Russia’s Foreign Ministry on US Provocations, Cuba, and Russian Political Prisoners in US

Russia’s Foreign Ministry on US Provocations, Cuba, and Russian Political Prisoners in US

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova (MZ below) slammed Pompeo’s Russophobic remark about the Trump regime’s withdrawal from what he falsely called the “harmful” INF Treaty so the US can deploy nuclear-capable missiles “to deter Russian aggression” that doesn’t exist.

MZ stressed that “deployment of US ground-based medium-and short-range missiles in different parts of the world will be an extremely risky and destabilizing step for international and regional security,” adding:

“(T)his will provoke a new round in the arms race with unpredictable consequences.” 

“Russia will immediately respond to the risks of additional missiles near Russian territory.”

Russia seeks diplomatic resolution of international disputes.

It works with some countries, not the US. Both right wings of its war party don’t negotiate. They demand.

It’s why diplomatic outreach to the US when undertaken achieves nothing but failure and betrayal.

MZ correctly accused the US of “destructive actions” on the world stage.

The only effective way to deal with its ruling authorities is by toughness — the only language they understand.

On August 20 in deference to unacceptable US imperial demands, Google blacklisted Cuba’s Granma, Mesa Redonda, and Cubavision Internacional by blocking their media accounts — falsely accusing them of violating US export laws.

According to Mesa Redonda director-general Randay Alonso:

“US tech giants are very dependent on US (regime) decisions, implementing (unlawful) US embargo policy toward the island.”

Google’s action “has nothing to do with technological issues or violation of social media regulations.” 

“What is really behind the US stance is its geopolitical and geostrategic” aim to control the message at home and internationally, wanting views contrary to its own suppressed.

A Granma statement said Google closed the account of its newspaper on its “platform,  which included the disappearance of its YouTube channel, Google Analytics and Google Play” — on the phony pretext of violating US export laws.

Granma’s director-general Yailin Orta said its operations will continue being part of Cuba’s counter-hegemonic struggle.

Accounts of Prensa Latina news and the Cuban Juventud Rebelde broadsheet were also blocked.

Twitter shut down hundreds of Cuban accounts.

Trump regime actions are all about waging war on the island state and other sovereign independent ones by other means for not subordinating their sovereign rights to US interests.

Blocking media of targeted countries is longstanding US practice, one of its many hostile actions.

MZ slammed Google’s actions on orders from Trump regime hardliners, saying:

“This unceremonious blocking is restrictive and violates universal democratic principles by limiting freedom of access to information and its dissemination.”

These actions breach “UN conventions and (are) totally unacceptable.”

They represent a “crude suppression of freedom of speech and expression and of the principles of free dissemination of information and unrestricted access to it.”

What’s going on is longstanding US practice, Russia targeted like Cuba.

MZ explained that Western media reports of exchanging convicted US nationals in Russia for its own wrongfully held political prisoners in US gulag confinement are false, adding:

Sergey Lavrov urged the Trump regime to release wrongfully held Russian nationals in the US “for humanitarian reasons due to the spread of COVID-19.”

“(W)e have repeatedly raised this issue at different levels (with US officials) but have not” received a response.

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