Failed Dealmaker Vows Quick Deals with Iran and North Korea if Reelected

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August 10, 2020
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Failed Dealmaker Trump Vows Quick Deals with Iran and North Korea if Reelected

by Stephen Lendman

As a businessman and throughout his tenure as president, Trump failed time and again to make deals.

In his book titled “Art of the Deal,” Trump’s ghostwriter Tony Schwartz explained the following:

Most deals discussed in the book “were failures,” adding:

“(T)he number of deals (Trump attempted to make) over the years…have overwhelmingly been failures.” 

He’s “one of the worst” dealmakers Schwartz knows of, adding that he feared Trump’s election and having his finger on the nuclear trigger.

If he wrote the book today, he’d title it “The Sociopath,” a monster occupying the White House.

Schwartz knows Trump well, having spent around 18 months with him in his office, during meetings, and privately.

Along with other character faults, he’s “likely to lie about anything,” Schwartz explained.

During his weekend announced usurpation of congressional appropriations authority, he lied repeatedly, including by saying:

If reelected in November, he’ll “make deals with Iran (and) North Korea very quickly (sic),” followed by another Big Lie, claiming:

“If I didn’t win the election in 2016, our country would now be — maybe it would be over by now — but in war with North Korea (sic).”

“We…have a relationship with North Korea (sic), which is something that was never established by the previous administration (sic).”  

“You would have been in war with North Korea. It would have been a very bad war. So North Korea, whether you look at Iran, every one of them will make a deal with us very quickly (sic).”

Trump is a deal-breaker, not maker. He abandoned the landmark INF Treaty and Security Council affirmed JCPOA, along with the Open Skies Treaty and Paris Climate Agreement.

He withdrew from UNESCO and the Human Rights Council for invented reasons, not legitimate ones.

After promising to be “neutral” in dealings with Israel and the Palestinians, he one-sidedly supported the Jewish state at their expense more egregiously than his predecessors.

He broke virtually every positive pre-election promise that mattered, proving he can never be trusted. 

If reelected, he’ll abandon New Start. Expiring in February 2021,  it’s the only remaining arms control treaty between Russia and the US.

“Art of the Deal” ghostwriter Tony Schwartz believes “Trump is totally willing to blow up the world to protect his fragile sense of self.”

North Korea slammed his bad faith, breaching promises made.

Despite months of good faith negotiations by the DPKR, its ruling authorities got nothing in return from Trump but broken promises and imperial toughness — making unacceptable demands, offering nothing in return.

Throughout the entire post-WW II period, Washington has been militantly hostile toward North Korea despite no national security threat posed by the country.

Intermittent US talks with Pyongyang failed each time initiated.

Trump is the latest example of why diplomatic outreach to the US achieves nothing because hegemons don’t negotiate. They demand.

Besides North Korean, Trump is waging endless war by other means on China, Russia, Iran, Venezuela, Cuba, and other nations on the US target list for regime change — along with his endless hot wars in multiple theaters.

US history is clear – a record of breached treaties, conventions and other deals, Washington agreeing to one thing, then going another way – why it can never be trusted.

Trump’s claim that if he wins in November, “we will have a deal with Iran within four weeks” was hollow.

No US deal was made with the Islamic Republic since its 1979 revolution.

Since Trump took office, his regime’s policy toward Iran has been and continues to be “maximum pressure,” notably wanting its people subjugated and immiserated.

His anti-Iran agenda aims to transform the country into a US vassal state, wanting its vast hydrocarbon resources looted, Israel’s main regional rival eliminated, the human cost of no consequence.

His appointment of hardliner Elliott Abrams to head his anti-Iran agenda is clear evidence of his intension to escalate regime change efforts.

His agenda is entirely self-serving, along with imperial bullying and benefitting corporate favorites at the expense of world peace, stability, equity, justice and the rule of law — notions he’s either indifferent about or hostile toward.

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Stephen Lendman
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