Media Support for US Color Revolution Attempt in Belarus

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September 12, 2020
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September 13, 2020

Media Support for US Color Revolution Attempt in Belarus

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.orgHome – Stephen Lendman)

Whenever either wing of the US one-party state goes to war, plans one, or stages a color revolution attempt to replace sovereign independent governance with pro-Western puppet rule, establishment media provide propaganda support instead of denouncing what’s prohibited by international and US constitutional law.

They feed readers, viewers and listeners a steady diet of state-approved managed news misinformation and disinformation rubbish on key issues, notably geopolitical ones.

On August 9, Belarusian President Lukashenko was legitimately reelected handily over US designated puppet-in-waiting/newly invented media darling Svetlana Tsikanouskaya and other opponents.

Not according to the NYT and other establishment media. 

The Times notably reinvented Tsikanouskaya, a political nobody housewife with no prior public experience.

Plucked from obscurity by her US handlers, they’re scripting her rhetoric and directing her actions, the Times and likeminded media going along with the charade.

She fits the bill of a puppet on a string controlled by her US puppet master.

The self-styled newspaper of record (and other establishment media) falsely called Lukashenko’s reelection “disputed.”

Last week, ignoring a classic, pre-election planned US color revolution attempt to transform Belarus into a vassal state, Times editors headlined: “Support the Brave Protesters in Belarus (sic),” saying:

“America and Europe must make clear that they stand behind the Belarusian people’s demand for fair elections (sic).”

“The monthlong crackdown on peaceful protests over a blatantly fixed election in Belarus is an affront to everyone who cherishes democracy and elemental fairness (sic). The question is how to respond.”

Lukashenko legitimately defeated Tsikanouskaya by a near-62% – 25% margin of victory, unnecessarily inflated to an 80% – 10% triumph.

Nothing was “blatantly fixed” for Lukashenko as the Times falsely claimed.

There’s nothing “brave” about street elements enlisted by US dark forces against a government they don’t control in favor of a puppet regime they want  installed.

In discussing Belarus, a nation bordering Russia, the Times slammed Vladimir Putin like countless times before.

Calling him a (Soviet Union) “KGB alumnus,” the Times falsely accused him of “poison(ing) Alexey Navalny (sic)” — despite not a shred of evidence suggesting it, along with no motive to harm a figure who’s at most a minor irritant with about 2% public support, according to polls.

Times propaganda ignored a US color revolution plot in Belarus and either a made-in-the-USA Navalny incident false flag or subcontracting of what made him ill to a proxy regime, entity or elements.

Throughout most of the post-WW II period, US dark forces planned and implemented these scenarios many times before, including what’s ongoing in Venezuela, a plot to eliminate the hemisphere’s most vibrant social democracy.

Notably bashing Putin unjustifiably, the Times falsely said “the notion of allowing people to choose their government is anathema” to him (sic), adding:

“In Mr. Putin’s vision…a free and democratic election in Belarus would not only risk a government with different ideas (sic), but could serve as an inspiration to Russians to follow suit (sic).”

“One possible reason for poisoning Mr. Navalny was his public sympathy for the Belarusian demonstrators (sic).”

The Times even fails at reinventing history and notable leaders of nations not controlled by the US.

Instead it focuses on all the news that’s unfit to print or read, stuff that serves its pro-war, pro-business, pro-privilege over peace, equity, justice, and the rule of law worldview.

Its mission is manipulating the public mind in support of dark forces it serves — long ago having abandoned journalism the way it’s supposed to be.

The same holds for other establishment media.

Follow reliable alternative media exclusively to stay informed.

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