US Isolated at the UN on Iran, Media React

Pompeo at UN Promotes Snapback Sanctions on Iran
August 21, 2020
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August 22, 2020

US Isolated at the UN on Iran, Media React

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.orgHome – Stephen Lendman)

In less than a week, undiplomatic Trump regime “diplomat” Pompeo suffered two humiliating defeats at the UN on Iran.

Last Friday, his unlawful scheme to indefinitely extend an arms embargo on Iran was supported by only one other Security Council member — the virtual US colony Dominican Republic. 

It was rejected by the other 13 members, including its permanent members Russia, China, Britain, and France plus Germany.

On Thursday, these countries rejected the Trump regime’s aim to unlawfully impose snapback sanctions on Iran — leaving the US isolated on the JCPOA at the UN.

Will loose cannon Pompeo try another underhanded stunt, striking out a third time?

No responsible government would tolerate the likes of him in any public office.

Trump likely sticks with him because of his own geopolitical ignorance.

A non-reader, non-leader, failed businessman, intellectually weak, emotionally unfit reality TV president knows nothing about the JCPOA and other landmark agreements he falsely called flawed and abandoned.

Establishment media roasted Pompeo after his two defeats at the UN on Iran this month.

“Instead of isolating Iran, the US finds itself on the outside over the” JCPOA, said the NYT, adding:

“Allies and adversaries alike have refused to recognize the Trump administration’s demand for sanctions, potentially weakening American authority worldwide.”

Despite knowing in advance about opposition to the Trump regime on Iran by Russia, China, Britain, France and Germany, Pompeo continues trying to push unacceptable policies already rejected.

The CIA connected Washington Post said he “move(d) to trigger…snapback…despite opposition at the UN,” adding:

The Trump regime’s action “drew sharp condemnation from Russia and the three European countries that were partners in negotiating the agreement.”

They warned Pompeo that his unlawful attempt to impose snapback sanctions on Iran “could undermine the UN Security Council.”

Yet he’s pushing ahead anyway undeterred.

The Wall Street Journal explained that key US allies Britain, France and Germany “reject(ed) (the Trump regime’s) bid to reinstate Iran sanctions, opening a diplomatic rift,” adding:

These nations “rebuked” the White House, stressing that its maneuver is “devoid of any legal effect.”

Other headlines on Pompeo’s anti-Iran actions at the UN were as follows:

Reuters: “US moves to restore all UN sanctions on Iran in dispute over nuclear deal” fails to win support.

AP News: “US demands restoration of UN sanctions against Iran…ignored by other UN members”

CNN: “US isolated as allies and opponents reject its bid to snapback UN sanctions on Iran”

Fox News: “Trump (regime) to trigger snapback” despite no UN support

ABC News: “Snapback?: Inside Trump’s controversial move to bring back UN sanctions on Iran”

CBS News: “US isolated as allies and opponents reject…snapback”

NBC News: “Iran sanctions: US demands ‘snapback’ of measures at UN Security Council”

“None of the other co-signatories of the deal believe the US has the power to reimpose Iran sanctions because it withdrew from the nuclear deal in 2018.”

National Pentagon Radio (NPR): “Pompeo Tries Starting ‘Snapback’ Clock To Restore Sanctions Against Iran By UN” despite no support

The BBC: “European nations ‘siding with ayatollahs’ – Pompeo, his hostile remarks further alienating them on this issue.

Al Jazeera: “Tehran and European governments reject US call for a ‘snapback’ of international sanctions.”

Earlier, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov wrote UN secretary general Guterres, saying that the Trump regime’s aim to impose snapback sanctions on Iran is “ridiculous and irresponsible,” adding:

“This is absolutely unacceptable and serves only to recall the famous English proverb about having one’s cake and eating it.”

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yu earlier said the following:

“The United States, no longer a participant to the JCPOA (nuclear deal) after walking away from it, has no right to demand the Security Council invoke a snapback.”

According to a 1971 International Court of Justice (ICJ) ruling:

“A party which disowns or does not fulfill its own obligations cannot be recognized as retaining the rights which it claims to derive from the relationship.”

The Trump regime’s claim that it can trigger snapback anyway has no legal standing.

The US likely has never been more isolated at the UN than now — because of its imperial arrogance and disdain for the rule of law.

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