Russia and Other Countries Trying to Disrupt US November Elections?

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September 5, 2020
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Russia and Other Countries Trying to Disrupt US November Election?

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.orgHome – Stephen Lendman)

It’s hard keeping track of how many times the US intelligence community, hardliners in Washington, and establishment media falsely accuse Russia and other sovereign independent countries of things they had nothing to do with.

Recent examples of false accusations include Russian manipulative behind the scenes practices in Belarus (sic), poisoning Alexey Navalny with a novichok nerve agent (sic), and that old standby claim of US election meddling (sic).

All of the above and much more are examples of fake news. When repeated endlessly by establishment media, most people believe almost anything, no matter how implausible.

The NYT is a repeat offender, bald-faced Big Lies its specialty — all the news that’s unfit to print, not the other way around as it falsely claims.

Unforgiving of Trump for defeating media darling Hillary in 2016, it’s virtually providing press agent services for Biden much like for her four years ago.

Claims of Russian US election meddling ahead of the November 3 election are no more credible now than in 2016.

No evidence proved it then, none now because there is none, just baseless claims with nothing but Russophobic disinformation backing them.

According to Times fake news, Moscow is running a “disinformation campaign” in support of Trump over Biden, falsely claiming it’s “using a network of fake accounts and a website set up to look like a left-wing news site (sic),” adding:

The long ago discredited US intelligence community on anything related to Russia and other nations not controlled by Washington “warned…that Russia and other countries were actively trying to disrupt the November election, and that Russian intelligence agencies were feeding conspiracy theories designed to alienate Americans by laundering them through fringe sites and social media (sic).”

Like countless times before, no corroborating evidence was presented because none exists.

Nor is it ever explained that it’s pointless for foreign nations to try meddling in US elections that always turn out the same way.

Both right wings of the one-party state take turns running the White House and Congress — each replicas of the other on domestic and geopolitical issues mattering most.

Dark forces in the US got Facebook and Twitter to go along with their Russian meddling ruse.

According to the Times, the Trump regime’s “top intelligence official…suggest(ed) that China is a graver risk than Moscow (sic).”

Both countries prioritize fostering cooperative relations with other countries, confrontation with none, no evidence of either involved in US election meddling.

It’s a longstanding US specialty, a lawless practice occurring scores of times worldwide post-WW II — the Times and other establishment media suppressing what demands explaining and condemning.

Claims by the FBI that social media aren’t doing enough to confront the election meddling issue ignores that there’s nothing to confront.

Claiming “a broad effort by Russian intelligence to use fringe websites, spread conspiracy theories and sow division in the United States” is thinly veiled Times fake news.

So is claiming Moscow “hired real Americans to write for” a pro-Trump/anti-Biden website (sic).

Whenever the Times and other establishment media quote or cite unnamed sources, speaking “on condition of anonymity,” watch out.

The Times cited two anons accusing Russia of US election meddling ahead of November 3  in support of Trump, presenting no evidence backing their claims.

A figure named Ben Nimmo from a firm called Graphika who works in cahoots with Facebook’s efforts to control the message by censoring truth-telling content that touches important nerves, was quoted saying:

“The Russians are trying harder to hide (sic). They are increasingly putting up more and more layers of obfuscation (sic). But they are still getting caught (sic).”

And people believe this nonsense that anyone relying on alternative media for news and information knows is rubbish.

According to Biden campaign spokesman Bill Russo, “Russia is attempting to interfere in our elections on behalf of Donald Trump (sic), and Facebook’s platform is a key vector for these efforts (sic),” adding:

“Trump’s refusal to speak out against Russian interference makes it all the more important that Facebook does more to enforce their rules and ensure their platform cannot be used to corrode the foundation of our democracy (sic).”

Two months ahead of the November election, expect lots more rubbish like the above, carpet-bombing Americans as part of establishment media support for intellectually challenged, doubletalking Biden.

Neither he or Trump deserve support from anyone wanting peace, equity, justice, and the rule of law — governance serving everyone, not just the privileged few that’s assured whichever right wing of the one-party state runs things.

Separately, the Times accused Trump’s DHS of failing “to publish (an) intelligence document that warns of Russian attempts to denigrate…Biden’s mental health…to influence the 2020 election (sic),” adding:

Acting DHS chief Chad Wolf “questioned the quality of the ‘very poorly written report.’ ”

Nothing in it holds up under scrutiny.

The notion of US election meddling by Russia or any other country is unsupported by credible proof.

None existed earlier. There’s none now ahead of November elections.

Claims otherwise are exercises in mass deception, a specialty of the Times, other establishment media, and the Russophobic intelligence community.

As for Times reports on all nations targeted by the US for regime change, they read like vetted intelligence community propaganda before approved for publication.

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