Russian/Belarusian Integration Coming?

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September 18, 2020
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Russian/Belarus Integration Coming?

by Stephen Lendman 

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On Moscow’s RSVI television Wednesday, Sergey Lavrov said during Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko’s visit to Putin’s Bocharov Ruchei summer residence, both leaders discussed implementation of the 1999 Union State treaty between both countries, adding:

“Work is underway.” Because over 20 years passed since both nations agreed on the treaty, the governments of both nations “began to work on identifying the agreed-upon steps that would make our integration fit current circumstances.”

Lukashenko agreed on the need to deepen integration after resisting the idea throughout most of his time in office since 1994.

Under terms of the treaty, both countries agreed to retain their sovereignty, territorial integrity, constitutions, and statute laws.

At the same time, the treaty called for close political, economic, trade, and foreign policy coordination.

Longer-term, a united parliament, single currency, and perhaps common constitution were envisioned.

Union State decisions must be approved by both countries. Integration hasn’t happened so far.

Given a made-in-the-US coup plot to replace Lukashenko with pro-Western puppet rule since his legitimate August 9 reelection, is he more amenable to joining Russia as part of a Union State?

Will he agree to what makes sense, abandoning years of unwillingness to observe the Union State treaty.

Unlike Ukraine where Russian nationals make up less than 20% of the population, around 80% of Belarusians are ethnically Russian. Both countries share a slavic heritage. 

They’re each other’s most important political, economic, trade, and defense partners.

According to Lavrov, Putin and Lukashenko earlier agreed on “steps that would make our integration fit current circumstances.”

Following his reelection on August 9, US-led European regimes are “trying to challenge the outcome” extrajudicially, said Lavrov, expressing confidence in a successful outcome of integration talks.

“Everything that is written in the Union Treaty is now being analyzed,” he said.

“Both sides have to come to a common opinion about whether a particular provision of the Union Treaty is still relevant, or needs to be revised.” 

“There are 31 roadmaps, and each one focuses on a specific section of the Union Treaty.” 

“(T)here’s clearly a commitment to continue the reform, a fact that was confirmed by the presidents during a recent telephone conversation.” 

“This is further corroborated by the presidents’ meeting in Sochi.”

Lavrov warned other nations against trying to impose their will on the Belarusian people.

As for political nobody, US-designated puppet, Western media darling Svetlana  Tikhanovskaya, Lavrov explained that “someone is putting words in her mouth.”

That someone resides in the US, likely at CIA headquarters, the rogue US agency responsible for plotting numerous color revolutions, old-fashioned coups, and assassinations — one of the latter against Jack Kennedy, largely because of his anti-war policy.

Letting herself be used as a US imperial tool makes Tikhanovskaya guilty of “high treason,” said Lavrov.

Foreign elements orchestrating her actions and manipulating her are flagrantly beaching the UN Charter, other international law, and the US Constitution.

Tikhanovskaya’s claim about wanting good relations with Russia and respecting the rights of ethnic Russian Belarusians is belied by polar opposite policies on her website — now removed, said Lavrov.

They call for withdrawing Belarus from the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO), Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU), and other initiatives that foster Belarusian integration with Russia — shifting its ties to the US, NATO and EU.

She also calls for banning the Russian language and Belarusianization of the country to become a US puppet state bordering the Russian Federation — a pattern followed by fascist Ukraine.

According to Lavrov, her agenda as dictated by her handlers breaches the Belarusian Constitution, along with “numerous conventions on the rights of ethnic and language minorities, and much more.”

Asked about how the outcome of Washington’s presidential election may affect Russia, Lavrov noted that once again the Kremlin is being falsely accused of meddling in its process.

As in 2016, no evidence is ever presented because none exists.

“When the United States accuses us of interference in some area of its public, political or government life, we suggest discussing it to establish who is actually doing what,” said Lavrov. 

“Since they don’t present any facts, we” point how how often the US flagrantly interferes in the political process of many other countries.

There’s no ambiguity whatever about it. Lavrov abstained from commenting on US November elections, saying:

Anything he says will no doubt be “(mis)interpreted as an attempt to interfere in (US) domestic affairs,” adding: 

“I will only say one thing that President Vladimir Putin has expressed many times, notably, that we will respect any outcome of these elections and the will of the American people.”

The same goes for the political process of all other countries by Russia, polar opposite how the US operates worldwide.

Lavrov stressed that Russia “want(s) everything that has been created by nations and civilizations to be respected.” 

“We believe nobody should impose any orders on anyone…” 

“We think nobody should encroach on the right of each nation to have its historical traditions and moral roots.” 

“And we see attempts to encroach upon them” by the US and its imperial partners time and again.

No countries interfered with by the US gained from its actions, none throughout the post-WW II period and earlier, none in the 19th century since its aggression stole half of Mexico, followed by Cuba, the Philippines, Guam, Samoa, Hawaii, Haiti, the Dominican Republic, Canal Zone, Puerto Rico and other territories.

Unlike duplicitous US and most other Western politicians, Vladimir Putin and Sergey Lavrov candidly say what they mean and mean what they say.

When interviewed, their straight talk remarks are refreshing to hear.

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