NATO’s Stoltenberg Serves His US Imperial Master

NATO’s Stoltenberg Serves His US Imperial Master

by Stephen Lendman – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Earlier I wrote about what’s required to become a NATO secretary general — further elaboration below on what I said before.

The so-called alliance is an extension of the Pentagon’s war machine, waging permanent preemptive wars on humanity.

Aspirants to become NATO’s front man must swear allegiance to Washington’s imperial agenda, its wars of aggression, its rape and destruction of one country after another – on the phony pretexts of democracy building and humanitarian intervention, notions it abhors and tolerates nowhere.

Nor do its NATO partners and aspirants for secretary general to qualify for the job.

They must also pledge allegiance to militarism and belligerence over peace, stability, and cooperative relations among all nations, abandon the rule of law, norms and standards, along with their morals, ethics and integrity if have any.

They must be silent about high crimes of war and against humanity — committed by the US and its imperial partners, focusing instead on blaming NATO’s victims for high crimes committed against them.

They must pretend that preemptive wars of aggression are liberating struggles, that plunder is all about economic development, that exploitive pro-Western puppet rule is labeled democracy in action.

They must accept the notion that might makes right, that nations are smashed for their own good, and above all else that Washington is boss.

They must bash its invented enemies and go along with longstanding US aims to colonize planet earth, plunder its resources and exploit its people.

That’s what the scourge of imperial is all about.

Following a NATO meeting on Alexey Navalny’s illness that shouldn’t have been convened and wouldn’t have been if something similar happened to a Kremlin official, secretary general Stoltenberg addressed the issue. 

Installed by the US to serve its interests, he rubbed more salt in the wound of falsely blaming Russia for what happened with his unacceptable remarks.

Likely scripted or at least vetted by his US imperial master, he said the following:

“There is proof beyond doubt that Mr. Navalny was poisoned using a military-grade nerve agent from the novichok group (sic).”

Not according to thorough tests performed on him by Russian doctors and analyzed by multiple labs in the country.

They found no toxins of any kind in his blood or urine, nothing in his kidneys, liver or lungs, no novichok traces.

German claims otherwise are dubious at best, bald-faced Big Lies at worst.

“All Allies today were united in condemning this attack (sic),” Stoltenberg roared.

No evidence suggests an “attack” occurred. Russian doctors diagnosed his condition as a metabolic disorder.

“Any use of chemical weapons shows a total disrespect for human lives, and is an unacceptable breach of international norms and rules,” said Stoltenberg.

No evidence suggests that the Russian Federation ever used these banned weapons.

In stark contrast perhaps Stoltenberg forget to mention, the US and Israel use chemical, biological, radiological, and other banned weapons in all their preemptive wars of aggression against invented enemies.

Claiming Russia “has serious questions it must answer” flies in the face of no evidence suggesting it’s responsible for Navalny’s illness, no motive to want him eliminated or otherwise harmed.

US dark forces and their imperial allies alone benefit from what happened, using his illness to bash Russia, to impose illegal sanctions, to push for abandonment of Nord Stream 2 by Germany to benefit US firms, wanting their expensive LNG sold to European countries over much cheaper and more easily accessible Russian natural gas.

Stoltenberg: “The Russian government must fully cooperate with the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons on an impartial, international investigation (sic).”

“Those responsible for this attack must be held accountable and brought to justice (sic).”

“We also call on Russia to provide complete disclosure of the novichok program to the OPCW (sic).”

Fact: Imperial tool OPCW lost its credibility by conducting political lynchings of US enemies in lieu of fulfilling its mandate it long ago abandoned.

It’s why the organization should be disbanded and replaced by an independent chemical watchdog — free from US/Western control.

No evidence suggests an “attack” on Navalny occurred. If this assessment holds up under further scrutiny, there’s no one to hold responsible for what happened.

The Russian Federation has no novichok program to disclose. In 2017, it completed elimination of its chemical weapons stockpile.

The US and Israel maintain arsenals of chemical, biological, and other banned weapons — uncriticized by the OPCW and Stoltenberg.

He falsely accused Russia of “attack(ing) critics and “threaten(ing)” their lives — a bald-faced Big Lie.

He lied claiming “(s)ome have been killed” — how US and Israeli dark forces operate, not Moscow.

He falsely claimed an attack on Navalny no evidence proves happened. 

Throughout his tenure as NATO front man, he abandoned support for “fundamental democratic rights” he’s sworn to want eliminated to keep his job.

Saying an “international response” is “demand(ed)” unjustifiably suggests Russian responsibility for what no evidence indicates it had anything to do with.

Stoltenberg serves his US imperial master, doing its bidding, Russia bashing one of his main assigned tasks.

Despite no evidence or plausible reason to suggest it’s responsibility for what happened to Navalny, he practically pronounced guilt by accusation.

Like his predecessors, he’s given marching orders by Washington, dutifully saluting and obeying.

Like OPCW authorities, he lost all credibility since taking the NATO job on October 1, 2014 — operating as a US imperial front man in Brussels.

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