Russian Foreign Ministry on Belarus, Syria, and Navalny Novichok Poisoning Hoax

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September 18, 2020
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September 19, 2020

Russian Foreign Ministry on Belarus, Syria, and Navalny Novichok Poisoning Hoax

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.orgHome – Stephen Lendman)

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova (MZ below) explained that Kremlin authorities “are closely monitoring (US orchestrated) developments in Belarus,” adding:

Moscow’s position on the country is clear, confirmed when Vladimir Putin and Belarusian President Alexander Lukasheno met on September 14 in Sochi, Russia.

At the time, Putin affirmed Lukashenko as the legitimately reelected Belarusian leader, clearly the case, MZ saying:

“We respect the choice of the fraternal Belarusian people. This equally applies to those who voted for the current president and for other candidates.”

“We advocate a peaceful settlement of the situation through an intra-Belarusian dialogue without any ‘prompts’ or pressure from the outside.” 

“It is unacceptable to impose unilateral intermediary services and assistance.”

What Putin and Lukashenko agreed on is being implemented, including a $1.5 billion Russian loan to Belarus, supplying the country with oil and gas, restoring transport links between both nations, and cooperative efforts between their government commissions and enterprises.

Preparations for another bilateral forum began — to be held in Minsk on September 28 and 29.

Russia continues to support Belarus and its people, countering efforts by US dark forces to replace Lukashenko with pro-Western puppet rule.

Though made-in-the-USA protests continue, largely on weekends, Washington’s latest color revolution plot has been largely defeated — notably because of Russia’s commitment to intervene directly if foreign forces invade Belarus.

On Friday, Sergey Lavrov slammed efforts by other countries to dictate their will to the Belarusian nation and people, adding:

Elements in the US and West are using opposition figures in the country as pawns in pursuit of their interests.

Commenting on Syria, MZ explained that (US launched) forever war in the country continues with no resolution in prospect.

US supported al-Nusra jihadists still control most of Idlib province.

Turkey’s Erdogan continues to obstruct principles on Syria he and Putin agreed on last March — supporting jihadists instead of combatting them.

US supported “ISIS gangs” remain active “on both banks of the Euphrates River,” said MZ, adding:

“Terrorists are making full use of enclaves within a 55-km radius around the illegal US base in Al-Tanf, as well as the zone of Washington’s so-called oil interests on the territories of Arab tribes beyond the Euphrates River.”

US backed Kurds sold their soul to Washington in return for promises made them to be broken — how its dark forces always operate.

MZ: While Kurdish authorities “deny accusations of separatism…they are playing dangerous games with the Americans, signing illegal contracts with them and pandering to the plunder of hydrocarbon resources beyond the Euphrates River.” 

“This is done at a time when the people of Syria sorely need these resources in order to resume the normal operation of the state’s energy sector.”

While government forces control most of the country because of active Russian support for the past five years, its security is still jeopardized because of endless US war, sanctions, and legislation like the so-called Caesar Syria Civilization Protection Act that’s all about wanting its 17 million people starved into submission — a high crime against humanity.

MZ explained that high-level Russian officials visited Damascus earlier this month to discuss bilateral efforts to preserve and protect Syrian sovereignty and territorial integrity, along with rebuilding what US aggression destroyed.

Commenting on the great novichok poisoning of Alexey Navalny hoax, MZ slammed comments by EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell about plans by the bloc to sanction Russia over the incident it had nothing to do with.

“We believe eroding the basic principles of international law and undermining the prerogatives of the UN Security Council through endless illegitimate unilateral sanctions imposed by Brussels and Washington to be unacceptable” and illegal, said MZ, adding:

Suggesting they should named after Navalny is further unjustifiable Russia bashing.

“At the same time, Berlin persists in brushing off our proposals to work together in order to get to the bottom of what happened, using clearly far-fetched pretexts.”

Hostile remarks by Berlin and Brussels, along with refusal to cooperate with Russia on this issue, clearly show that “truth” exposed to the light of day about the Navalny incident isn’t what the West seeks, just the opposite.

MZ: “(T)he actual goal of the information campaign promoted in the European Union at the initiative of certain political forces is to guarantee that the EU’s destructive policy towards Russia becomes irreversible.”

Are behind the scenes US dark forces orchestrating Europe’s position?

Was the Navalny novichok poisoning hoax made-in-the-USA?

Do German, Brussels, and other European dark forces want relations with Russia ruptured?

Will Angela Merkel and other bloc leaders tolerate what clearly will harm their countries by going along with Washington’s aim to marginalize, weaken, contain and isolate Russia?

Will they target the country with illegal sanctions of shame over the Navalny poisoning hoax, pushing things toward East/West Cold War 2.0?

Urging “common sense” over confrontation between the EU and Russia by Kremlin officials time and again falls on deaf ears in European capitals.

Their leaders most often are subservient to US interests even when harming their own.

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