situation gets out of control” — notably caused by externally orchestrated violence similar to US orchestrated 2013-14 events in Kiev.

Putin hopes what’s going on internally can be resolved by Belarusians on their own so “there never will be (a reason) to use Russian forces in” the country.

He created law enforcement reserves according to Russia’s CSTO obligation to help a member state that’s threatened by foreign elements.

He criticized Western and Eastern European countries for meddling in Belarus’ internal affairs.

If he follows through by sending Russian forces to Minsk if needed to protect Belarusian sovereignty from violent US intervention similar to events in Kiev’s Maidan if they occur, the Trump regime’s color revolution plot will fail.

It’s not unfolding as US dark forces planned so it may collapse ahead on its own.

The NYT never misses an opportunity to miss an opportunity to report accurately on a nation targeted by the US for regime change.

Instead of denouncing the Trump regime’s coup plot in Belarus, the Times supports another flagrant US breach of the UN Charter.

It falsely called Putin’s justifiable offer of support “an ominous warning.”

Saying August 9 presidential election results were “disputed” ignored Lukashenko’s overwhelming triumph over political nobody/designated US puppet Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya — a figure plucked from obscurity to serve US imperial interests.

There was nothing “rigged” about the Belarusian election Lukashenko won handily, except for the unnecessarily inflated victory margin.

Legitimate Russian democracy is in stark contrast to the sham US process.

Not according to Russophobic Times propaganda, falsely claiming otherwise, accusing Moscow of “fraud-tainted elections” — a US specialty since the 19th century.

Independent monitors judged Russian new millennium elections open, free and fair.

With no evidence indicates it, the Times called Alexey Navalny’s widely reported illness the result of an “attack,” suggesting Russian responsibility while ignoring that Omsk’s doctors where he was initially treated saved his life.

Clearly there’s no reason why Russia would want political nobody with scant public support Navalny eliminated.

Its doctors worked heroically to save him. Yet the Times claimed he was poisoned despite no evidence proving it, just unsubstantiated claims.

More Times Big Lies followed, falsely claiming Russia “seized Crimea and fomented armed rebellion in Ukraine’s” southeast.

Crimeans voted overwhelmingly to rejoin Russia by referendum judged open, free and fair by independent monitors.

Donestsk and Lugansk residents of Ukraine rebelled against US installed fascist tyranny, breaking away to establish democratic governance.

What the Times and other establishment media suppress is what’s most important to report.

It happens repeatedly, notably on domestic and especially on geopolitical issues mattering most.

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