China Responds to Hostile US Rhetoric and Actions

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August 4, 2020
US Hostility Toward China Is Bipartisan
August 4, 2020

China Responds to Hostile US Rhetoric and Actions

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.orgHome – Stephen Lendman)

At a time when Washington’s only enemies are invented, none real, US war secretary Esper called for “strengthening NATO” to insure “enhance(d) deterrence of Russia.”

Separately, he called China and Russia Washington’s “top strategic competitors,” adding:

“It’s very clear to me and anybody who understands China that they have the ambition to displace us (sic) — certainly from the region and preferably on the global stage (sic).”

“(I)f we don’t wake up to the long-term challenge and the possible threat that China presents to us (sic), then we may find ourselves living in a world different (from) what we want to live in (sic).”

He and Pompeo are militantly hostile toward China and Russia, requiring both countries to prepare defensively to protect against possible US confrontation by accident or design.

Hegemons can never be trusted!

Days earlier, China’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin slammed remarks by Trump regime officials aimed at “smearing China with rumors,” adding:

“China will not be daunted by intimidation from any external forces. Our resolve to safeguard national sovereignty, security and development interests (from unlawful) foreign interference.”

He called US and UK accusations of “cyber attacks” falsified, stressing that Beijing “is a staunch defender of cyber security.”

Notably, he slammed Pompeo’s unacceptable war of words on China, calling his remarks “a patchwork of political lies…that disregard facts and distort truth,” adding:

“Spurred by the Cold War mentality and selfish gains, Pompeo and his likes attempt to bind the international community to the anti-China, anti-CPC chariot.” 

“(T)hey are doomed to fail because the world won’t buy what they are selling.”

“Peace-loving people won’t allow it, and the Chinese people won’t be intimidated.” 

“I want to stress that ignorance, arrogance, myopia and hatred cannot be the basis for foreign policy.” 

“In response to the hostile words and acts of some US politicians,” the vast majority of China’s people support government policies to protect the nation against foreign threats.

On Friday, China’s Global Times (GT) said Pompeo’s aim to escalate US Cold War against China by enlisting support from the West and other nations “gained little on the international stage.”

Beijing “promote(s) mutually beneficial cooperation as the main theme of bilateral relations” in contrast to Washington’s aim for global dominance, wanting the world community of nations transformed into vassal states.

Weeks earlier, China’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi called for resetting relations with the US, including by maintaining free and open high-level dialogue.

A cool response followed. With Trump focusing mostly on his flagging reelection campaign, part of his regime’s strategy is using China as a punching bag — making false accusations in waging a war of words on the country.

Wang’s effort to turn around bilateral relations by extending an olive branch to the US failed.

Hostile US rhetoric and actions followed, no end of it in prospect, things likely to worsen ahead.

Banning Beijing-based ByteDance’s TikTok video-sharing platform from the US market was the latest Trump regime shoe to drop.

The same old/long ago discredited pretext was used, falsely calling the company a national security threat.

Anti-China actions by the US are all about aiming to weaken and isolate the country on the world stage, an agenda doomed to fail, Trump too manipulated by hardliners surrounding him to distinguish between facts and fiction.

Dozens of Chinese enterprises were blacklisted by the US on phony national security and other unacceptable pretexts — TikTok the latest, more likely ahead.

The US consistently stonewalls Beijing’s efforts to transform confrontational relations to cooperative ones.

In recent remarks, Wang and other Chinese officials slammed unacceptable provocations by the US side.

He accused the Trump regime of “los(ing) its sense of reason, morality and credibility.”

According to Political Science Professor Zhu Zhiqun, while many countries support some US policies toward China, they reject a “confrontational approach.”

Wang accused the Trump regime of “undermining international law and order (by) reckless provocations (and) conspiracy theories,” adding:

“Tolerating a bully will not make you safe. It will only let the bully get bolder and act worse.”

Wang called China a reliable partner of other nations, respecting their sovereignty and international law, stressing that unacceptable US bullying is the enemy.

If Biden succeeds Trump in January, US policy toward Beijing is likely to remain at least largely unchanged.

China’s prominence on the world stage economically, industrially, technologically, and militarily made it US public enemy No. One — despite posing no threat.

That’s how the mindset of a hegemon operates. Over time, it’s a losing strategy, why the US has been declining for decades while China and other nations are rising.

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