Belarus Discussed at the Security Council

Belarus Discussed at the Security Council

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

The Trump regime together with its UK and Estonian imperial partners called for a session on Belarus to be discussed by Security Council members on Friday. 

Deputy Russian UN envoy Dmitry Polyanskiy questioned why its was convened, saying the following:

“We are participating in a very strange meeting today. It has clearly nothing to do with threat(s) to international peace and security.”

Convening the session was uncalled for. Nor are similar ones acceptable whenever a party refuses to accept an electoral defeat.

What’s going on in Belarus is an internal affair. Meddling by other nations flagrantly breaches the UN Charter and other international law.

US-designated puppet in waiting/political nobody Svetlana Tichanovskaya unacceptably addressed the session.

Claiming she was elected Belarusian president on August 9 is refuted by clear evidence otherwise.

Polyanskiy mocked her claim, asking:

“Is this a new reality when anyone could claim himself or herself an elected president?” 

“Is this a new ‘Guaido-type’ scheme applicable to all the electoral situations the outcomes of which are not acceptable to certain countries?”

“(I)s there a point for us gathering today and discussing internal Belarusian matters?”

“(T)here is only one topic that is worth discussing today since we all gathered here, and it is flagrant interference of foreign powers, first and foremost western and southern neighbors of Belarus, in the country’s internal affairs with a clear aim of regime change.”

As for political nobody Tichanovskaya, a figure with no legitimacy, she’s putty in the hands of her US handlers, manipulating her to serve their interests.

The plot against Lukashenko was hatched long before the August 9 election, Poland coopted to go along with the Trump regime’s scheme.

Polyanskiy explained that Polish president Andrzej Duda “ordered mobilization of the country’s armed forces and even stated that (he’s) ready to take control of certain regions of Belarus which belonged to Poland at some point of history.”

So far at least, the plot by US dark forces to install pro-Western puppet rule in Belarus failed.

Polyanskiy noted that straightaway after last month’s presidential election in the country, officials of US vassal states Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia falsely called the result “fraudulent.”

In cahoots with US and other Western dark forces, their ruling regimes imposed illegal sanctions on Belarus.

Lukashenko and other Belarusian officials were banned from entering their territory — based on the phony accusation of rigging his reelection.

EU foreign policy chief Joseph Borrell, European Council president Charles Michel, and other Western officials also falsely called the election results rigged.

Though invited to monitor Belarus’ election, the OSCE “chose not to fulfill its obligations” that would have explained Lukashenko’s legitimate reelection had the organization been involved on the ground, Polyanskiy explained, adding:

Russia falsely “heard allegations that Belarus refused to let international observers into the country,” adding:

“Let me (state) the facts. Minsk…invite(d) the OSCE to monitor the process.” 

“However (its) Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (ODIHR) refused to accept the invitation, (falsely) claiming that it came too late.” 

“It was office’s own decision not to send observers, though it displayed flexibility in similar cases with elections in Serbia (on June 21), Poland (June 28), North Macedonia (July 15) and Montenegro (August 30).”

US imperial partners in Brussels, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania announced imposition of illegal sanctions on Belarusian officials, the Trump regime likely to follow.

Instead of promoting internal dialogue in Belarus to resolve things diplomatically, according to the rule of law, EU authorities breached the UN Charter by their actions.

Polyanskiy: “How after that can they seek to be intermediaries in its resolution?” 

“(W)e all remember what happened in Ukraine after three EU foreign ministers deceived president Yanukovich in just a few hours after his signature of the agreement with the opposition?”

As “in Ukraine in 2014, the threat of alleged ‘Russian intervention’ was exploited to its utmost by” the US and its imperial partners.

Various EU countries “pledged multi-million dollar programs to finance social activity in Belarus – which in fact means sponsoring regime change.” 

US vassal state Ukraine is actively involved in aiding the Trump regime’s attempt to topple Lukashenko, including modern-day Nazi elements in the country supported by Washington.

Polyanskiy explained that US run camps in Ukraine are training extremist elements for use as proxies to advance its imperial aims.

About “200 extremists trained in Ukraine” are operating in Belarus, he said — “offer(ing) (the undemocratic Belarusian opposition) a Maidan scenario which led Ukraine” from democratic governance to pro-Western fascist tyranny.

A Final Comment

Participating in the Friday SC session, deputy Trump regime UN envoy Norman Chalet’s unacceptable remarks sounded like Nikki Haley is still around at the UN, saying:

“(I)t is clear to the world (sic) and the people of Belarus (sic) that the August 9 election was fraudulent (sic).”

Chalet’s remarks were straight downhill from there, reciting a typical US litany of bald-faced Big Lies about nations on its target list for regime change.

No evidence suggests that Belarusians yearn to replicate internally what happened in Ukraine, including transformation of the country by the US into a fascist police state — widespread persecution replacing democratic rule.

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