Putin Affirms Legitimacy of Lukashenko as Belarusian President

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Putin Affirms Legitimacy of Lukashenko as Belarusian President

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.orgHome – Stephen Lendman)

On Monday, Vladimir Putin met with Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko in Sochi, Russia.

Both leaders are united against the diabolical made-in-the-USA attempt to transform Belarus into another US vassal state.

Lukashenko legitimately triumphed overwhelmingly over opposition candidates on August 9.

On the President of Russia website, Putin said the following:

“I have already congratulated you on your victory in the presidential election, but I did so in writing and over the telephone.” 

“Now, I am delighted to have the opportunity to do so in person. I would like to wish you all the best and every success.”

“(W)e are aware of the internal political developments in Belarus related to these elections.” 

“You are well aware of our position: we are for the Belarusians themselves, without any suggestions or pressure from outside…” 

“Russia remains committed to all our agreements, including the agreements arising from the Union State Treaty and the CSTO Treaty.” 

We regard Belarus as our closest ally and, of course, as I have told you many times in our telephone conversations, we will honor all our commitments.”

“We agreed that during this complicated period, Moscow would grant Minsk a state loan of $1.5 billion and we will do this.”

“We will have to continue our cooperation in defense…”(T)oday we start the military exercises that were planned last year, which are scheduled to run for several days.”

Separately, Putin spokesman Dmitry Peskov affirmed that Lukasheko “is the legitimate(ly) (reelected) president of the Republic of Belarus,” adding:

“As President Putin has said from the very beginning, we want everything that happens in Belarus to happen not in some non-constitutional form, but within a legal framework.”

In response to handily defeated/US plucked from obscurity political nobody, puppet-in-waiting Svetlana Tikhanovskaya saying Lukashenko will have to repay the Russian loan himself, Peskov said her remark is “fundamentally wrong,” adding:

“The loan is issued not to President Lukashenko, but to Belarus, our big ally and a brotherly nation for us.” 

It “must in no way be interpreted as interference in (the country’s) internal affairs.”

Both leaders discussed “bilateral relations, trade and economic cooperation,” along with US-orchestrated street demonstrations that are all about illegally seeking regime change.

Discussing joint military exercises this month was not on the agenda in Sochi, Peskov noted, adding:

Lukashenko “confirmed his intention to move forward with constitutional changes.”

He “informed (Putin) about his intention to form an appropriate working structure and launch a full-scale process of constitutional changes.”

“(W)e want everything that happens in Belarus to take place not in the form of unconstitutional maneuvers, but legally.”

Putin stressed that it’s for Belarusians to resolve what’s going on in the country post-August 9 election with no foreign interference as mandated by international law.

Peskov stressed the point, saying “no one should interfere in (Belarus) in any way — neither Moscow” or the West.

Putin noted that when joint military exercises are completed, Russian forces “will return to their permanent deployment locations” back home.

Following Monday Putin/Lukashenko discussions, it was agreed that Russia will disband its law enforcement reserve unit and National Guard forces positioned along the border between both countries.

Last month, Putin said it was formed in accordance with Russia’s Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) obligations — a 1992 seven-nation Commonwealth of Independent States defense alliance (including Russia and Belarus) against foreign aggression.

Russian security forces would only be used in Belarus if elements in the country “cross certain lines (by) torch(ing) houses, banks, (and) trying to seize administrative buildings,” Putin explained last month.

He’s hopeful that getting involved in Belarus this way won’t be needed.

Separately in a Monday Washington Post op-ed — written by her US handlers — Svetlana Tikhanovskaya tried reinventing history by falsely claiming victory on August 9.

Lukashenko decisively trounced her by a legitimate near-62% – 25% victory margin — that was unnecessarily inflated to an 80% – 10% triumph.

Either way, he won. She was soundly defeated.

Things are never simple when a US color revolution attempt is initiated, this one on the back foot with Belarusian security forces loyal to Lukashenko having the upper hand.

Defying reality as directed by her US handlers, Tikhanovskaya falsely claimed that she “won the majority of the votes in the Aug. 9 presidential election (sic).”

Her dubious source: a so-called “detailed analysis (sic) of the election results by several independent groups (sic), which managed to scrutinize voting records in a large number of precincts (sic) despite massive government fraud (sic).”

Her claim doesn’t pass the smell test. Nor is Lukashenko being “assisted by Russian-supplied journalists’…lies and propaganda.”

Claiming that “it is only a question of time until he leaves power” isn’t borne out by reality on the ground. 

Indeed one day another Belarusian leader will succeed him. It’s for voters in the country to decide who’ll lead them, not a foreign power wanting its puppet installed in office.

Tikhanovskaya is a housewife with no political experience. Does she understand how US dark forces are manipulating her and other Belarusians in pursuit of their interests?

The propaganda piece WaPo published in her name — written by her US handlers — expresses their views in their words under her byline.

She’s an imperial tool to be discarded if and when no longer useful to the US.

Supported by Russia, Lukashenko is holding firm against the US plot to topple him.

What’s going on in Belarus may continue for some time.

As things now stand, Lukashenko has the upper hand with Russia’s backing.

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