Sergey Lavrov on Falsely Blaming Russia for Navalny’s Illness

Sergey Lavrov on Falsely Blaming Russia for Navalny’s Illness

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

When allegations and accusations lack credible corroborating evidence, they don’t pass the smell test.

On Wednesday, Sergey Lavrov commented on what has distinctive earmarks of an anti-Russia false flag on what happened to Alexey Navalny.

Time and again, Moscow has been falsely blamed for things it had nothing to do with — endless made-in-the-West, mainly the US, phony accusations.

Notably they include fake news claims of “Russian aggression” in Ukraine and elsewhere, US election meddling, involvement in downing Malaysian Airlines MH17, as well as other alleged malign Kremlin activities in West and elsewhere (sic).

Whenever allegations or accusations against Russia surface, hard evidence never accompanies them because none exists.

That’s clearly apparent regarding Alexey Navalny’s condition.

“We are used to unfounded accusations,” Lavrov explained on Wednesday, adding:

“When an official representative of the German government says that the request of the Russian Prosecutor General’s Office has been transferred to ‘independent justice’ bodies and the German government can thus do nothing about it, but at the same time demands that we conduct an investigation, this reminds us of the precedents that were created by (the West) after the Salisbury (Skripals) poisoning (incident), when everything was classified.” 

To this day, Britain failed to back its accusations about what happened because they were fabricated.

Nothing is publicly known about the whereabouts of the Skripals, Russian citizens. 

Did they voluntarily agree to perpetual house arrest in Britain since early 2018?

Or are they UK hostages, prevented from going public to tell what they know about their reported illness and recovery?

Despite repeated requests by Moscow, authorities in the Netherlands refused to reveal what they know about the downing of MH17.

Neither Russia or Donbass freedom fighters in Ukraine’s southwest had anything to do with the incident. No evidence suggests it.

Lavrov: “When we reminded the Dutch authorities that our proposal for cooperation was on the table, they turned down our initiatives.” 

“They told us that cooperation with Russia for them means that we must admit our guilt (sic).” 

“If now the same logic prevails” with Germany, the US, and West overall on the Navalny incident, “it will only show that they are putting themselves above the law and above everyone else.” 

“Everyone is equal, but they are more equal than others, so we must take their word for it.”

“The odds are much higher if we put our trust in Arnold Schwarzenegger’s movie character who used to say ‘trust me’ than those who are now trying to play his part in the international arena.”

Separately, Lavrov explained that Germany’s envoy to Russia was summoned to its foreign ministry, a statement to follow after the meeting occurs.

Moscow has many questions for Berlin to answer with regard to the unacceptable behavior of its officials on the Navalny incident.

“We are dissatisfied with the way they responded to our legitimate requests to comply with intergovernmental agreements on legal assistance, and with their unacceptable tone when communicating the position of the German side to the international community,” Lavrov stressed.

According to Republic of Ireland’s RTE national broadcaster on Friday, “Russian police say they will ask Germany to allow their officers to question” Navalny since he’s out of a medically induced coma and able to communicate, adding:

Siberian transport police are retracing his movements in Tomsk before boarding a flight to Moscow.

They learned where he stayed and ate in the Siberian city. He drank “wine and an alcoholic cocktail,” witnesses said, adding:

He visited the “Vienna Coffeehouse” at the Tomsk airline terminal where he had a cup of tea before boarding his flight.

Russian police questioned individuals who accompanied Navalny, except for Marina Pevchikh, a permanent UK resident.

They’re contacting passengers on the August 20 flight Navalny was on.

No further information is known on what was learned so far.

Reuters issued a report similar to RTE’s, adding that Russian police are “trying to locate a witness who has left the country,” citing a statement by the Kremlin interior ministry.

The “ministry’s transport department in Siberia said it wanted to send investigators to work alongside German colleagues on the case.”

Its statement said “(t)his request will include an application for the possible presence of Russian internal affairs investigators…and a Russian specialist when German (officials) are conducting investigations with Navalny, doctors and experts.”

From 2018 to this day, UK authorities refused to let Russian officials meet with and question the Skripals.

At the same time, they likely refused to let the Skripals communicate with Russian officials, perhaps against their will.

A similar scenario is unfolding in Germany, part of what has all the earmarks of an official coverup. 

Unless Navalny returns to Russia when recovered and able to travel, Kremlin officials will highly unlikely be granted permission to visit with and question him.

He’s being used by Berlin, the US and West as part of their latest unacceptable Russia bashing blame game — in lieu of fostering cooperative East/West relations in the interest of world peace and stability.

Navalny and likeminded Russian figures are CIA/NED assets, fifth column anti-Putin elements who sold their souls to the US in return for benefits received.

Washington tolerates no sovereign independent governments it doesn’t control.

Its dark forces use dubious figures like Navalny to unlawfully interfere in the internal affairs of targeted countries like Russia as part of their longstanding regime change aims.

The current scheme appears all about wanting Russia’s Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline to Germany and Europe undermined to benefit much higher-priced US produced LNG.

If Angela Merkel accepts what’s going on and suspends or abandons Nord Stream 2, she’ll jeopardize Germany’s energy security and harm relations with Russia at the same time.

She’ll also defy cooler heads in the country who oppose what’s clearly an unacceptable diabolical plot likely cooked up by the CIA, perhaps in cahoots with Britain’s MI 6.

Will it succeed? Most likely not, but the fullness of time will have final say.

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